Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Amona Rabbi Sends Message

The Jews of Amona are digging in against the secular dhimmis of the Israeli concessionist government who wish to destroy them.

Arutz Sheva reports:

The rabbi of Amona, Rabbi Yair Frank, gave a spiritual pep talk to many of the assembled protestors at Amona early this afternoon. "This is not a struggle only for the nine houses that the government wants to destroy," he said, "and not only for Amona. It is rather a struggle against the beginning of the Disengagement from all of Judea and Samaria."

"We understand now that when they talk of Disengagement, they mean first and foremost a disengagement from G-d and from the Torah and its commandments. The fight here in Amona is part of the struggle for the spiritual floor in the construction of the Land of Israel."

May God be with the Jews of Judea and Samaria.


Alito not filibustered

Alito is all but confirmed. The senate has voted to not filibuster and now we are just awaiting the formality of the vote. Kennedy, Kerry, and other communists in the Democrat party tried to rally a cabal of leftists to filibuster Alito, but, ultimately, only managed to score 25 votes for their cause.

Pardon me while I say, BA-HA-HA!! WE WIN!!

Now, let's take a looong hard look at affirmative action, shall we? Can you say, buh-bye reverse discrimination? Oh, what about partial birth abortion, you ask? Yeah, it's about to be illegal. Um, euthanasia? Not bloody likely. Death penalty? Under God? It's all good. Gay marriage? Sorry pretty boys and butchy girls, but soon those marriage certificates you got won't be worth the paper they were written on.

Yes, it is good news indeed.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Jewish Nationalists Fight Back

The religious Zionists are not going to go down without a fight this time. Unlike the peaceful, easy expulsion the IDF enjoyed in Gaza, things will get real, real nasty if and when the Israeli concessionist government attempts to have the Jews of Judea and Samaria ethnically cleansed.

This from Arutz Sheva:

The phenomenon intensified this evening with hundreds of youth seen at any given time lining the roads from Jerusalem to Ofra/Amona waiting to hitch rides.

The town of Ofra, adjacent to Amona, has turned its many educational institutions and public buildings into dining and sleeping facilities for the estimated ten thousand youth who have already arrived there. At present, popular Jewish rock singer Aharon Razael is giving a concert atop the hill of Amona."

I have never seen this many people in Ofra ever," said Ofra resident Rachel. "Everywhere you turn, there are packs of youth and activists walking in different directions, setting up to spend the night. There is a steady flow of cars entering the town from all over the country even at this late hour."
Amona, of course, has been scheduled for demolition this week by concessionist Israeli PM Ehud Ohlmert. The reason? Nine new homes were built on the settlement which the Israeli left has ordered frozen to any further expansion.

The war for Israel's survival will ultimately not be fought against Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah, or any other filthy moslem terror organization. Nope. The war will be fought between the secular concessionists on the left and the religious Zionists on the right, because we are quickly seeing that the Land ain't big enough for the both of them to co-exist, and there can only be one path or the other which may be followed.

The Left wants to give up land and consolidate Israel into ever shrinking pockets of liberal Jews. They are banking on the arabs moderating at some point, ultimately being satisfied with a nation of Tel Aviv where gay/lesbian/transgender Jews can publicly display their deviant sexuality in peace.

The right just wants to go about expelling the dirty islamic scum from Eretz Yisroel and establishing an Israel based on Torah, mitzvos, and a Jewish lifestyle. God willing, they will succeed in this rightous mission, and all of us will benefit from these modern day Maccabes making Israel good in God's eyes once again.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hamas demands Israel change their flag

It is my contention that Hamas will increasingly be dressed up by the liberals to be a moderate and reasonable organization that just wants to end "Palestinian" corruption and help the poor. In fact, I saw Jimmy Carter on TV today practically endorsing them as a benevolent society that is simply misunderstood by us rubes in the west. He said the "Palestinian" people who elected Hamas don't want Israel destroyed, rather, they just like the fact that they won't let Israel disrespect and humiliate them like the Jews did to Abbas before.

Plus, of course, he noticed how Hamas does so wonderfully at providing the poor with much needed aid and comfort. He even suggested that it would be inhumane to cut off the humanitarian aid since Hamas just wants to feed the hungry. Besides, if Bush cuts off the funds it will only (yes, you guessed it) inflame the Arab street and cause the radicals to become more empowered.

It's probably only a matter of time before Israel responds to Hamas with the usual capitulations and "good will gestures" in a pathetic effort to win their friendship. Perhaps this will be the next concession?

(IsraelNN.com) Hamas spokesman Mahmoud Zahar issued a demand Sunday evening that Israel remove the stripes from its flag."Israel must remove the two blue stripes from its national flag", Zahar said. "The stripes are symbols of occupation – they signify Israel's borders, stretching from the River Euphrates to the River Nile."

The Hamas official's comments followed Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz's assessment at the weekly Cabinet meeting that the newly elected terror group was "acting responsibly so far."Zahar also told CNN's Late Edition that the world should not be asking Hamas to recognize Israel, but rather demanding that the Jewish State recognize that Muslims are the "owners of the land."

Hmmm...I bet some in the left will be agreeing to the new flag demand soon enough. The Jewish State will be destroyed by the left if the right doesn't somehow come through in the next elections.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

In Hamastan's wake

So, now what?

Israel is turned upside down today in the wake of Hamas' victory in the PaleSatan elections, so anything is possible right now in the always complex, ever-changing political spectrum in the Land. Too early to tell for sure, of course, but the smart money says the shift in the political wind will blow way to the right of Sharon's concessionist movement that brought upon the horrible Gaza expulsions.

You see, as much as liberal Israeli Jews despise religious Zionists and nationalists, they are still a little nervous right now that the moslem terrorists have become a very serious, powerful threat which could lead to serious Jewish bloodshed in the very near future.

After all, even the self-loathers, as anti-Zionist as they may be, still would prefer not to be killed (for the most part) and the fact that a genocidal terror organization now officially represents the "Palestinians", whom the left has so adorned with affection, may shake even the most liberal Jews to temporarily support a strong Israel for their safety and protection. Remember, these people may be cowards and fools but they still want to avoid being put in islamic concentration camps if at all possible.

My hope is that the right wing government that emerges is one comprised of true nationalists, not corrupt opportunists looking to score political gain. What I mean is some Benny Elon, Moshe Feiglin, National Union, hardcore, expel-the-filthy-Palestinian-scum NATIONALISTS to get 'er done. If they turn to pragmatic concessionists in Kadima or Likud it will simply spiral right back down Capitulation Road in no time.

