Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Convention-oil Wisdom Questioned

Solid Surfer today posts a fascinating report about a brand new theory suggesting oil is not in finite supply after all, but, rather, a naturally regenerating resource that is becoming ever more plentiful. It would be facinating to see how the world's distribution of power and politics would change if oil were not an endangered fuel source, wouldn't it?

MZ thinks this information will be covered up by the liberal media at all costs, both to placate the left's environmental wackjobs, as well as appeasing their friends in the Arab world who need to keep prices artifically high to fund jihad.

Read it all here.


Libs Love "Tookie the Disenfranchised Mass Murderer"

Somehow the left always manages to ignore the victims of crime and focus all their bleeding heart sympathies towards the criminals. The victim was just a stat that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the criminal was the victim of society's insufficient liberalism, and therefore deserves to be supported with massive progressive activism.

Well, "Tookie the Disenfranchised Mass Murderer", a founder of the west coast criminal gang "The Cripts", is scheduled to be executed in a couple weeks for slaughtering 4 innocent civilians in a 1979 robbery, but leftwing celebrities everywhere are now demanding his clemency because he has been writing children's books in prison and has allegedly converted to liberalism.

Now, if "Tookie" claimed he found God, and wanted to be spared because of it, is there any doubt the left would have demanded his death be slow, painful and celebrated with annual transsexual orgies? Yet, because he's supposedly been "rehabed" into finding liberalism, well, let's just give him the damn Nobel Prize. Yet, us on the right wouldn't give this guy a free pass for anything, even if he suddenly "found God", when such horrible crimes were committed.

Ahhh...If Hollywood could only convince us rubes on the Right that crime would end if we just implemented their leftwing policies...Imagine how great the world could be if it was all more like a John Lennon song.

Read the whole report in Worldnet Daily and see just how wonderful this man, "Tookie", is that the leftwing celebrities are so enamored with.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Peres Quits Labor; Follows Sharon

"Sharon is truly the only man capable of dismantling settlements and bringing peace.”
-Shimon Peres

When a 46 year member of the Labor party leaves to be with Sharon because he thinks he's the best one for giving away land to the moslems, well...that says it all. Pathetic.

Read it here.


Concessions to Whom? I've had it!

The Left just doesn't get it. Besides seriously jeopardizing Israeli security by giving up land in repeatedly unreciprocated "good will gestures", the philosophy that Israel can expect a peace to emerge somehow from these magnanimous offerings is utterly boneheaded. Liberals just don't get Islam, or else they don't take it seriously, or else they are in denial, or whatever...The point is, Jihad will be waged continuously no matter how many times dhimmis capitulate, and giving away valuable territory and destroying Jewish towns and cities will not exactly make them back off.

In the recent terrorist elections of Judea and Samaria we see just how idiotic the lefwing, moronic idea that we should force Israel to cave into further withdrawals really is. Among the many full blown terrorist radicals who were elected by the putrid moslem rabble, the most notable are Jamal Abu Al-Rub, a leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades who is affectionately known as "Hitler" by Arabs for his willingness to publicly butcher anyone suspected of befriending the Jews, and convicted terrorist Marwan Barghouti, who is serving multiple life terms in Israeli prison for planning suicide bombings and shooting attacks against Jewish civilians. He is also credited with being the one most responsible for launching the second intifada.

Many on the Left have been calling to release him from prison so he can help lead the next generation of 'Palestinians' to a brighter future, as they think this "good will gesture" would truly be appreciated by the moslem vermin giving peace a chance.

How friggin stupid those on the left are for agreeing to give land to such people, the Jewish Holy Land, to Israel's mortal enemies, is beyond comprehension. It is critical to get the liberal dolts the hell out of office and bring in the only party that has a clue about how to deal with the moslem scum: The National Union and Benny Elon's POPULATION TRANSFER plan for a real peace!

In other words, let's just get the 'Palestinians' out of Israel already, and stop the canard that we can have a peaceful Palestinian State within the pre-1967 borders. They are terrorist jihadi filth which will only assemble greater terrorism and threats to Israel's existence if given this option, and those of us who know better must speak out!

I seriously want to go to Israel and vote...if I could only afford it. Not that I want to ask for anything, but whatever you guys donate to my website will be dedicated to getting my butt to Israel so I can help vote the concessionists out of office and bring to power Benny Elon's National Union Party. If I don't raise enough to get there myself I will forward every penny to his election efforts.



You Go Midterm Joe

Joe Lieberman wobbled infuriatingly left during the last Presidential race in an effort to get the Democrat nomination - which, of course, he didn't and couldn't because you have to be a true socialist to win that prize. Now that that charade is over, Joe is once again returning to his true midterm form as a DINO (democrat in name only), and to that I say: Welcome home from Buttkissingville, Joe!

Freshly back from a trip to Iraq, Joe had strong words for those who think we should cut and run from there. Said Joe, "I am disappointed by Democrats who are more focused on how President Bush took America into the war in Iraq almost three years ago, and by Republicans who are more worried about whether the war will bring them down in next November's elections, than they are concerned about how we continue the progress in Iraq in the months and years ahead."

Strong words, eh? Joe goes on to add, "What a colossal mistake it would be for America's bipartisan political leadership to choose this moment in history to lose its will and, in the famous phrase, to seize defeat from the jaws of the coming victory."

I couldn't agree with him more completely. Read the entire article about Lieberman in Newsmax.


Sharon party officially announces plan to give up 90-95% of West Bank

As the Madzionist warned you yesterday, Yassir Sharon's Kadima party today formally announced their official platform for future territorial concessions to the moslems. Arutz Sheva News has revealed the Kadima capitulation policy will entail forcibly expelling the Jews from between 90 and 95% of Judea and Samaria so that the moslems (often referred to as 'Palestinian' for political purposes) will be able to live without the burden of Jews in their midst.

The Kadima plan is virtually identical to the Labor/Meretz platform of concessions, minus only the division of Jerusalem, at least for now, and permitting Jews to still live in most of the Jewish suburbs surrounding Jerusalem (or "settlement blocks" as the Arabs prefer to call them), provided they are on the west side of the separation wall/fence. In addition, the Jews will be forbidden to build any further expansions or additions to these towns regardless of their population needs.

Dates for the planned ethnic cleansing of the Jews were not yet announced.

The Kadima plan will also relinquish Jewish control of the Jordan river valley border crossings to the moslems, much like the Rafah border crossings were conceded to the moslems after the Jews were rounded up and expelled by force from Gaza this past August.

What a terrible time this could be for the Jews if the elections indeed go to the concessionists as many poles seem to indicate. The possibility of Judea and Samaria really being made Judenrein for the first time in over 3,000 years gives this Jew a sick, sick feeling inside.

A terrible shanda upon Am Yisroel looms large. I fear the worst.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Sharon to Concede 95% of West Bank

Yassir Sharon has leaked a report that his new Kadima (Forward) Party will continue further expulsions of Jews from Judea and Samaria until 95% of that territory is Judenrein. He will not use this plot as a part of his election campaign for fear of losing the entire national security vote, but will instead begin implementing these concessions to terror immediately after elections in March should he emerge victorious.

Sharon has already changed the slogan of his capitulation plans from "Land for Peace" to "Security for Independence" in a clear effort to make establishing a Palestinian terrorist state around the pre-1967 borders sound more palatable to Israelis who are concerned about safety.

Read it here.


Swedish Imam Promotes Extermination of the Jews

What do people of the Religion of Peace do at their houses of worship? Call for the extermination of the Jews, of course! Naturally, they are just being misunderstood by the islamophobic West, of course. We see how moslems everywhere are always marching in the Arab streets calling for peace with the Jews, so this can't be taken seriously.

In fact, the cassettes that were being sold at the mosque calling for the death of the Jewish people were probably planted there by dirty Zionists looking to frame the innocent worshipers of allah. If I know those crafty Jews, this very well could have been a planned distraction to gain international sympathy so they can keep right on persecuting the Palestinians and stealing the world's wealth without fear of reprisal.

So, you see now why the worldwide jihad is so necessary? The pesky Jews are clearly out to get the mild mannered moslems, so they must be exterminated to stop them from spreading lies about how moslems wish to exterminate them. Doesn't that make perfect sense?

Read the Arutz Sheva report here.


Poor Cindy

Communist activist Cindy Sheehan threw a book signing party in Crawford, but, alas, nobody gave a damn enough to show up. Perhaps the left's love for Mother Cindy isn't exactly catching on with Americans as much as the MSM would like.

Check it out here (the photos are priceless!).


