Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Moslem Cleric Calls for Revenge Against Britain on PA TV

This story is exactly why Israel cannot just hand over the keys to Gaza and say "here you go, HAMAS, she's yours now. Why don't you aim her right for our head."

It is pure folly for anyone to say giving these animals their own terrorist state on Israel's border is good for peace.


Oprah: Love and Terror

Oprah is simply doing what famous liberals enjoy most: appeasing terrorists. She certainly has incredible sympathy for terrorist girls who plan to blow up innocent Jews, and this putrid report by David France clearly reflects that mindset. Not that I ever needed an excuse not to watch her moronic show or buy her narcissistic magazine, but now I will be enthusiastically boycotting anything Oprah from here on out.


Saudis Destroy Bibles

As we all know, the Moslem world openly treats other religions as infidel garbage that must be annihilated. The Newsweek story about American interrogators throwing Koran's in the toilet may in fact have been bogus, but I actually wish it were true. IslamoNazis use that book as their free pass to kill anyone who disagrees with their bigoted views. As far as the MadZionist is concerned, we here in America are way too worried about offending Moslems, and not nearly concerned enough about their criminal, homicidal, genocidal religion.

We are in a true war of civilization, people. For us to truly prevail the enemy must be utterly defeated, and any and all tactics necessary to accomplishing our victory must be implemented. Whatever it takes -- political correctness be damned -- is what must be done if we are to
destroy the raging, festering IsalmoNazi threat to the civilized world.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Conservative Rabbis Honor Who??

Seminary honors Columbia prez

The Conservative movement’s rabbinical seminary honored the embattled president of Columbia University.

The Jewish Theological Seminary, at its commencement Thursday, gave Lee Bollinger an honorary doctorate for his “robust leadership of Columbia.” Some Jewish activists have criticized Bollinger for displaying a lack of courage in responding to pro-Israel students’ complaints of harassment.

Oh...Pahlease. Bollinger all but french kissed the Arabist, anti-Semitic Middle East Studies department at Columbia after they became a national story by releasing the vile, Jew hating film, Columbia Unbecoming. This was pure anti-Semitism and is consistant with what The David Project, a grassroots organization revealing gross examples of anti-Semitism at Columbia, has been pointing out since Sept. 11th, 2001.

That the "Conservative" movement Rabbis would honor the same man who put on his blinders and denied any anti-Semitism exists at Columbia, just further proves the Conservative Jewish movement is as self-Loathing and leftist as they come. I reject these "Rabbis" and consider them complicit to anti-Semitism.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Israel: One of Three Labor Members is Arab

Israel: One of Every Three Labor Members is Arab

Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Five candidates vying for Labor Party leadership submitted their candidacy at the party's Tel Aviv headquarters. Party leaders are in shock at the fact that Arabs comprise 1/3 of its membership."

Well, well, well... Is anybody really surprised to see this? The Left in Israel is so anxious to sell out the State of Israel to the Arabs it only makes sense that more and more Arabs would sign up for Party membership.

What I find particularly interesting is the shaky notion that the majority of Israelis want the Gaza Expulsion to take place. The margin is shrinking all the time (latest report, 54% favor retreat, while previous survey showed 61%), and does NOT separate Jews from Arabs in the survey. If one assumes that virtually all Arabs want the expulsion, I wonder what the statistic would be if it were performed with only Jews polled?

The fact is, Labor is essentially a lost party from a Jewish perspective, and now must rely on Arab support to stay relevant politically.

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