Of course, I am not dillusional enough to believe a Benny Elon led government is a possibility, not by a long shot, but his party should have the biggest Israeli political gain from the Hamas victory, and his vision ought to gather enough momentum to make a real impact in the composition of the next knesset.

I do not believe any of the polls that have shown Kadima being a runaway winner in the March elections. The polls in Israel are ALWAYS wrong and ALWAYS wrong in the direction favoring the left. I suspect Likud and the morally bankrupt Bibi Netanyahu will ultimately carry the day as a result of the win by Hamas, but that won't mean they will be able to avoid answering to the nationalists if they want to stay in power.

Meanwhile, in the short term, we must pray that somehow the nationalist Jews, who are being persecuted by both Arabs and the liberal Israeli government, can somehow come out of this turmoil in one piece. We'll see how it plays out.

Remember, the left still hates the religious Zionists and will surely scapegoat the yarmulke Jew for Hamas taking over. Trouble is still lurking and a wild ride still lies ahead.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Moslems say yes to Hamas

Almost 50% of the moslems in Judea & Samaria, who, as we know, are the object of overwhelming sympathy from liberals who claim these vermin are really snuggly, lovable, innocent lambs being cruelly persecuted by the Jews, have just voted for the terrorist organization of Hamas to lead them politically.

The rest voted for the Fatah party, which is the political wing of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorist organization.
YNet News - An exit poll conducted by Bir Zeit University shows ruling Fatah leading the vote by securing 63 parliamentary seats as opposed to 58 for rival Hamas. The poll showed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine winning 2 seats. (Ali Waked)
I'm finding myself becoming more and more ambivalent towards the liberal State of Israel. Watching the leftist majority seek to wipe out religious Jews from the Land is making me wonder if it's worth having modern Israel exist at all.

Perhaps the Hareidi were right all along. Maybe the Jews indeed will not be ready to ascend to the Land until after the coming of Moshiach. I hope the religious Zionists can somehow overcome the self-loathing Jews who seek to eradicate them from the face of the earth. Only God knows the answers at this point.


Olmert: Jews have no right to live in Palestinian land

The end of the Jewish State as we knew it lies before us. What will rise up in its ashes remains to be seen. Time will tell whether or not religious Zionism will survive the terrible destruction that looms from the secular left.

Arutz Sheva - Acting PM Olmert told the Herzliya Conference: "We cannot rule over areas with a Palestinian population." MK Eldad: "By that logic, we'll have to soon leave the Galilee."

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, speaking Tuesday night at the closing session of the prestigious Herzliya Conference, outlined his view of the Israeli-Arab conflict. The new chairman of the Kadima Party essentially said he sees no future for a Jewish Yesha (Judea and Samaria).With the national elections only two months away, the Likud and Labor Parties were quick to point out what they felt were the deficiencies in Olmert's speech.

Labor's Yitzchak Herzog said Olmert had "merely downloaded Labor's platform from the internet, leaving out the social issues."

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said afterwards, "Olmert's speech is the beginning of the end of the State of Israel... If we cannot live in areas where what he calls 'Palestinian' population lives, then we will quickly have to part from the Galilee, the Triangle [Um el-Fahm], and the Negev, and the division of Jerusalem is just around the corner. Olmert will be able to say: 'In Herzliya, I destroyed the Jewish State.'"

Taking sharp aim at the population of Judea and Samaria, Olmert said, "The Government of Israel will not be deterred by any threat of a law-breaking minority... I have instructed the security forces to raze all the unauthorized outposts in Judea and Samaria."

The idea that Jews living in Judea are considered a criminal element simply because they are Jewish is virulently anti-Semitic, yet because it is being declared by Jews (albeit self-loathing) the world considers it "progress". There is a big change in the air, an air of rebellion, an air of Jewish civil war, and a battle for the very heart of a Jew's right to live in the Land of Israel. The next few months will mark the beginning of the next Maccabean War, with the Hellenized Jews in power seeking to exterminate the religious Zionists at all costs.

We'll see how it plays out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Red Cindy's Hate America Tour hits the Banana Republic

The lovely and talented Cindy Sheehan just keeps on truckin' to any communist that will listen. Now the quisling buffoon is in Venezuela blowing kisses to Chavez. This hideous woman should never be allowed to return to America again for her subversive activities.
Worldnet Daily - Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan, mother of a US soldier killed in Iraq, joined more than 10,000 anti-globalization activists in Caracas, where she hailed Venezuela's leftist President Hugo Chavez.

"I admire him for his resolve against my government and its meddling," said Sheehan, who gained notoriety when she camped outside US President George W. Bush's ranch last year to protest the Iraq war. She said she hoped to meet Chavez later in the week.

Sheehan was among more than 10,000 people from across the Americas who took to the streets of the Venezuelan capital Tuesday in an anti-war protest that launched the six-day Caracas World Social Forum (WSF).

My government should not meddle anywhere, the "peace mom" told AFP during the march, which was marked by anti-Bush slogans. "We must stop the Iraq war, we must not let it happen again," said Sheehan, who has been arrested at least twice while demonstrating outside the White House.

Tuesday's march ended outside the armed forces headquarters, on an avenue usually reserved for military parades. "It's a peace route now," Sheehan said.

Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq on April 4, 2004, said she would remain in Caracas until the WSF concludes on Sunday, and would address participants on several occasions. She said Venezuela's foreign ministry sponsored her visit.

Jewish civilians to be expelled next week

Israel is getting ready to destroy the Jews of Hevron to appease the moslems.

ArutzSheva News - IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Wednesday that the IDF will destroy the Jewish community of Amona next week.

Halutz did not set a date for expelling the Jewish residents living in the Hevron market, though that action is expected to take place by February 15.Amona, a small village overlooking and east of Ofrah, 15 miles north of Jerusalem, was ordered destroyed by Israel’s High Court of Justice by the end of January. The order was issued after the court ruled in favor of a petition filed by Peace Now that claimed that the town was built on private Arab land. No Arabs, however, have filed legal claims against construction of the town.

Halutz told the Knesset committee that the IDF would destroy Amona in the same way it operated to destroy 25 Jewish communities in Gaza and northern Samaria last August. Close to 10,000 Jews were forcibly expelled from their homes in that operation. Many of those Jews still lack permanent housing, and many who lost their jobs in their communities are still unemployed.