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Wishes

The entire Zionist family - Mad, Mrs. and Baby - all wish the happiest and healthiest for each and every one of you. May your turkeys be juicy, the stuffing be moist and tasty, the cranberry sauce nice and tart, the green bean casserole just so, the rolls nice and fluffy, the potatos (sweet or mashed) be fattening and good, the wine have great nose, legs and finish, and, most importantly, may you enjoy your family and the football games.

Love to all,

The Zionists

Why didn't this happen when I was in high school?

As I watched the outrage from political pundits last night about how super-hotty Debra Lafave was let off the hook easy with just probation for having sex with one of her teenage students, all I kept thinking to myself was, Why didn't this happen when I was in high school?

Look, I know what is right and what is wrong, and I'm in no way advocating that teachers should be having sex with their students - but come on! I defy a single straight male alive to tell me that he wouldn't have given his right arm to nail a knockout teacher like Lafave.

The best was when I heard a female talkshow questioner ask, with a straight face, if it is safe to let Lafave back out out on house arrest. After all, she could still force a teenage pizza delivery boy to have sex with her.

My God! I bet every pizza joint in town got flooded with applicants after that line.

For some reason, we are supposed to seriously believe that teenage boys must beware that super-hot blonde models are on the loose and looking for sex! Oh, the horror.

Yet, the same liberal media seems to wink and nod when real pedophiles are given turnstile treatment by leftwing judges. It's as if a man raping a girl or a boy is the same as a gorgeous babe giving an adolescent some thrills. The comparisons are ludicrous.

I'm sorry if I'm offending some of you gals out there, but the truth is a good looking woman cannot rape a teenage boy. How is a fantasy come true considered rape? The fact is, ladies, there is a healthy double standard. Men and women are not the same. Lafave is a slut, yes, and an adulterer, yes, but definitely NOT a sex offender.

However, a male teacher having sex with a teenage female student IS the action of a sexual predator. Men can truly harm women sexually. Men can damage a girl for life by sexually abusing her, and deserve very harsh punishment for such actions.

Hey, this is just reality, gang. The fact that nobody in the liberal press wants to admit the truth doesn't change the truth. If they would attack Lafave for her promescuity I would respect that, but to take the angle that she is a friggin rapist is so out of touch with reality it's pathetic.

The liberal supremists are simply anti-woman. Teaching that women and men are to be treated the exact same way is only going to harm both sexes. Conservatives get this. We understand that a woman is to be treated with respect as a LADY. We help her carry, we open her door, we don't act like beasts in front of them, we appreciate their differences from us and take comfort in their grace. They are the consience of society, and make men more civilized.

When progressives tear down the differences of man and woman they only make ladies into whores and gentlemen into weaklings. This isn't good for anbody.

Want to condemn Lafave? Great, let's just say she's no lady and let her be shunned as a SLUT. But a sexual predator? Please. The kid who scored with her is probably still high fiving his buddies.


Arabs seek Settlers help banishing Leftists

Apparently, the moslems are none to fond of the leftwing radicals who flood the West Bank to lend their "assistance" in opposing Israel. It seems the "peaceniks" are bringing with them overtly lewd sexual behavior and drug use that moslems don't exactly appreciate. In addition, they seek to provoke violence and confrontation with IDF soldiers at checkpoints with the intention of being arrested, which only serves to increase the closures and disruptions to the everyday life of the Arabs.

This is the precursor, of course, to the larger war that lies ahead. Liberal Supremists are acting as allies to the poor moslems not because they have any affinity for islam, but because they think they can convert the impoverished Arabs to liberalism. The Arabs, meanwhile, have not welcomed leftwing assistance out of respect for liberalism, but, rather, as useful idiots who can help advance the spread of islamic domination.

Eventually, inevitably, the two cultures will clash because they share nothing in common accept hatred of Jews and America. As they begin to realize that even the Jews are preferable to one another, they will of course seek council on how to rid themselves of each another. It is a marriage of convenience between two opposite extremes, and doomed for a bitter and bloody divorce in the end.

This from Arutz Sheva:

The anarchists, many of whom are members of the International Solidarity Movement, flock to flashpoints throughout Judea and Samaria, ostensibly to help PA Arabs contend with IDF closures and protect them from harassment. In actuality, many of the volunteers seek confrontations with IDF soldiers and local Jewish residents, taking advantage of their Western passports to cause havoc - knowing that, at worst, they will be deported, not jailed.

The local Arabs in the Hevron region whom the activists claim to be helping are now complaining that the American and European students behave in a provocative and offensive manner in Hevron's public areas. The Arabs say the activists disrespect the moral norms and standards of the local population. Several local Arab residents told the Kol HaIr newspaper that the activists have been exposing the local youths to drug use and sexual promiscuity.

One interviewee told Kol HaIr that the volunteers show a disregard for the religious norms of the local villages and teach the local youth to reject and disrespect the traditions of their forefathers. "These anarchists come here and undermine the education we give our children. At first we took them in with hospitality - after all, they claimed they wanted to help us, so why kick them out? But very quickly they infuriated me with their lewd behavior."

In a bid to rid the region of the anarchists, local Arab leaders approached representatives of the Jewish community in Hevron - a rare, but not unheard of occurrence - in order to find a solution. The two sides agreed to have Arabic-speaking Jewish observers along Hevron's main thoroughfares to replace the anarchists in ensuring calm between the city's Jewish and Arab populations.

The left-wings activists would then be informed by the local Arab population that they appreciate their offer to help, but that they are no longer needed.

Hevron spokesman Noam Arnon confirmed the arrangement to Arutz-7, saying that the new replacement observers will be acceptable to local Arabs. He added that the international anarchists came to Hevron come from Western cultures steeped in sexual lewdness and depravity, permissiveness, and drug use. "Their presence in Hebron serves to inflame violence because they are seeking to create provocations and encourage violence," Arnon said.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Counterpunch: Neumann vs. Halpurn

To demonstrate how wonderfully diverse and open-minded the left really is, over at the Progressive Center for Anti-Semitism, aka, a debate of sorts has developed between "Palestinian" academic activists Jeff Halpern and Michael Neumann. The spectacle is quite remarkable to behold, as two horrifically self-loathing Jews present their twisted cases against the Jewish State for the rabid left's reading pleasure.

Halpern's, Israel as an Extension of American Empire, is an essay presenting the prevailing leftwing opinion that Israel is exploiting and persecuting the poor "Palestinians" as an extension of diablolical US imperialism and capitalism. The best way to put an end to Israel's terrible abuse of the "Palestinians" would be to apply the magical elixor for all of mankind's miseries: Utopian Socialism.

According to Halpern, once the Arab rights to "Palestine" are recognized equally with the Jewish rights to Israel peace finally will have a chance. He places the blame for "Palestinian" suffering squarely on shoulders of greedy, Big Corporate America, and America's insatiable lust for military expansion. In other words, if we'd all just behave like good little Communists, voila, the problems in the Middle East would all be solved.

Here is an excerpt in which Halpern spews the typical leftwing BS:

There are many tragic and self-destructive features of the Occupation for Israel itself. Although the country was founded on the "original sin" of exclusivity and the expulsion of the refugees, it nevertheless had (has?) the potential to develop into a normal, even progressive society. Many of the socialist principles that accompanied the Zionist program led in those directions. Israel always talked of democracy, even extending citizenship to its Arab population in 1948, even though the underlying concept of a "Jewish democracy," coupled with a deep-based fear of demographics only exacerbated by the Occupation, has emptied that of much of its content. It constituted itself as a welfare state, only to see that largely dismantled as the Israel-Palestine conflict gave dominance to the right whose agenda, together with expansion, was anti-socialist and pro-privatization.

Meanwhile, Neumann, for his part, kicks the anti-Israel vitriol up a notch. His essay, A Study in Dogma, does not call for a more "even handed" approach to the Palestinians followed by the usual Communist rhetoric, as he views such dreamy solutions as overly utopian and lacking the practical urgency needed to save his beloved "Palestinians" from the blood-thirsty Jews. What Neumann actually wants to see is the complete destruction of the State of Israel, with America giving 100% support to the Palestinian cause against the Jews. He could care less if it comes from Leftwing or Rightwing measures, he just wants Israel exterminated, period.

Here's an excerpt:

The fact--the fact leftists bust a gut to ignore--is that The Big Corporations would be far, far better off if the US switched sides completely, and supported the Palestinians to the hilt. It is difficult to argue this just because it is so screamingly obvious. The Big Corporations want oil: Israel pisses off the oil producers, bigtime. Israel does not, contrary to leftist orthodoxy, help the US control the oil. For Christ's sake guys-- Israel would have to shove through Syria or Lebanon or Jordan to get near any oil.