Unlike the Gaza Disengagement, however, residents of Amona will receive no compensation for the homes they built in the community, and are not entitled to government aid of any kind in order to relocate. Families who took out mortgages to pay for their homes will be legally obligated to repay their loans even after their houses are demolished.

Man, when I read that the Jews are being demolished by Jews at the behest of the moslems it makes me sick to my stomach. A day of reckoning is surely coming.

Carter wants the Jews out

Jimmy Carter is demanding Israel expel the Jews from Judea.

JTA - “You can’t have a Palestinian state living in peace and dignity if it is filled with Israeli settlements,” said the former president, who is in the region to help monitor Wednesday’s Palestinian Authority parliamentary elections.

Sadly, Israel is listening.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Michael Moore Fleeing to Bolivia?

Michael Moore is really pissed off at Canada. Apparently, the impending victory of the Conservative Party in this week's Canadian elections are causing great trauma for the tree hugging crowd.

Oh, I feel a tear welling up.

Worldnet News - Controversial American documentary filmmaker Michael Moore bemoaned an apparent right turn by liberal northern neighbor Canada in its upcoming general election.

"Oh, Canada -- you're not really going to elect a Conservative majority on Monday, are you? That's a joke, right? I know you have a great sense of humor, ... but this is no longer funny," Moore complained in a commentary on his website.

"First, you have the courage to stand against the war in Iraq -- and then you elect a prime minister who's for it. You declare gay people have equal rights -- and then you elect a man who says they don't," Moore moaned.

Conservatives led by Stephen Harper were ahead of Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals by a comfortable 10 to 12 points, polls showed Saturday, two days before Canadians go to the polls. In "Bowling for Columbine," his documentary on gun violence in the United States, Moore heads north to Canada to flee the rise of conservatism on US soil.

What will this mean for all those obnoxious quislings who fled to Canada after Bush won the last election? Poor dears just can't find a home.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Netanyahu to concede "land for peace"

I am really fed up with this guy being called a rightwinger. He's just a capitulationist coward who will sell out Jews to the moslems in a heartbeat if elected.
YNET NEWS - A peace agreement with the Palestinians will require Israel to cede territories it currently holds, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday evening in a speech designed to woo centrist voters.

"It's completely clear to me for that a peace agreement requires concessions on both sides, and will include conceding territory on our part, but I will never give up on security," Netanyahu said, speaking at the Herzliya Conference.

Oh, really? He will concede land to the moslems but NOT compromise security? BA-HA-HA! You are such a lying sack of ... oh, wait, there's more.
Continuing with his moderate tone, Netanyahu vowed to dismantle illegal West Bank outposts and reduce the number of roadblocks in order to boost Palestinian freedom of movement, "which is essential for the economy to develop"

"It's completely clear we won't be back to control Palestinian population centers, just as it's clear that our security zones do not include significant Palestinian population," he said.

Oh, is this Shimon Peres speaking? Maybe the Peace Now Meretz party giving a speech to the pacifists who want to make Israel bi-national? No! It's that "far right" Likud leader Benyamin Netanyahu, of course!

Give me a break. I look at Labor, Likud and Kadima and can't tell which is which anymore.


Israel vs The Jews

First this happens...
TEL AVIV, Jan 19 (Reuters) - A Palestinian suicide bomber wounded 30 people in Tel Aviv on Thursday, raising tensions six days before a Palestinian election and confronting interim Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with a major test.

The bombing at a popular sandwich stand was the first in Israel since Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was incapacitated by a massive stroke on Jan. 4 and could put pressure on Olmert to exact harsh reprisals in the Palestinian territories.

Then the leftwing Israeli government responds like this...

ARUTZ SHEVA NEWS - Police Chief Moshe Karadi refused to rule out the use of live fire in the confrontation over the eviction of the residents of Hevron's Shalhevet neighborhood. "No more mixed messages," he said.

Interviewed on Israel's Channel 2 television Saturday, Police Chief Karadi said, "The eviction will be carried out in any event - calmly or by force." When asked if the police was prepared to use live weapons fire during the evictions, Karadi replied: "I hope not, but as the person responsible for professional operations, I cannot afford to rule out that assumption. From now on, there will be no more mixed messages. From now on, there will be unequivocal enforcement of the law."

So, Jews are blown up by "Palestinian" terrorists and the Israeli government and police decides it's time to shoot live ammo at any Jewish civilians that resist being ethnically cleansed from Hevron. Now, tell me, are any of you beginning to see what the problem is here?

Yes, it's liberalism.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jimmy Carter endorses Hamas

Hmmm...a prominent liberal has befriended Hamas and thinks Israel was created by terrorist Jews. In other shocking news today, the sun reportedly rose in the east and set in the west.

Newsmax reports:
Interviewed Friday, Carter said that although Hamas were "so-called terrorists," so far "there have been no complaints of corruption against [their] elected officials."

In quotes reported by the Jerusalem Post, Carter did concede that "there is an element within Hamas who deny Israel's right to exist."

Citing his own negotiations with Palestinian Liberation Organization chief Yassir Arafat, however, Carter said sometimes you have to learn to work with terrorists. At the time of Carter's Camp David Accords, the PLO was still outlawed as a terrorist organization.

The former president also invoked the example of former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin's membership in the Irgun, which Carter reminded "was also characterized as a terrorist organization."

Carter, who was a featured prime time speaker at the 2004 DNC and shared a booth with Micheal Moore, is the gift that just keeps on giving for Republicans. What's next Jimmy, Holocaust denial?


Friday, January 20, 2006

"He should be shot and pissed on"

Somethin's happenin' here. What it is ain't exactly clear. There's a judge with a gavel over there, tellin' me that freeing a child rapist is fair. I think it's time to stop child molesters, what's that sound, everybody look at injustice goin' round.

Disgusting news from the Halifax Herald:
A judge has sentenced a 60-year-old Lunenburg County man to a year of house arrest for molesting a six-year-old girl who called him Grampy.

Judge Anne Crawford also gave Russell Frank Hirtle of Robinsons Corner two years of probation.

The child’s mother, who let out a long, piercing scream and hid behind a reporter when she spotted Mr. Hirtle entering the courthouse, wasn’t buying that argument.

"He molested my baby and they want to say that’s OK," said the woman, who cannot be named because her daughter’s identity is banned from publication.

"There is no justice."

She had an alternative suggestion for sentencing: "He should be shot and p----d on."
The little girl’s mother found Mr. Hirtle undoing her daughter’s pants last July in the chicken coop behind his home, where they had gone to check for eggs.

"I heard a blood-curdling cry from my daughter and I went running," said the 39-year-old woman.

When the distraught mom asked what was going on, Mr. Hirtle confessed.

"He indicated, ‘I’m raping her,’ " Mr. Scovil said Wednesday.

The mother, who had long thought of Mr. Hirtle as a family friend even though they were not related, immediately called police.

The small, grey-haired mill worker who has a Grade 8 education told police he had been drinking heavily and couldn’t remember what happened.

"He indicated he’d never known the child to lie before," Mr. Scovil said.

"He sometimes has blackouts when drinking," Mr. Whynot said.

Mr. Hirtle pleaded guilty to the sexual assault, which included an incident from the summer of 2004 in which he remembered touching the girl’s groin through her clothing.

The charge is extremely serious, said Mr. Scovil. And if the mother hadn’t interrupted Mr. Hirtle, it could have been "even more serious."

A presentence report indicates Mr. Hirtle "consumes copious amounts of homemade rum," as much as a gallon of the hooch every week.

The Crown wanted the judge to order Mr. Hirtle to abstain from alcohol. But the defence argued his client may be an alcoholic and such an order would make breaching the conditional sentence almost inevitable.

"You’ve done things when you were drunk that you probably wouldn’t have done when you’re sober," said Judge Crawford, ordering Mr. Hirtle to cut back on his drinking at least enough to prevent future blackouts.

Judicial liberalism is the kiss of death for any society.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Leftist judge frees homosexual child rapist

What is happening to this country? A pack of wild, leftwing judges are running amok and it must be stopped.

Worldnetdaily Reports:

A former high school teacher who pleaded guilty to the homosexual rape of one of his teenage students will avoid jail time.

Gregory Pathiakis, 26, of Brockton, Mass., pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of rape of a child, enticement of a child under 16, five counts of possession of child pornography and one count of distribution of harmful material to a child, according to the Enterprise newspaper of Brockton, Mass.

Pathiakis, who quit his job after school officials questioned his extracurricular contact with students, was arrested in January 2004 after a 15-year-old boy told authorities the Middleboro High School teacher raped him Dec. 23, 2003.

Massacusetts Superior Court Chief Justice Suzanne Delvecchio Prosecutors asked
Brockton Superior Court Judge Suzanne V. Delvecchio to give Pathiakis four to eight years in state prison, followed by five years probation. But she issued a suspended, 2 1/2-year jail term, followed by five years probation.

WorldNetDaily reported, a judge in Vermont drew national outrage this month after giving an admitted child rapist a 60-day jail sentence.

Delvecchio, the first woman to be appointed chief justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, was honored in 2000 as the keynote speaker at the
Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Bar Association's annual dinner.

Please, someone fire this bimbo Judge before she gets somebody killed.


Bolton threatens to cut off US funding of UN

MZ loves John Bloton.
Bolton's letter also questioned whether the UN was permitted to use the body's dvertising budget, which is paid for by US taxpayers, to promote the 'Solidarity With Palestine' event where the map was displayed, when US law prohibits the funding of such events. The United States funds about a quarter of the UN's budget, including several UN budget allocations such as advertising. According to the Sun, Bolton threatened to cut off US funding of the UN if the body continued to fund and host anti-Israel events.

Imagine, the Democrats filibustered this man because he wasn't arabist enough for their liking. Why do Jews vote for Democrats 5 to 1 again? Oh, yeah, the self loathing thing.


BREAKING NEWS: Olmert declares war on Judea and Samaria

Ehud Olmert, Israel's acting PM, has declared war on the Jews of Judea and Samaria. It's the first Jewish civil war in over 2,500 years, and will surely be a spectacle that the world will never forget.

Arutz Sheva reports:

Israel's acting prime minister, MK Ehud Olmert, has declared war, not against Hamas or the Islamic Jihad, but against unauthorized Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Olmert, at a meeting Wednesday afternoon with security officials, ordered the IDF to draw up clear plans to prevent the creation of new outposts and to destroy existing ones.

Nearly every community in Judea and Samaria started as or engaged in building projects that were unauthorized at some stage. Israel's ambiguous policies with regard to the future of Judea and Samaria have been blamed for this trend, as various government coalition members and heads of government ministries worked for and against Jewish resettlement of Judea, Samaria and Gaza following the Six Day War.Olmert told the officials that until now the government has not acted with the necessary strength against the phenomenon "of illegal Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria."

Olmert said that the time has come to use overwhelming strength against the communities and instructed the Defense Minister to compile plans for uprooting outposts and declared that the significantly developed town of Amona near Ofra, would be destroyed in the coming days.

Olmert angrily called for the immediate expulsion of Jews from the Shalhevet marketplace area in Hevron.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said that she sees the onslaught against the outposts as "a conflict between settlers and the government in a struggle for supremacy."

MK Aryeh Eldad, head of the National Union's current-events team, in reaction to Olmert's statements said: "Olmert is inciting towards a civil-war as part of his election campaign. The issue [in Hevron] could be resolved through a legal compromise, but Olmert prefers to ignore this option in order to become the leader of the Left in the next elections."

I pray for the Jews of Judea and Samaria, as they will be facing an overwhelming force with only their faith and their hands to fight with. A sad, sad day has befallen Israel, and I fear the end of the Jewish State may be coming soon as a result of this civil war.

Yet, it's a war that apparantly must be faught: a war for the soul of Israel.


Abbas about to resign?

Seems that a holocaust denying terror apologist isn't radical enough for the so-called "Palestinians".

This from Arutz Sheva:
Maariv newspaper reports today, and Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman reported on January 4, that the PA Chairman, whose real name is Mahmoud Abbas, appears to be in a difficult emotional state.

European and American representatives who recently met with Abbas confirm the reports.The current diagnosis is that Abbas has lost control, as well as the confidence of those close to him, cancels meetings, and falls into depression from time to time. The Palestinian Authority, at least in Gaza, is close to total governmental collapse, the reports say.