...But this is just the tip of the strategic iceberg. Suppose the US supported, not the Israelis, but the Palestinians. Is there any doubt that the US would have had a far easier time getting support from the Arab and Muslim world? Again, the contrary is just unimaginable. If the US had been close friends of Turkey, Syria and Iran; if the Gulf states had earned less opprobrium for allying themselves with Israel's only powerful backer, indeed virtually its only backer--might that not have made it a tad easier to invade Iraq, or for that matter to fight the War on Terror? As matters stand, the chief role of Israel in US policy is to pop up as a worry and expense.

Now, it should be noted that this Trent University professor's pathological hatred for Israel goes above and beyond the likes of even Halpurn or Chomsky. His latest book, The Case Against Israel, said much about where he stands on the topic, but perhaps nothing is more revealing about the depths of his obsessive hate for Israel and the Jewish people than an email exchange he had with the webmaster of the anti-Semitic website,

Said Neumann:

My sole concern is indeed to help the Palestinians, and I try to play for keeps. I am not interested in the truth, or justice, or understanding, or anything else, except so far as it serves that purpose. This means, among other things, that if talking about Jewish power doesn't fit my strategy, I won't talk about it. And, implausible as it may sound to you, I believe I can do *much* more damage by staying entirely away from such issues.

Isn't the state of academia at an all time high, gang? Such devotion to scholarship puts a tear in my eye.

So, as we see, Counterpunch offers us up this deliciously progressive choice: We either have a Palestinian activist Jew who despises Zionism and wants to see the Jewish State eradicated and rebuilt as the Communist State of Palestinians (Halpurn), OR, on the other side, we have a Palestinian activist Jew who despises Jews and wants to see Israel destroyed at all costs and replaced with Arab Palestine.

Decisions, decisions...Wait, I know! I'll have you the reader decide who to pick!

Who would the readers of the Madzionist rather see running the country?

A. Jeff Halpurn
B. Michael Neumann
C. Charo
D. Baby Zionist

I know who I'm not choosing.


Monday, November 21, 2005

MZ having a little fun

I've been having a nice time at the progressive website putting an anti-Israel leftist in his place. Below is the exchange I had with "Palestinian" apologist, UKLIB. Note my effusive civility out of respect for host of the Leftwing forum I was visiting. MZ always tries to be a gentleman, after all.

UKLIB: Do you think the 25% of Palestinians who are Christian think that Israel is a 'Crusader' state.The majority of Palestinians would happily live in peace with the Israelis even now if they were offered a just settlement. To date that has not happened.

MZ: Unfortunately, the moslems have killed or forced conversion upon the indigenous Christian population in terrible numbers. The latest statistics show the Christian population down to about 3%.

Also, unfortunately, the moslems feel even worse towards Jews and have rejected every concession or gesture that Israel has ever offered. Truly a sad state of affairs that the moslems are still so unwilling to accept peace and abandon jihad.

I also agree that the solution here is not to divide Israel up into two states, as that would be permanently unstable and violent, and that the only solution is to incorporate all of the land west of the Jordan River into Israel, and give the long suffering Palestinians a land of their own west of the Jordan.

UKLIB: Israel has NEVER offered a just solution. How can you be surprised if the Palestinians are radicalized by 50 years of Israeli racism, subjugation and dispossession. Sadly you simply advocate taking yet another peoples' land to solve the problem which Israel has helped to create. This is truly a solution to the problems of the Middle East.

What evidence have you got to support your claims regarding the suppression of Christianity within the Palestinian population to the extent which you claim?

MZ: Actually, my friend, Israel has offered many just concessions (such as the Oslo accords), but you are absolutely correct about one thing: Any effort to squeeze the Palestinians into an unacceptably small, disjointed and insufficient parcel of Israel is an unjust offer. This is why giving them the plentiful and sprawling land east of the Jordan river would truly be the first offer that would at last end their suffering.

Alas, nobody of leadership is working to make this happen at the moment. Perhaps after the new elections that could change.

Regarding the unfortunate decimation of the Christian Palestinian population, please go to the link below for the information you requested:

So, you think UKLIB is pulling out every hair on his leftist body yet? I expect a full blown tantrum of a response by morning. Sorry, but every once in awhile I just feel compelled to visit libland and set some dhimmi straight!


Tel Aviv: The Gay Capital of the World?

Hat Tip to Nanc...

The End of Days must be upon us. Ynetnews is reporting that Tel Aviv is now slated to become the "gay capital of the world".

The disturbing story:

“Tel Aviv and gay people are a perfect fit,” an Israel Hotel Association (IHA) official said.

“The gay community has amazing consumer power, and Tel Aviv has a lot to offer to this community,” IHA Director-General Eli Ziv explained. “We have the beach, sun, culture and nightclubs. To our knowledge, gays are capable of hopping on a plane and traveling to the other side of the world just to participate in parties and events that are related to the gay community.

Meanwhile, Tourism Ministry Director-General Eli Cohen said he would offer any financial assistance necessary to turn Tel Aviv into the gay capital of the world, and he is not alone: TUI, Europe’s largest tourism conglomerate, has recently decided to offer charter flights to Tel Aviv.

Israeli tourism officials said they believe the decision would facilitate the travel of thousands of gays to the country.

I think I may puke. Read it all...if you can stomach it. Nothing like bringing Sodom to Israel, eh? Something must be done to stop this madness.


White Men Can't Work

We all know that Canada is just like Eurotrash France when it comes to rampant liberalism, but this really takes the cake. David Marshall, the Deputy Minister of Canada's Department of Public Works, has issued a federal edict, in place at least through March 31, 2006, banning the federal agency from hiring Caucasian males.
Not kidding. In the pursuit of "diversity" and "inclusiveness", white men, no matter how qualified they may be, are hereby forbidden to be hired by agency managers. This edict was issued because the "employment-equity" quota goals of minorities and women came up short in the department's last survey period.
How in the hell Canada thinks they will be more "inclusive" by banning people based on their gender or skin color only a liberal could understand. The way I see it, the Canadian federal government, like all bastions of liberalism, is simply BIGOTED.
Read the report from WorldnetDaily here.

More Reform Zealotry

Not only did the Reform movement pass resolutions condemning the Religious Right and the Iraq War, the latest resolution passed at the Radical, Extreme, Off-The-Charts liberal Reform Movement's Biennial Conference condemns the nomination of Sam Alito for the SCOTUS.

This, despite the fact that Jeff Wasserstein, a former law clerk for Alito and a self-described liberal Democrat, argued in favor of Alito's nomination at the conference. Here's the bullet points of the resolution:

Condemning the Alito nomination:

"Judge Alito’s elevation to the Supreme Court “would threaten protection of the most fundamental rights which our Movement supports including, but not limited to, reproductive freedom, the separation between church and state, protection of civil rights and civil liberties, and protection of the environment;”

"On choice, women’s rights, civil rights, and the scope of federal power particularly as it relates to civil rights and environmental protection, Judge Alito’s nomination “has engendered a national debate on one or more issues of core concern to the Reform Movement so that the outcome of the nomination is likely to be perceived as a referendum on that issue and will have significant implications beyond the individual nomination;”

Oy Vay...such a motley crew of extremists.


"Likud pays price for treachery" -MK Effie Eitam

Effie Eitam, retired IDF hero, former head of the National Religious Party, and now a prominent MK with the National Union Party, had a lot to say about the collapse of Yassir Sharon's government in the Knesset and subsequent departure from the Likud Party.

"The Likud, which was afraid to depose Sharon before he lifted his hand against Gush Katif, is today paying the price of the treachery against the values of the nationalist camp, and for the turning of their back against the settlers. The Likud now sees how its leader abandons the sinking ship after he made holes in its ideological bottom, and now goes to bring new wind into the left-wing sails."

"Those who sacrificed the wholeness of the Land of Israel on the altar of the wholeness of the Likud Party, now see that dividing the Land of Israel leads to the division of the Likud Party."

Beautifully said, Effie!

Sharon Quits Likud

It's official: Yassir Sharon is bolting Likud to form a new political party. He reportedly will make an official announcement on Monday. This new party will include a dozen or so current left-leaning Likud ministers, and possibly Labor's Shimon Peres, with the intention of freeing Sharon to form a Government that will be able to make further concessions and "good will gestures" without those pesky rightwing obstructionists.
Historically, starting new political parties has proven disasterous for aspiring Israeli leaders. However, the old, fat, lying bastard does have a lot of popular support, so he may be able to pull it off. We shall hope not. Oh, and by the way, Yassir, MZ has a message for you from some old-school Likud traditionalists:
"Don't let the door hit your capitulating ass on the way out! "
Thus, the campaign begins. MZ will immediately begin championing the candidacy of Benny Elon and the National Union party. Time to get busy...Sharon must be defeated at all costs!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

403 - 3

John "I want my mommy!" Murtha called for America to unconditionally surrender in Iraq on Wednesday. In response, congress voted 403 -3 not to act like France and abandon post-war Iraq like a bunch of dhimmis.

Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, summed it up best on the House floor:

"A few minutes ago I received a call from Colonel Danny Bop,Ohio Representative from the 88th district in the House of Representatives. He asked me to send Congress a message: Stay the course. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message, that cowards cut and run, Marines never do. Danny and the rest of America and the world want the assurance from this body – that we will see this through."

Dick Cheney also hit it on the head in a speech to the Frontiers of Freedom:

"The president and I cannot prevent certain politicians from losing their memory, or their backbone, but we're not going to sit by and let them rewrite history."

At least - at the very least - this proves that our socialist party (Democrats) is not quite as spineless as Europe's socialist trash. The three cowards who voted in favor of American surrender:
Jose Serrano, D - New York
Robert Wexler, D - Florida
Cynthia McKinney, D - Georgia

Jean Schmidt for President?

Reform's Leftwing Zealotry

With a special Hat Tip to nanc...
When a movement of radical liberalism camouflages itself in religious imagery it can do tremendous damage. "Rabbi" Eric Yoffie, president of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism, made this fact perfectly clear at the Reform national conference in Houston last week.

Let me offer a bit of background on Reform Judaism, as many of you are probably unfamiliar with the history of the movement. Reform Judaism originated from the German Haskalah movement in the 18th century. Jewish secular philosopher Moses Mendelssohn was the most influential founding father. From its very inception, Reform Judaism was designed as a stepping stone to help Jews leave the burden of Torah behind and become secular, liberal gentiles. In fact, all of Mendelssohn's grandchildren assimilated out of Judaism and converted to Christianity.

Today, the anti-Torah hostility and radical liberal activism of the Reform movement still runs as deep as ever, and two developments took shape in this week's conference that plainly bore this out. First, they voted to officially condemn the war in Iraq as inhumane; Second, they announced an official condemnation of the Religious Right - including Jews who are of Orthodox denomination, because they do not embrace the Gay movement.

Read this from Newsmax:

HOUSTON -- The leader of the largest branch of American Judaism blasted conservative religious activists in a speech Saturday, calling them "zealots" who claim a "monopoly on God" while promoting anti-gay policies akin to Adolph Hitler's.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism, said "religious right" leaders believe "unless you attend my church, accept my God and study my sacred text you cannot be a moral person."

"We cannot forget that when Hitler came to power in 1933, one of the first things that he did was ban gay organizations," Yoffie said. "Yes, we can disagree about gay marriage. But there is no excuse for hateful rhetoric that fuels the hellfires of anti-gay bigotry."

Yoffie did not mention evangelical Christians directly, using the term "religious right" instead. In a separate interview, he said the phrase encompassed conservative activists of all faiths, including within the Jewish community.

Hitler, eh? So, let me get this straight: If one is either an Orthodox Jew or a Christian conservative one is really no better than the Nazis, right? That's just beautiful.

For your information, oh enlightened "Rabbi", Orthodox Jews and Religious Right Christians are America's biggest supporters of Israel, while the Christian and Jewish left are America's biggest apologists for the Palestinians - you know, those snuggable moslems who are trying to exterminate the Jews in Israel and replace it with an islamic state?

I think we all know who the real bigots are, don't we? I swear, liberals are just the worst hypocrits.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Shabbos Vayeira

OK, this week we read parsha Vayeira (18:1-22:24) which continues the story of Abraham and his son, Isaac. The reading begins with a lesson in hospitality, as Abraham welcomes in 3 strangers to his home while still in recovery from his circumcision. The stangers turn out to be messengers (or angels, if you prefer) from God who give him the message that his wife, Sarah, will give birth to a son, Isaac, within the year.

They also bring the message that Sodom and Gomorrah are about to become compost toast (like that, nanc?). Abraham intercedes in an effort to save the rightous, persuading God to agree to spare Sodom if as few as 10 rightous men can be found in the city. It is from this example that Jews to this day, 4,000 years later, need at least 10 men to form a minyon for prayer.

Of course, the Sodomizers and Gomorrans are leveled when even that small number cannot be reached. Abrahams brother, Lott, is spared his life when two of the messengers from Abraham's house come and help him out.

Later, Abraham is ordered by God to expel Ishmael and take his beloved Isaac to be bound and sacrificed. Abraham shows his faith in God by performing these commands without argument, and of course Isaac is not sacrificed as an angel intervenes to stop it from happening.

MZ believes the lesson of Abraham here is that he had ultimate faith that God would NEVER allow the command to sacrifice Isaac take place, and he carried his faith in this right to the end when Isaac was indeed redeemed. The faith Isaac must have had that God knows what He's doing is a powerful lesson for us all, as well.

That event, known as the Akeida, or "Binding", is understood to have taken place where?? Anyone?? Yes, on the site we now call the Temple Mount.

Nice to know the moslems are running it so nicely, eh?

Good Shabbos!

"New Martyrs City"

Yassir Sharon might not want to put this in his election campaign ads, but, since the brutal August expulsion of the Jews from Gaza, the city of Neve Dekalim, the former capital of Jewish Gaza, has been converted into a full blown Hamas terror center. From this "New Martyrs City", which is zoned off with barbed wire and marked as a "closed military zone", Qassam rockets have regularly been fired into nearby Israeli Negev towns.

Talk about a plan gone wrong, eh Yassir? Wasn't this "disengagement" supposed to make Israelis safer? Wasn't this "good will gesture" to the moslems supposed to lead to improved relations with the PA? Wasn't it you who told us Mahmoud Abbas would be a real partner in peace, and didn't you promise us that he, unlike Arafat before, would really crack down on "Palestinian" terrorism?

Hold on there, "Arik", didn't the opposition to your expulsion warn us that retreating from the moslems would only lead to the creation of a terrorist state in Gaza? Isn't that exactly what has happened? Worse still, the open Gaza border you and Condi conceded to the PA assures us the islamic terror leaders will be fully stocked with unlimited rockets, ammunition and fire arms to kill Jews with. Are you proud of yourself now, Yassir?

Congratulations, Mr. Sharon, you have done more to harm Israel and the Jews than Yassir Arafat ever dreamed possible. Your legacy and his will be virtually indistinguishable.


Freedom: The unalienable right to kill one's superior?

There appears to be some confusion regarding the definition of the word "Freedom". MZ is here to try and clear up the confusion.

Defintion #1. Mirriam-Webster Dictionary:
Freedom: 1 : the quality or state of being free: as a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action b: liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another.

Definition #2. Warren Community College professor John Daly:
Freedom: when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors.

No, I'm not making this up. Read it here.


"Parenting unconstitutional", declares 9th Circuit Court

So, how quickly can we get Alito confirmed?

The liberal courts are certainly doing their best to ruin our children's lives in this country. The radical, leftwing, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, perhaps the worst violators of judicial revisionism in US history, have now ruled that parents do not have a constitutional right to be informed of the sexual information their elementary school children may be receiving in class.
Saying that it is a warped, twisted gang of deviants serving on the 9th Circuit Court is actually being unkind to warped, twisted deviants everywhere.

Check this out from

WASHINGTON - Lawmakers in the U.S. House overwhelmingly denounced the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday for tossing out a lawsuit by Palmdale parents furious that their children were surveyed at school about sex.

In a 320-91 vote, legislators passed a resolution demanding the court rehear the case and charging that it "declared parenting unconstitutional" when it rejected last month the Mesquite Elementary School parents' claim that they have the exclusive right to tell their children about sex.

The measure carries no enforcement or legal weight but is the latest in a string of congressional attacks on the 9th Circuit Court as the House nears a vote on a budget bill that may include a provision that would split the court. The Senate is expected to oppose that move.

"The 9th Circuit Court decided to overstep the boundaries of what a court should be doing," said Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., who sponsored the Palmdale resolution.

"When it comes to what schools are asking very young children about sex, the 9th Circuit decided parents not only don't have the right to say no, they don't even have the right to know what is being asked," Murphy said. "The court should rehear the case and reverse the decision."


Thursday, November 17, 2005

PSST... France still Burning...SHHH!!!

Not that the media deems it newsworthy or anything, but the 3 week old intifada in the Peoples Republic of France reported 98 more vehicles torched last night. Of course, the headlines reporting this say: France enjoys first normal night after riots.