Abu Mazen (Abbas) has already said that he will not seek another term as PA Chairman, a position to which he was elected only last year.He is not the only one in the PA who feels that his political days might be numbered. Many members of Fatah, the organization he heads and which formed the backbone of the original PLO, reportedly no longer see Abu Mazen as their leader.

Abu Mazen and Gaza strongman Muhammed Dahlan are barely on speaking terms, and Fatah fears that the coming elections will lead to a Hamas victory. Fatah is particularly upset at Abu Mazen's consent, in concert with the U.S., not to postpone the elections.

Why don't the moslems just nominate Olmert? He's trying to expel the Jews as much as Hamas is, and he has the IDF and Shin Bet at his disposal to get it done.

Monday, January 16, 2006

"God is mad at America"

Just imagine if Pat Robertson said this:

Mayor Ray Nagin suggested Monday that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and other storms were a sign that "God is mad at America" and at black communities, too, for tearing themselves apart with violence and political infighting.

"Surely God is mad at America. He sent us hurricane after hurricane after hurricane, and it's destroyed and put stress on this country," Nagin, who is black, said as he and other city leaders marked Martin Luther King Day.

"Surely he doesn't approve of us being in Iraq under false pretenses. But surely he is upset at black America also. We're not taking care of ourselves."

Nagin also promised that New Orleans will be a "chocolate" city again. Many of the city's black neighborhoods were heavily damaged by Katrina.

"It's time for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild New Orleans _ the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans," the mayor said. "This city will be a majority African American city. It's the way God wants it to be. You can't have New Orleans no other way. It wouldn't be New Orleans."
Ok, let's sit back and wait for the MSM 0utrage! Hello? Mainstream media? Are you paying attention? HELLLLOO!!!

Oh, I forgot; a black liberal has a free pass to say anything. Silly me. Pass the chocolate.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Israel's White Paper

Observing Israel being steadily pushed back by its grossly outgunned islamic enemy is a sad old story playing out again right before our eyes. The moslems are united behind the mission of completely eradicating the Jewish State and replacing it with a Moslem State, while the Jews are indecisive, ambivalent and passive about their fate.

This was also true before Israel came to be a recognized State in 1947 and the British stood in opposition to the settling Jews for pragmatic reasons: why inflame the crazy moslems when you can lean on the passive, outnumbered Jews who have no friends?

Today, except for a minority segment of Zionist Nationals, representing perhaps 25% of the total Israeli population, Jews are treating this as a game, willing to use their once beloved Land as bargaining chips to gain their real goal: tranquility.

Yet, is tranquility in and of itself really a worthy goal? If that's all one wants then that essentially means nothing else is worth fighting for. Give away your own mother if it makes your life easier. Give away your spouse, or your kids, or your house if it means less aggravation. Is this what a Jewish State really is about? Just a tool to use for bargaining away any adversity and inconvenience?

And if so, why should the Jewish State exist at all? Is there not ample tranquility for Jews in America? Do Jews need this plot of Land if it's only a real estate transaction being subdivided by opportunists for political expedience?

The moslems driven, hardline approach is such a stark contrast against Israel's wishy-washy pragmatism, and that was never more obvious than in a recent interview by Aaron Klein of Worldnet Daily with the PA's Al Aqsa Martyrs leader Abu Audai.

WND: Which West Bank towns can you currently strike with your rockets? Right now, can you reach Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

OUDAI: We will reach every point where there is Israeli occupation on our land. We will shoot these rockets as long as Israeli tanks and aircraft are killing our people and yes this includes Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but don't ask me where we shall shoot from next.

WND: When you talk about "our land," are you referring to the West Bank, or do you mean you will try to drive the Jews from all of Israel with your rockets?

OUDAI: Of course the whole thing [all of what you call Israel] is part of Palestine and we'll never give it up.
Now, compare this to the confused position by Israel on what the future borders should look like and what Israel's military mission is with regard to the rebel moslems, both from within and without, who seek its total destruction.

All three of Israel's top political parties - Likud, Labor and Kadima - are willing to make land concessions to the moslems and give them statehood, with only small differences over the semantics and details.

This belief among Israel's mainstream electorate that concession of territory to the moslems will ease Israel's burden is fascinating. The idea that one should divide one's own land and give it to the enemy with the hope that it will somehow make you safer and stronger as a result is very hard to believe, but it is happening right before ouir very eyes. Conquest by retreat, if you will.

Yet, there is nothing real to base these naive utopian dreams on. When the State of Israel came into existence it came from a willingness to settle Land that Jews claimed to be their own despite the hostile Arabs who stood in their way and despite being outnumbered. Jews kept settling and digging in with the understanding that this was not a move of practical convenience or luxury but of fulfilling a purely ideological mission at all costs.

Tranquility? That wasn't even on the map for those settlers, just as it is not a factor for today's. This was a life and death struggle for a cause that meant everything, and certainly nobody would have ever dreamed of giving away their homes and villages for the promise of stress reduction.

Today, those who settle in Judea or Samaria based on an ideological mission are reviled by the Israeli majority for being "religious zealots" or "extremists" despite the fact that they are in some ways a mirror reflection of the secular dreamers of long ago who stood for something bigger than political expedience and the promise of an easier path.

The old Leftwing Zionists are now the ones fat with power and have assumed the role the British held over the Jews years ago. Like that old British mandate of the White Paper that had banned Jews from coming to Israel and settling the land, the Jewish liberal elites of today are similarly banning the Jews from going to Judea, Samaria and Gaza for identical reasons: to appease the angry, violent moslems. The brave settlers are seen as disturbing the easy life. A thorn in the side of those wanting just to chill out and enjoy their coffee and pitas in peace.

Remember though, the mighty British no longer are in power over "Palestine" because the outnumbered Jewish settlers eventually won the day by standing strong in the face of adversity. This was no fluke, but the natural result of those who are driven by higher purpose against those in power just protecting their status quo.

Take heed from history's lessons, for the settlers and the nationalists who support them are not going to just go away in the face of long odds and high adversity. Their stomach for a fight is big, for the battle they wage is for everything, while the elites are just looking for the path of least resistance.

Just last week a settler group from Judea and Samaria proposed a plan to secede from Israel. Disregarding their mission might be a big mistake for those who are blinded by pragmatism.


Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Z

The Baby Zionist turns one on January 14th. She's been the joy of Mad and Mrs. Z's life since coming into the world, and we are only praying that she continue to be blessed by God with good health, happiness and only good things in year number two.

Shabbat Shalom.