Michael "Islam is a Terrorist Organization" Graham lands new gig

Remember a few months back when CAIR got Michael Graham fired from his radio talk show in Washington for criticizing islam? Remember how ABC capitulated to moslem special interest groups in an appalling act of dhimmitude? Remember how Graham courageously refused to apologize? Well, justice has been served.

This from GOPUSA News:

( -- Radio talk show host Michael Graham, forced out of his job in the Washington, D.C., market for offending a Muslim group, has a new job in Boston, Mass. Graham is filling the afternoon drive-time slot at WTKK-FM. He called it a "new day" for his family and his career -- and an important day for talk radio and free speech as well.

"It's been three months since the Council of American-Islamic Relations demanded my removal from the airwaves and ABC Radio capitulated to their demands," Graham said on Monday, his first day on the new job.

"In those three months, many things could have happened: If ABC had had their way, I would have been falsely labeled a bigot. Even worse, I could have given into their pressure and issued a false apology, abandoning my principles for the sake of a job (a very tempting idea whenever the rent payment came due).

Instead, Graham added, the talk radio industry rallied, with KFI in Los Angeles putting him on the air the same week he was fired. Since then, Graham said, he's had more than half a dozen job offers from radio stations across the nation.

"Not one station -- not one -- demonstrated any reluctance at all to work with me due to fear of pressure from CAIR or because of ABC's decision to fire me."

The final score in the "anti-free-speech fiasco," Graham said, is "Free Speech 1; Angry Islamic Radicals and the Radio Management Weasels Who Cater To Them, 0."

Isn't it nice to get some good news for a change?


SF Leftwingers: "Extinguish the Human race!"

Leftists aren't just hazardous to America's and Israel's health; they are actually a threat to the very survival of the human race. Based out of San Francisco (where else?), The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, or VHEM, is hoping you'll do your part for the environment by dropping dead as soon as possible. Oh, but they do just love children...

This from the UPI:

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16 (UPI) -- Make no mistake about it, the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement isn't anti-child, it's more like anti-human.

The VHE is dedicated to phasing out the human race in the interest of the health of the Earth, founder Les Knight told Wednesday's San Francisco Chronicle.

With 16,000 people born per hour and a current global population of 6.5 billion, there are already more than enough people on the planet, Knight said.

A 1994 study concluded a single person born in the 1990s would be responsible during a lifetime for 22 million pounds of liquid waste and 2.2 million pounds each of solid waste and atmospheric waste, the newspaper said. He or she will have a lifetime consumption of 4,000 barrels of oil, 1.5 million pounds of minerals and 62,000 pounds of animal products that will necessitate the slaughter of 2,000 animals.

"Wherever humans live, not much else lives," Knight said. "It isn't that we're evil and want to kill everything -- it's just how we live."

Knight, who had a vasectomy at age 25, emphasizes VHE likes kids and says many of its members are parents as well as children.


Coalition dissolved!! Early Elections For Israel

Baruch Hashem (thank GOD)!!! Today it finally became official: The Yassir Sharon unity government has collapsed and early elections will be held in late February or March. Sharon met earlier today with newly elected Labor chief Amir Peretz, and Peretz informed Sharon that he was indeed pulling Labor out of the unity government with Likud.
The posturing will now furiously begin, as Sharon must decide whether he will again run for Likud leadership and face the party's snarling members to his right, or instead form a more leftwing breakaway party of his own, consisting of Likud doves and old time Labor friends like Shimon Peres.
The nationalist and religious Zionist parties will also have some important negotiations ahead. Some polls have shown that a unified Zionist ticket would gain enough knesset seats to challenge for winning control of the government. The biggest problem may be getting the many factions together under a single ticket. The biggest sticking point is between Benny Elon's National Union and Zevulun Orlev's NRP (National Religious Party), as Elon is a nationalist Zionist looking to transfer the Palestinians to Jordan and make Israel whole again, while Orlev is much more dovish.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Jihad on the Mount

If there is one concession that Israel makes to the arabs that is more sacreligious than any other, it would have to be the one giving the moslem Waqf total control of the Temple Mount grounds. For those of you unfamiliar with the Temple Mount, it is the site upon which the two ancient Holy Temples existed, where Jews in biblical times brought their sacrifices and the Shekinah (or presence of God) manifested in the ark of the "Holy of Holies" which was located behind the Western Wall, or "Kotel" as it is pronounced in hebrew.
Israel gained complete control over the Temple Mount from Jordan in the 1967 "6-day" war. The first order of business, though? Return it to moslem control as a (what else?) "Good will gesture".
Therefore, the primary reason the Kotel is considered the holiest site for Jews today is because when we put our hands upon the Western Wall it is the closest we are physically permitted to get to the "Holy of Holies" behind it.
It is a complex issue in many ways, as it is the belief of Jews that there will be a 3rd and final Holy Temple built at the time of the coming of Moshiach (anointed one). Among religious Jews, there is a debate over whether the 3rd Temple will be built by God Himself and the King Moshiach will then follow, or whether it is to be built by man and the King Moshiach will then assume the throne at his appointed time. A third view holds that the King Moshiach himself will personally see to the Temple being built. MZ follows the second view, but the others are certainly entitled their opinions.
The question one still must ask, then, is this: Why are the Jews not permitted access to the Temple Mount?
Surprise! The moslems forbid the Jews from doing so. In fact, they also forbid Christians, atheists, and anyone else who is not a moslem from entering the Temple Mount. There are a few tiny exceptions to this, but they are highly restricted tour times, and the Waqf's rules forbid one to even give the appearence of praying! No non-moslem religious books or symbols are permitted at all.
Yet, Israel allows this. In fact, the Israeli Supreme Court and Knesset continuosly repells any and all legal attempts to reduce the severity of the islamic domination over the Temple Mount.
Can you imagine the outcry if Jews forbid the moslems to make their haj to Mecca? Even more absurd, can you picture the moslems VOLUNTARILY giving the Jews control of their pilgrimage rights? Impossible.
But, the Jews are willing to even sacrifice this - the greatest of all good will gestures - in an effort to be given peace and acceptance by the moslems. How is it working you ask?
Read this from ArutzSheva News for your answer. Below is an excerpt from the story to give you the gist of it.

Islamic radicals have been using the Temple Mount as a focal point for planning and preaching the establishment of a world Islamic state with Jerusalem as its capital. One of the radical groups operating on the Temple Mount is Hizab Altahrir (The Islamic Liberation Party), which espouses an ideology similar to Al Qaeda.

Hizab Altahrir’s network spans most Western European countries. The party puts Islamic revolution and an uncompromising form of Jihad (holly war) at the top of its political agenda. The group advocates subjecting the entire world to Islamic law (Shariya), and destroying non-believing nations and religions.

Clueless Congress

This from GOP Bloggers:

When Did Congress Press for a WWII Exit Strategy? What Was the "Plan" to Win WWII?

A majority of both houses of Congress, a Democratic presidential administration, a Republican presidential administration, and numerous foreign nations agreed that Saddam Hussein represented a security threat that needed to be neutralized. After voting in 1998 to neutralize that threat by removing the Saddam regime, Congress voted again in 2002 to enforce its 1998 vote.

Now that the war has not proceeded according to what they had hoped 2-1/2 years ago,
the Senate has changed its mind. Clearly, nobody in the Senate understands that a war plan changes constantly and never survives first contact with the enemy. To demand a rigid, inflexible plan is absurd. But the morons in the Senate persist.

Umm, I hate to break this shocking bit of news to everyone, but we already won the damn war in Iraq. Remember, we took out Saddam about two years ago and he's on trial now for war crimes?

What we have left is a post-war mission to help rebuild Iraq and see through the successful establishment of a democratic republic. We are also helping to rebuild the police force and the economy, while securing the population by eradicating the terrorists who are trying to fill the post-Saddam void.

I have no idea why anyone would want us to stop this mission. That republicans are helping the democrats sabotage our most important final phase in establishing a stable Iraq proves how corrupt the party really has become.

All Israel’s security branches protest Sharon

Yassir Sharon's latest capitulation to the moslems - giving up all Israeli control of the Gaza border crossings at the behest of Condi Rice - has reportedly enraged top level security officials in all branches of the Israeli military and police forces.

This from Debkafile news:

The protests came from the top levels of Israel’s armed forces, the Shin Beit and all other intelligence services and the police. Rarely before have so many expressions of alarm been rushed to the head of government by all of top security agencies.

By this extreme step -

1. Each of the branches submitted separate warnings to prime minister Ariel Sharon and defense minister Shaul Mofaz. They were alerted to the grave hazards in store when the crossings are reopened later this month and the rest of the accord goes into effect, shorn as they have been of appropriate security controls.