Alito will be confirmed

Sorry libs, but despite Hairplug Biden and Fat Gut Chappekennedy's best efforts to smear a man 10 times better educated in law than they are, there is no doubt from pundits on both sides of the political spectrum that "Scalito" will be replacing O'Connor on the SCOTUS. This is huge, gang.

Mrs. Alito's tears were the final nail in the scumbag Democrat's coffin. They came away looking petty and cruel by almost all objective accounts.

My hat's off to President Bush for making the best choice possible after learning his lesson from the misguided selection of unqualified candidate Harriet Miers.

Oh, and to all the leftists out there who are now crying in their wine cooler lattes: SORRY, BUT YOU JUST LOST THE SUPREME COURT!

Come on...let me gloat just a little.


Jews for Judea stand tall

The Jews of Judea will not go down without a fight. God willing, they will succeed in repulsing the Israeli leftwing concessionists.

This from ArutzSheva:
JERUSALEM – A group led by residents of Judea and Samaria officially presented a plan yesterday calling for Jews in the area to secede from Israel and create their own autonomous Jewish entity, in part to head off the possibility of further unilateral Israeli withdrawals from the territory.

"Jews under any and all circumstances must remain in Judea and Samaria and take things into our own hands and not surrender," declared northern Samaria resident Yekutel Ben Yaacov, leader of the Judean Initiative.

The new movement seeks to create a sovereign Jewish authority that would govern itself independently according to Jewish law and provide its own security.

Judea and Samaria are referred to by some as the West Bank, the name coined for the area by Jordan after it annexed the territories in 1948 Ben Yaacov was speaking at a conference his group held yesterday at Jerusalem's Diplomat Hotel in which he laid out plans for the proposed Jewish authority. Several hundred Israelis were present in spite of strong rainstorms throughout the area.

The initiative aims to create the authority in any part of Judea and Samaria, even a small settlement, in hope of eventually ruling the entire territory, Ben Yaacov announced, explaining those who remain would provide for their own security.

"The fact that we are here speaking openly about this plan is a huge breakthrough," Ben Yaacov said. "We have crushed the psychological barriers and trampled on all the things the government tried to do so stop this conference."

Ben Yaacov deserves all our respect for taking on this enormous challenge to save Judea and Samaria from the ethnic cleansing we saw in Gaza. I envy the man's leadership, courage and conviction to stand up strong against virtually the entire world's anti-Jewish demands.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hajj Packers

Over 345 terrorists were killed today in a stampede of wild Meccan moslems. The great Religion of Peace was apparently concluding its Hajj pilgrimage ceremonies when the primitive beasts became panicked and stormed down the mountain to stone the devil.

According to hadith legend, papa mohammed was a rolling stone who was Running with the Devil when he declared, "Everybody must get stoned!"

In honor of this great tale of stupidity, moslems all around the world regularly refuse to shower, learn to read, get a job, tell the truth or contribute to society in any meaningful way.

The latest word out of Saudi Arabia is that the Jews were clearly responsible for spooking the islamic herd, thus another jihad was immediately declaired against Israel by the Grand Muffdiver of Arabia.


Red Cindy said WHAT??

I guess even a blind squirrel scrounges up a nut once in awhile. How about Communist subversive Cindy Sheehan, in an interview on her Death to America world tour stop in Ireland, blurting out this beauty of a quote.

And about Bill Clinton . . . You know, I really think he should have been impeached, but not for a blow job. His policies are responsible for killing more Iraqis than George Bush.
By jove I think she's got it! Of course, the rest of her interview was the usual hate America crap, but why not pluck out the one golden nugget in the dung heap?


Sharon left the right

A tremendously poignant column by Caroline B. Glick points out beautifully how Sharon did not at all redefine the political center in Israel (as so many pundits have suggested), rather he simply abandoned the right for the left sometime in late 2003 for reasons that still remain unknown. The folly of his leftwing slide to appeasement is already becoming obvious, even to those on the left (albeit begrudgingly).


"The myth of Sharon and his leadership is that over the past two years he redefined the center of Israeli politics. Charles Krauthammer claimed: "Sharon's genius was to seize upon and begin implementing a third way" (see below). Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Michael Oren argued that Sharon "began his political career on the left, swung keenly right, and concluded in the center." Other conservative commentators, like Peter Berkowitz at The Weekly Standard and James Taranto at The Wall Street Journal's online publication, have made identical and equally false arguments."

"It is true that Sharon restructured the political map of Israel over the past two years. But he did not do so by blazing a new path, with a new vision for Israeli politics, society and security. Sharon redefined Israel's political map by embracing the Israeli Left. And in so doing, as one top military official dolefully put it to me in November, "Sharon brought post-Zionism into the mainstream of Israeli public discourse."

"Until September 2000, when PLO chieftain Yasser Arafat began the Palestinian terror war against Israel, the Israeli Left claimed that the appeasement of the Palestinians had to be conducted in the course of negotiations with the PLO. After its resounding electoral defeat in 2001, the Left updated its policy. The new policy of the Left was the unilateral surrender of territory to the Palestinians."

"Like Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak before him, Sharon's political cachet was based on the public's perception of him as a security hawk and a patriot. What differentiated Sharon from Rabin and Barak was not so much his policies, but rather the fact that he came from the rightist Likud rather than the leftist Labor party."

"Rabin's adoption of the strategically catastrophic Oslo peace process with the PLO, and Barak's cataclysmically misguided peace offers to Arafat at Camp David and Taba, paved the way for the Palestinian terror war against Israel. These policies provided Israel's enemies with the military means, the territory and the political legitimacy necessary to carry out their war."

"Yet the demise of these policies did not leave Israelis without other options. In the 1996 elections, as in 2001 and 2003, Israelis turned to the Likud and the political Right for remedies. Indeed, in 2003 Sharon won his smashing victory for the Likud after militarily reentering the cities of Judea and Samaria to fight terror, and ridiculing the irresponsibility of Labor's proposed unilateral withdrawal from Gaza."

"And then Sharon — for reasons still unknown because Sharon himself refused to explain them — took a sharp leftward turn and adopted the very policies the Israeli electorate had just so resoundingly rejected."

"The large "centrist" faction Sharon is so hailed for having discovered is little more than a collection of leftists like Shimon Peres and Haim Ramon on the one hand, and opportunistic and non-ideological Likud members like acting premier Ehud Olmert and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni on the other. Sharon has left no coherent vision for the state other than Peres's: further surrender to Palestinian terrorism based on the expulsion of thousands upon thousands of Jews from their homes, in the vain hope that strengthening the enemy will lessen the costs of its war on Israel."