2. Each branch placed its reservations in writing to clearly record where responsibility lies for the worst possible contingencies.

With early elections being a near certainty, this will likely serve to galvanize the Israeli political right further away from Sharon. The knesset may be dissolved as early as Monday when a no-confidence vote is scheduled to be brought to the floor with widespread support. If this motion indeed passes, new elections will likely take place at the beginning of March.

Please show me your ID

The Solidsurfer has written an outstanding analysis of the Intelligent Design controversy. MZ is a strong proponent of ID being taught with Evolution in schools because, despite the hysterical left's best efforts to smear it as theology or creationism, ID is in fact based on solid science that deserves to be a core part of classroom study.

Says Solidsurfer in his summary:

Science is all about discovering how the world works. And since intelligent design provides a scientifically plausible and evidence-backed explanation of our planetary and biological origins, it certainly deserves to be taught as such.

MZ recommends reading it all.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Tolerance" and "Love" from Saudi Arabia

The Religion of Peace is at it once again. Saudi Arabia, America's great ally, the country whose leader our own President genuflects for and kisses the hand of, has sentenced a school teacher to 40 months in jail and a public flogging of 750 lashes for having the chutzpah to suggest that Judaism might not be so horrible after all.

Don't expect to read about this in the MSM, though, as the alliance between the leftwing media and the jihadis remains ironclad. Sure makes one wonder, though, about how we are being forced by liberal lawyers to handle terrorist korans in the Gitmo detention center with white gloves and pillows, doesn't it?

And if I have to hear one more leftist meekly whimper, We need to win their hearts and minds... Well, use your imagination.


"Wrongful Life" Down Under

This from Courttv News:

A blind and deaf Australian woman who claims she never should have been born is suing a doctor for a lifetime of suffering in the country's first "wrongful life" suit.

Alexia Harriton, 24, is seeking compensation from the doctor who misdiagnosed rubella in the first trimester of her mother's pregnancy, claiming Olga Harriton would have aborted her had she been aware of the potential birth defects arising from the illness.

Lawyers for the Sydney woman argued in Australia's highest court Thursday that Dr. Paul Stephens is liable for the costs arising from a lifetime of medical treatment that Harriton needs to survive.

Harriton's lawyers claim that Stephens had a duty to Olga Harriton and to her unborn daughter to inform her of the risk of the infection passing to her child. "Had the rubella been diagnosed, Olga [Harriton] would have exercised her lawful right to terminate the pregnancy," court documents state.

I would imagine the Ruth Bader Ginsberg faction of the Supreme Court is just salivating over the prospects of siting this case as "international precedent" for making eugenics American law. Please, please, please, God, help us to get Alito confirmed before the current SCOTUS gets their filthy liberal paws on this.

The Jews did the Jordan Hotel Bombings!

You knew this was coming, didn't you?

WorldnetDaily's Aaron Klein reports today that Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi knows who is really responsible for the triple suicide bombings that killed 57 people: The Jews!
Said Asefi to reporters, "The explosions in Jordan are a suspicious matter. Most probably the Zionist regime (Israel) was behind them."

Of course it wasn't the moslems...they never would commit a suicide bombing or anything. It's the Jews! It's gotta be the Jews!

Oh, one tiny little problem with this brilliant theory: Al Qaida has already taken credit for it, and a moslem woman named Sajida Mabruk Atrous Rishawi has already confessed on camera how she came to Jordan with her husband to participate in the suicide bombing, only her belt didn't detonate while his did.

Well, then again, it's so much more fun to just blame the Jews, isn't it? And you know what the real punch line is? Most of the moslems and their leftwing allies will believe it to be true!


Baby Zionist Takes First Steps

A little sidebar from the political realm to the family realm for a moment...Baby Zionist has taken her first steps. She took them one day prior to turning 10 months old. She has made Momma and Dada Zionist very proud.

BTW, she already has an email address of her own, so expect BZ to be blogging before you know it!


Monday, November 14, 2005

Oh, by the way...France is still on fire

Fortunately, Frontpagemag is one of the few who are willing to report that France is still being burned to a crisp by the intifada, now on day #17. Haven't heard anymore about it in the MSM, you say? Well, that's no accident; the media doesn't want their beloved bastion of liberalism to be portrayed in a negative light, so all news from France is being strictly censored.

Don't be fooled by the phony silence. Last night there were 374 cars torched by the moslems (or deprived youths if you happen to be of leftist persuasion), as anarchy and violence continues to rage out of control throughout the country. This despite police-enforced curfews and nationwide bans on public assembly.

Then again, perhaps the police are not all that interested in going the extra mile for Mr. Chirac. Chirac recently decided to have 8 police officers suspended for, get this, using force to arrest a rioting moslem, inflicting (gasp!) scrapes and bruises in the process! Chirac went on to apologize to the disenfranchised youth who are rioting, saying France needs to be (get this) more egalitarian and accommodating to the moslems than they had been before.

I said it before, I'll say it again...Burn Baby Burn!


"In God We Trust" RIP?

WorldnetDaily reports today that Militant atheist attorney, Michael Newdow, who nearly succeeded in banning the "under God" Pledge of Allegiance from public schools before he was rejected by the Supreme Court, now continues his jihad against religion by taking aim at banning "In God We Trust" from American currency.

Newdow, just before his scheduled speaking engagement with (who else?) the ACLU, said this to the Oklahoman: "I am about to file to get 'In God We Trust' off the front of our currency. I plan to do that this week."

Later, Newdow had this to say to KWTV in Oklahoma City: "The key principle is that we're supposed to treat everybody equally especially in terms of religious belief. Clearly it's not treating atheists equal with people who believe in God when you say 'In God We Trust' or we are a 'nation under God.'"

So you see, liberalism doesn't discriminate at seeks to destroy traditional society EVERYWHERE, not just in the European countries. Isn't that so egalitarian of them?

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out how handling money that says "In God We Trust" somehow constitutes State sponsored religious coercion.

To me, if the State is forbidden to use the word "God" anywhere at any time it actually constitutes state sponsored atheism. I'm no lawyer, but common sense tells me that if one is forbidden to mention God at all it becomes more than simple separation of Church and State; it is advocating the establishment of an atheist, anti-God nation.

Liberals may find the Roberts/Alito Supreme Court less receptive to such aspirations.


England bans HETERO marriage photos

Liberalism has truly run amok in Europe. This from WorldnetDaily:
"Couples looking to tie the knot in Liverpool, England, no longer have an image of a traditional marriage overseeing their wedding, as the painting has been deemed potentially offensive to homosexual couples...The old paintings have been replaced with portraits of Victorian landscapes."
Well, isn't that special? So, what do you think will befall a nation in which displaying imagery of heterosexual marriage is banned because it may offend homosexuals? Please, don't hold back in your responses.


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lech Lecha

A good week to all. Shabbos has ended, but I wanted to reflect one more time on this past week's parsha (Torah reading), Lech Lecha, as it's so relevant to today's Arab/Israeli conflict.

Lech Lecha is the parsha where God tells Abram (he's not yet been renamed "Abraham" by God), "Go for yourselves from your land, from your relatives, and from your father's house to the land that I will show you. And I will make you a great nation; I will bless you, and make your name great, and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and him who curses you I will curse; and all the families on the earth shall bless themselves by you."

Now, whether or not one accepts the bible as fact or fiction, one cannot deny that history has treated those who are good to Abraham's people very well, while those who have treated Abraham's people badly have not faired very well at all. The examples of this are are too numerous to mention.

Later, once Abram and Sarai (she's not yet been renamed "Sarah" by God) traveled to what was then known as "Canaan", God appears once again to Abram and said, "To your offspring I will give this land."

OK, we see God does make it clear who we wants to inherit this Land, don't we? What's remarkable is that no other nation has existed within those borders since the time of Joshua but the chosen offspring of Abraham. Yes, Israel has been conquered and placed under foreign rule many times over, but there has never, ever been a single independent country within the Land of Israel besides Israel. This is a historical fact.

Later in the reading, Abram consorts with his Egyptian servant Hagar (once Sarai is believed to be barren) and she conceives. Hagar then disrespects Sarai and subsequently runs away when treated harshly.

An angel comes to her then and says, "Return to your mistress (Sarai), and submit yourself to her domination."

Later the angel adds, "Behold, you will conceive, and give birth to a son; you shall name him Ishmael, for God has heard your prayer. And he shall be a wild-ass of a man: his hand against everyone, and everyone's hand against him; and over all his brothers shall he dwell."

Now, who are the descendents of this "WILD-ASS"of a man, you may ask? The Mohammedans, of course. Does history prove this people to be exactly as God had said? Without question.

Later, God again appears to Abraham and says, "Your name shall no longer be Abram, but your name shall be Abraham...I will ratify My covenant between Me and you and between your offspring after you, throughout their generations, as an everlasting covenant, to be a God to you and to your offspring after you; and I will give to you and to your offspring after you the land of your sojourns - the whole of the land of Canaan - as an everlasting possession; and I shall be a God to them."

Notice God did not say "I will give you a small section of the land", or "a little bit of this, and a little bit of that" of the land. No, God said the WHOLE OF THE LAND. Sharon expelling the Jews from Gaza and giving it to the Ishmaelites doesn't seem all that kosher now, does it?

Oh, wait, you say Ishmael is a son of Abram so it must be his covenant too, right?


God later in the reading says to Abraham, "As for Sarai your wife - do not call her name Sarai, for Sarah is her name. I will bless her; indeed, I will give you a son through her; I will bless her and she shall give rise to nations; kings of peoples shall rise from her."

Hmmm...still, God could mean Ishmael still is part of the covenant too, right? He's not been disqualified, after all.

WRONG! Read on...

Abraham said in response: "O that Ishmael might live before You!"

God then said: "Nonetheless, your wife Sarah will bear you a son and you shall call his name Isaac; and I will fulfill My covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his offspring after him."

God then said: "But regarding Ishmael I have heard you: I have blessed him...But I will maintain my covenant through Isaac whom Sarah will bear to you by this time next year."

You're out mohammed! No soup for you!

Now, I know many of my readers are not at all religious, and I really don't have a problem with that, but I hope at least you can see better from the excerpts I've given from Lech Lecha that there are some very strong consistencies between history and Torah.

Shavua Tov,


Friday, November 11, 2005

PA declares: We'll only shoot Israelis

In the latest example of how well Yassir Sharon's strategy of Jewish expulsion and moslem appeasement is working, we see this from Arutz Sheva News:

"In the letter, revealed by UPI, the officers warn that the Palestinian Authority (PA) security apparatus is on the verge of collapse due to widespread corruption and the ongoing state of anarchy that exists in autonomous areas. The authors of the letter to Abu Mazen state that they reject ongoing US and Israeli pressure demanding the disarming of PA terrorist organizations. Instead, the militia officers declared, their weapons will only be pointed at Israel and at Israel's Arab agents fighting terrorism in the PA."

On the 1 year anniversary of Arafat's death, we see how well the "peace process" has gone since his demise. If Sharon thought it was Arafat alone who prevented peace with the 'Palestinians', and that his new best friend, Mahmoud Abbas, was a peace loving man to work together with, why are things only getting worse?

Time for Mr. Sharon to go away before he does anymore damage. Early elections can't come soon enough, and I pray for a Rightwing Zionist government to win enough seats to come and save the day.


Babs Seeking Bush Impeachment

Worldnetdaily is reporting today that radical leftwing activist Barbara Streissand is calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush. The mind numbing list of reasons she has for taking such action include:

  • He caused global warming
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Removing Saddam Hussein prematurely
  • Potential indictments that might someday be made against unnamed Bush advisors

Barbara sure seems to have an ironclad case against the president. I wonder if he'll just opt to resign now rather than face such a slam-dunk impeachment trial? To make matters worse, Barbara has threatened that if she doesn't get her way she will subject the Republicans in congress to viewing the release of her latest project, "Yenta: Part 2".

No Republican congressmen were willing to comment on this disturbing development, but MZ has learned that off the record many indicated they would impeach their own mothers rather then having to watch such a horrifying film. Also, one high ranking official claimed it's not yet clear if having to sit through "Yenta: Part 2" would be considered a torture violation of the Geneva convention.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Madzionist's Plight

I sometimes just have to shake my head in disbelief at how many of my tribesman are under the spell of socialism. It gets so frustrating that sometimes I just want to smack them around until their head comes out of their asses. The following two reports make me sick.

Reform condemns Texas gay vote
Poll: Jews closer to blacks, Hispanics on race

Now, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I grew up as a Reform Jew (though now I'm what is usually called Modern Orthodox), my whole family is Reform, most of the Jews I knew growing up were Reform, and I still have many friends who are Reform. That said, the Liberalism in Reform and Conservative Judaism is truly appalling.

As my cousin Bobby has said before: Reform/Conservative Judaism is the Democrat Party platform disguised as religion. Now, before all of my friends and family who are Reform/Conservative Jews jump up and throw a tantrum, just think about it a little, OK? I love you guys, but you know I'm right.


Liberalism Runs Amok: Yates conviction overturned

Andrea Yates, the mother who in 2002 systematically drowned her five children to death, had her conviction for capital murder thrown out because testimony regarding an episode of TV's Law & Order was incorrect. Undoubtedly, leftists everywhere are jumping for joy today, as this cold-blooded child killer will now be getting a knew trial that could very well allow Yates to receive therapy rather than any hard time in prison.

In fact, if all goes well for Yates, a nice liberal feminist therapist will eventually deem Yates to be rehabilitated and let her walk free altogether. She then could do the talk show circuit, sign a book deal, and maybe even speak at the next Democrat National Convention.

This is exactly why the death penalty is an absolute must. If a murderer is kept alive and well in prison there stands the very real possibility that some leftwing lawyer will find some leftwing judge to throw out the case on a technicality, allowing the dangerous killer to once again roam the streets of society. God willing, Alito and Roberts will set the Supreme Court straight again, and help repair the damage to society the liberal courts have been inflicting over the last several years.


Stunning News: Jordan's bombings were performed by moslems!

Incredibly, the triple suicide bombings in Jordan were committed not by Jews, Christians, Hindus or Buddhists , but by (gasp) moslems! The religion of peace!

How could this be?

Well, yes, it is a shocker for us all to think an act of terrorism could be attributed to lovable followers of mohammed, but, alas, it somehow appears to be true. In fact, contrary to what the always objective mainstream media has taught us about islam's renowned tolerance, the moslems who blew up the hotels in the name of allah were targeting people who were not practicing islam strictly enough.

In fact, some have even suggested that Jews may have been in the vicinity of the hotels, and, as we all know from the MSM's crackerjack reporting of the news from Israel, the Jews are always disenfranchising moslems. So, perhaps it was somehow the fault of the Jews after all.

Whew, what a relief! I'd hate to think islam would ever get blamed for anything. Those clever Jews sure do muddy the waters, don't they?


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Peretz defeats Peres

Great news!!! In the Labor party primaries in Israel, ArutzSheva News is reporting that Shimon Peres has been unseated by Amir Peretz. Why does MZ care which socialist is in charge of the Labor party, you may ask?

Well, he cares because if Shimon Peres had won, the leftwing coalition he had made with Likud that's allowed Mr. Sharon to stay in power would have continued. Peretz, however, intends to pull Labor out of its coalition with Likud and become an opposition party, causing Sharon's government to collapse and early elections to begin!

MZ has been anxiously awaiting Yassir Sharon's demise for a looong time. God willing, this will now finally happen and the expelled settlers will be avenged.
Hot Update!
Amir Peretz in his victory speech announced Labor will leave Sharon's coalition. A true socialist, Peretz is interested in Labor being an opposition party that fights capitalism and privatization. As leftist as Peres may have been, Peretz is promising to move the party further still to the left like it was before 1977 when Likud ended Labor's socialist domination.

Blair Trounced by Jihad Apologists

By a surprisingly large 322-291 margin, Tony Blair's legislation to detain terrorists for up to 90 days before formal charges must be filed was defeated in British parliament today. The 90 days was considered critical in fighting terror because that amount of time was supposed to help authorities gain information from detainees to prevent future attacks.

What is so mindboggling about this is that the British opted for policies of appeasement despite the burning of France by jihadis just across the Channel. It appears that in Europe every opportunity for capitulation to islam is met with open arms. Has the socialist indoctrination rendered them all so impotent that they are content to just sit back and wait for jihad to come by and implement Sharia Law? Apparently so.

Well, considering the way the EU has always sucked up to the 'Palestinians' while pushing Israel to give up the kitchen sink, I say let's send matches and gasoline over to the continent's moslem population so all its Euro-trash countries can enjoy a barbecue a la Francaise.
It's the least we could do.


Israeli leaders: Evangelicals are better than liberals

Sorry liberals, you're not Israel's best friends anymore - not by a longshot. In a report in J-Post today, Israeli leaders like Bibi Netanyahu and Benny Elon, speaking at the Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus, sang the praises of the Evangelical Right for all the support they've given the Jewish State. Meanwhile, liberal activists, who loathe the Religious Right with every fiber of their being, were left out in the cold having a collective hissy fit at the prospect of this growing alliance gaining momentum.