"WHATEVER the results of the coming post-Sharon elections may be, one thing is all but certain. Sharon's legacy of adopting the Left's vision of Israeli policy will eventually be abandoned. As was the case with Rabin and Barak before him, Sharon's adoption of the Left's view of Israel's security predicament, based as it is on false assumptions, will reach a point where its failure will no longer be deniable. When this occurs, Israeli voters will elect a rightist government. Hopefully when that happens, the Right will not be induced to repeat Sharon's mistakes."

Read it all.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jews assimilating away

In America, the number of Jews slipping away is staggering. Nearly 50% of all Jewish youth in this country are born to mixed-faith parents. If this keeps up there won't be much left of us in a few generations.

Ha'aretz is reporting (admittedly from the liberal perspective) how Jews on American college campuses overwhelmingly are willing to intermarry. Here are a few quotes from the article:

Hillel, The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life says Arauju's story is typical of many of the millennials, as her age group is known in the the United States. A recent study commissioned by Hillel among American Jewish college students revealed a complex picture: Students are prouder of their Judaism than ever before and want to preserve their Jewish identity, but they find nothing wrong with intermarriage.

Arauju was in Israel last week with a group of students who advocate for Israel on their campuses. Another group member, Romina Ruiz, 20, from Miami, is the daughter of a non-Jewish Cuban father and a Sephardic Jewish mother.

"Thirty percent of kids I go to school with are Jewish, but for most of them it doesn't mean anything," she says. "Some Jews head Palestinian rights groups, and when I ask them how that jives with their background, they say they were only born Jewish by chance."

This is a topic I try to stay away from, but this report bothered me. Fortunately, the Orthodox are doing their part, but the rest are indeed fading away. Also on the bright side, this means the politically conservative Orthodox Jews will make the Jewish voting bloc much more Republican in the years to come.

In Israel it's the same way regarding birth rates. The secular are not reproducing at all, while the religious are reproducing abundently. Perhaps someday the world's Jews will all Madzionists, eh?

Israel's War on Judea Continued

Hope you have a strong stomach, because reading this is enough to make you want to vomit.
Arutz-7's Ezra HaLevi reported from the scene at about 3:30 PM:

"The soldiers have just fired tear gas into the house here in Sde Boaz [just north of N'vei Daniel] in order to get people out, and there is serious violence going on here. The soldiers are just hitting anyone who's near the house or the soldiers; they push them, throw them down, hit them... Now I see them taking belongings out of the house, in preparation for the demolition."

At 4:00 PM, the house was totally razed, and the soldiers - and protestors - turned their attention to the foundations of another home, painstakingly built over the past weeks by a young man who had just become engaged. "The scene now is tremendously emotional and charged," HaLevi said, over the background of yelling and outcries. "The youths are locking arms and refusing to move, even though they face a strongly violent response. I don't know if it's the memories of the expulsion from Gush Katif, or maybe these are people who are seeing this for the first time, but the feelings here [over the destruction of Jewish property in the Land of Israel by Israeli soldiers] are very intense."

Asked earlier if the violence was mutual, HaLevi said, "The protestors were told in advance by the leaders here that violence is not our way, and the like... But there are certainly verbal provocations, and the soldiers just seem to be losing it [i.e., control of themselves]. They arrested the person who was serving as the leader, and then when someone else took over, they arrested him as well."

Asked how many people were present to protest, HaLevi said, "There have been hundreds throughout the day, and right now I would say that there are about 250. The weather has been totally crazy - first it was sunny, then rainy and windy and foggy, then it cleared up again, and now it has begun hailing very heavily.

We're atop the highest point in Gush Etzion..."There are more than 100 soldiers, he reported, but no females, "so many girls have been dragged by male soldiers."At the same time, IDF forces are also preparing to destroy houses in the Binyamin community of Amona next week, as well as in Hevron. The Amona destruction has been put on hold, however, at least until after a Supreme Court hearing on the issue next week.

In Hevron, eleven families fear a forced evacuation from their homes near the Avraham Avinu neighborhood. Land of Israel supporters from around the country have been asked to arrive at these two spots, in order to prevent the expulsions - both of which are seen to be test-cases in the expected battles over many Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria in the future.

This has got to stop. What the hell is the Israeli government doing using its troops to destroy Jewish lives? Isn't the job of the IDF to protect Jews not beat them up and bulldoze their homes? I can't believe this is happening.

Terrorists are being freed from jails, Jewish land is being given away to Hamas unconditionally, moslems who openly want Israel destroyed are serving in the Knesset, moslems in Jerusalem are being allowed to vote in "Palestinian" elections, but Jewish residents of Judea must be destroyed just because they aren't moslems?

Say it ain't so.


Israel's war against Judea

Israel's war against Judea. Unbelievable. I have no idea how anyone in the world can defend the actions of the concessionist Israeli government ordering peaceful Jews to be bulldozed and expelled from their homes simply because they are Jews living in Judea.

This is sick.
Residents of the community of Sde Boaz, twenty minutes south of Jerusalem, received less that 24 hours' notice that the Civil Administration, on orders from the government, planned to destroy a newly built house, the foundations of a large home and a large stable that were built over the summer. Border police, accompanied by a bulldozer and Civil Administration officials arrived at the small community of Sde Boaz early Wednesday morning, but were met by friends of the residents and Land of Israel activists, who stopped them in their tracks.

The forces succeeded in bulldozing a large stable, which Sde Boaz residents had built over the summer for their horses and donkeys. When the border and civil forces tried to bulldoze the home, protesters surrounded the building and declared that they would not budge. Civil Administration officials, who had claimed that the home was not populated and could therefore be destroyed without approval from a senior officer, entered the home to find a comfortable bachelor's "pad," replete with breakfast lying on the kitchen table.

They then turned their attention to the foundations of a home, built by a recently married resident of the community who serves as a company commander in the IDF reserves. Hundreds of local residents who had flocked to the community through fields and vineyards (police blocked the main access road) stood atop the foundations and refused to move, locking arms. Police responded with severe violence, but were soon ordered to stand down after commanders noticed the large number of press photographers on the scene.