Said Netanyahu, "The greatest support Israel has today is in the United States. And the greatest support Israel has in the US, besides the Jewish community, is that of Evangelical Christians." Bibi went on to add, "These people [Evangelicals] support us not because of a shared ethnic identity, but because of a broader partnership based on values."

MZ's favorite Israeli leader, former tourism minister Benny Elon, who believes transferring the Palestinians out of Israel (yes, that means Judea, Samaria and Gaza) and into Jordan is the only way to achieve peace, had this to say: "We did not succeed in Israel yet to understand the power the Evangelicals have politically in America."

Elon is head of the National Union party in Israel, which stands to gain substantial political power in the next elections in the wake of Yassir Sharon's ill-fated, cowardly Gaza expulsion. As the former tourism minister, he was also at the forefront of Israel's campaign over the last several years to team up with Evangelical Christian supporters around the world.

I can almost hear the sound of self-loathing Jews fainting! Oh the horror! Christian conservatives now are Israel's FRIEND!?

Get used to it, leftists. Your compassion for the 'Palestinian' terrorists, coupled with your hatred for the innocent Jewish settlers who were expelled from Gaza and northern Samaria, indeed makes you a very poor friend of Israel these days.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Youths" Torching Nursery Schools & Hospitals

Those disenfranchised, poverty stricken, disaffected youths of France just keep expressing themselves in the darndest of ways. Here's the latest from the AP:

"Outside Paris in Sevran, a junior high school was set ablaze, while in the suburb of Vitry-sur-Seine youths threw gasoline bombs at a hospital, Hamon said. Nobody was injured. Rioters also attacked a police station with gasoline bombs in Chenove, in Burgundy's Cote D'Or, Hamon said. A nursery school in Lille-Fives, in northern France, was set on fire, regional officials said."

Boy, these poor random French youths -- of no particular race, creed or color, of course -- are protesting their economic hardship with real vigor, huh? Perhaps an army of social workers should go in and offer free hugs to help alleviate their terrible feelings of hopelessness and angst. Maybe even a sing-along with inspirational classics like "If I Had a Hammer (or a Molotov cocktail)" and "We are the World (so you'll convert or else you die)".

Brings a tear to the eye, eh? Kids: they're just so incorrigible!


Burn Baby Burn

It's shocking even to myself to be confessing this, but the truth is I actually have found myself cheering for the moslem vermin to destroy the People's Republic of France. It's like I get this guilty pleasure of "I told you so" washing over me every time I see updates about violence spreading, cars and buildings burning everywhere, moslem clerics assuming power and giving the orders while Chirac and his government of appeasement feebly sits back trembling with fear.

I have this evil inclination to walk up to every liberal I can find and just burst out laughing in their face. Pointing my finger in their chest and asking them how they feel now that the precious "religion of peace" they've been apologizing for all this time is now destroying their favorite socialist nation.

I want to go to France and buy a Molotov cocktail for some filthy moslem on the street. Hell, I'll even buy his friends a round to toss at their favorite French building or vehicle.

I want to walk into the Supreme Court and ask the liberals on the bench, who sited French law rather than our constitution in ruling on cases like the death penalty, if they like that utopian model still today. The one that is burning to the ground because of the passive, meek, restricted law enforcement they pompously advocate for us in America.

I want to get in Howard Dean's face and demand to know how he and his progressive partners feel now that their socialist center for diversity and multiculturalism is on fire. Being burned to rubble because the leftist government is crippled with weakness and overrun by political correctness.

Am I being bad to think this way? Yeah, maybe. But sometimes being bad feels soooo good.


Monday, November 07, 2005

A Sad Day

MZ's favorite weblog (besides his own, of course) sadly announced it was closing up shop today. Moonbat Central had been a staple of my reading diet for the past 6 months or so, and seeing it go is most disappointing.

An offshoot of David Horowitz's brilliant twin leftist-bashing websites, DiscoverTheNetworks and FrontpageMag, MBC was staffed by the finest weblog hosts I've ever had the pleasure of reading. They also attracted some of the best commentators to argue through the daily news events the staff would select for discussion.

All of this will be missed by yours truly, though I hope to see some of my friends from there wander over here to add their two cents from time to time.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Shabbos Noshes

A few newsworthy tidbits for you to nosh on as Shabbos rapidly approaches...

PBS' Tomlinson Resigns

Score a win for the socialists. Kenneth Tomlinson had come to oversee PBS with the intention of clearing out some of the dismal liberal bias at the Proletariat Broadcast System. This was a grand and noble effort on his part to take on the left at their epicenter, but the brown shirts rebelled with a vengeance and has now emerged victorious. Forget neutrality or objectivity at PBS; the leftist intelligentsia remains in power at the taxpayers expense.

Yassir Sharon Capitulates Again

Sharon in September: "We will never agree that this terrorist organization, this armed terrorist organization, will participate in the elections."

Sharon today: "Never mind."

It is once again clear that Sharon's body has been possessed by the spirit of Yassir Arafat, as yet another cowardly gift has been mystifyingly handed to moslem terrorists seeking to destroy Israel. For some mindboggling reason, after meeting with Condi Rice, Sharon has decided that it is really an "internal Palestinian matter" rather than the creation of a terrorist state. In the wake of Sharon's expulsion things just keep going from bad to worse.

Moslem Rioting in France Hits Week 2

Ahhh...the French now reap what they sew. Nice to see that these Euro dhimmis, who arrogantly thought that the moslem filth would be so impressed with their "good will gestures" and "enlightened socialist culture" they'd just drop islam and westernize, now get exactly what they asked for: ISLAMIC HELL.

As we speak, Paris is consumed in flames, women and children are being killed, and the police are being overrun. Moslem youth are calling for the jihad to take over France and create an islamic state. We knew this was coming, gang, but even MZ is surprised to see the free fall of France into moslem domination begin this soon. I figured it would take another 10-15 years before the power challenge would begin to take place...but, it is here and now.

How soon until they beg for US intervention?

Good Shabbos!


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Remembering Ghandi

Though I'm certain many of you have never heard of him, if there is one Zionist visionary whom the Madzionist reveres more than any other it would be the late, great Rehavam Ze'evi, or "Ghandi" as many affectionately called him. It now marks four years since Ze'evi was shot dead in a Jerusalem hotel by, you guessed it, terrorist moslems, on Oct. 17th, 2001.

So, who was this man that the Madzionist looks up to with such deep reverence? Born in Jerusalem in 1926, Ze'evi was a seventh generation sabra (native Israeli) who went on to have a great military career, retiring as the Commander of Central Command in 1973 with the rank of Major General.

He next served as terror advisor to PM Yitzhak Rabin, then became the Prime Minister of Intelligence, and later the director of the Land of Israel Museum in Tel-Aviv.

But what he is best remembered for was his plan calling for the population transfer of all the 'Palestinians' out of Gaza, Judea and Samaria and into Jordan as the only viable solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict. As we can see today, Ghandi was indeed a visionary because instead of moving the moslems out of Israel, as he insisted must be done, we've instead seen the dark reality of population transfer used against the Jews as an act of capitulation by Yassir Sharon's appeasement government.

Obviously known as a fierce nationalist who did not hesitate to stand up to Arab MK's in the Knesset, Ze'evi was also was admired by many of his political enemies for his kind and honest ways and love of Eretz Yisroel.

Unfortunately, he is often mistaken by those less familiar with Israeli politics for the more radical Meir Kahane, who was himself assassinated by moslems in 1990. Kahane was an advocate of pan-Israel expansion beyond her borders, and had a virtually genocidal strategy against Arabs and secularist Jews.

Ze'evi was not such a man. To be sure, he wanted the Arabs out of Israel to make The Land whole again, and leftist Jews certainly had big problems with this viewpoint, but Ghandi knew it was the only way for real peace to exist in The Land, and, as we all can see today, he's been proven to be absolutely right.

His legacy lives on with the National Union Party and his successor Benny Elon. Elon has himself proven to be a great man in his own right, and has formed Ze'evi's prophetic population transfer vision into a plan called the Right Road to Peace.

Today, Ghandi's National Union Party is stronger than ever, comprising 9 MK's compared to 3 at the time of his assassination. Ze'evi was in fact memorialized yesterday in a special ceremony attended by knesset members friend and foe alike. Among those who spoke were PM Sharon, Bibi Netanyahu, Benny Elon, Tommy Lapid, Ruby Rivlin and many others.

He may be gone, but his greatness lives on -- though perhaps not as famously to those less familiar with the inner workings of Israel. God willing, his vision will become a reality that all of us will celebrate soon and in our days.