Why, why, why, why? Why must Jews be expelled for no reason except to appease the moslems? Why aren't the terrorist moslems being expelled instead? This is madness.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ray Nanania: comedian, columnist and religious bigot

A second rate hack of a comedian who writes columns and lives in Chicago shouldn't attract much attention from me right? Oh, did I mention he's also a despicable arab bigot who hates Christians (and any evil Jews who support them) like poison?

The guy is a real piece of work. Here's some excerpts from his recent column in Ynetnews.

"Pat Robertson is typical of American racists who exploit the Arab-Israeli conflict for personal gain."

So, Robertson is a racist, huh? Well, let's see what else the pot-calling-the-kettle-black says, shall we?

"Their support sustains American foreign policy and conservative leaders like President Bush. In reality, Robertson and the Christian fundamentalists are worse than the Islamic extremists that they, Bush and other American conservatives constantly attack. Robertson is a Christian ayatollah. His equivalent of suicide bombing is his “suicide bombast.” I am certain that if Christian fundamentalists in America were to ever find themselves in the same situation as the Palestinians, for example, they would defend suicide bombing as a “justified” form of combat."
So, Christian fundamentalists are worse than islamic extremists? That's funny, I'm still waiting for the Christians to declare a jihad and strap on some suicide belts. And Robertson's sermons from the Bible are the equivalent of suicide bombings? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense to the families of victims of terror, I bet.

I especially love the part about how the Christians would be suicide bombers if they traded places with the Palestinians. Kind of like the way the Christians in Indonesia, the Sudan, Malasia, the Phillipines, Lebanon and, oh, wait a minute, Judea and Samaria!, are becoming extinct from moslem brutality without committing a single suicide bombing incident.

"Israelis might take pause because they often exploit Christian fundamentalism to strengthen their own ideological goals. The dirty, ugly secret of Israel’s embrace of the Christian Evangelical movement is that deep down, they know that Christian Evangelicals and fundamentalists are in fact more anti-Semitic than the Iranians. They may be the most anti-Semitic people on Earth."
"THEY", meaning the Christians, ARE THE MOST ANTI-SEMITIC PEOPLE ON EARTH?? BA-HA-HA!! Ok, so the biggest supporters of Israel and Jewish causes outside of the Jews are anti-Semitic, while the secular leftists who protest Israel's right to exist and are supportive of the terrorist moslem scum are the lovers of Jews and Israel. This is his comedy, maybe?
"Christian fundamentalism is built, somewhat, on a latent hatred of Jews. But they are not beyond exploiting Biblical prophecy to drive their own money machines, disguised as Christian ministries. They downplay their anti-Semitism and exploit the tragedy of the Arab-Israeli conflict. As far as Robertson is concerned, Palestinian Christians are no different from the Jews, except in terms of how they may be exploited. There is no benefit to Robertson and his Christian Evangelical Ayatollahs in defending the rights of Holy Land Christians. That’s why they sacrifice them on the altar of their own selfish fundamentalist cause."
Oh, so Robertson is anti-Christian now. This guy is a good: He's labeling Robertson a Christian loving Christian hater! Yeah, that's the ticket, Ray.

"The Jews, on the other hand, offer Robertson and the other Grand Muftis of the Christian fundamentalist movement a political opportunity to feed their supporters. Christian Fundamentalists need the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in order to build their flock of blind sheep. They do not want a Middle East peace. Everything they do is designed to prevent peace, including pressuring American administrations to pursue one-sided foreign policies that aggravate rather than resolve the Middle East conflict."
Ahhh... so now we see where Nanania's been going with this all along. He thinks that America, the "Great Satan", is not being nice enough to the terrorists. That we are being too "one sided" by not giving the criminals as much support as the civilians whom they seek to kill.

"Although the Christian Evangelists claim to pray for Judgment Day, they are the ones who should fear it most. Like all tyrants, demagogues and dictators, Christian fundamentalists do not practice what they preach. They don’t believe God will really come down to judge mankind. But they do know that the fear of that Judgment Day allows them to more easily control their followers and, more importantly, fill their pockets with more money and accumulate power."

So, if any of you believe that what you've read from this bigoted "Palestinian" pile of dirt is a wee bit offensive and prejudiced, he can be reached for your comments at: rayhanania@aol.com

I suggest you let him know exactly how you feel.


Liberal silence on deviant Judge Cashman


I just went to the Daily Kos, Huffington Post, My DD, and Talk Left, four big league leftwing blogs, and NONE of them has a single story or comment on Judge Edward Cashman and his freeing of a serial child rapist after a mere 60 days in jail. Searches on all those sites produced zero entries.

Now, make of it what you will, but it seems a bit odd to me that the liberal blogosphere has dedicated virtually their entire cyberworld to attacking Judge Alito's candidacy for the Supreme Court, yet nary a one is willing to say boo about the liberal Cashman letting a brutal child rapist run free because he "doesn't believe in punishment".

Clearly, the fact that the leftwing media is completely ignoring this - one of America's biggest news stories of the week - undeniably reveals tacit approval of Cashman's judicial actions, and shows us exactly what would happen to us if the Democrats were permitted to appoint a court in their own image.

Whether or not Bush has some flaws is not important. What matters is that our country must not be run by a dictatorship of activist liberals, and W's naming of Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court by itself makes him worthy of having him as our president. The well being of our society depends on a conservative white house and congress protecting us from the sick derelicts on the left who desperately seek to destroy America from the inside out.


Monday, January 09, 2006

She's baaaack

Save the Date.

On March 20th Andrea Yates, the cold blooded murderer of her own children who was exonerated by a liberal pile of shit appeals court in Texas, will begin standing trial again under a plea of NOT GUILTY by reason of postpartum irritability.
HOUSTON (AP) - Andrea Yates pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the drowning deaths of her children Monday as she made her first court appearance since her 2002 capital murder convictions were overturned.

State District Judge Belinda Hill set a March 20 trial date.

Yates, 41, will remain in the custody of the Harris County Sheriff's Department until she is retried for the deaths of three of her five children. Her attorney, George Parnham, had asked that Yates be sent to Rusk State Hospital until the new trial.

After Judge Cashman of Vermont let a repeat child rapist go free because he doesn't believe in punishing criminals it's certainly possible that another liberal activist judge could give her the key to the city of Houston.

Pardon me for being annoyed, but what the f#ck is this woman still doing alive?


Hajj Wisdom

The moslems have begun their annual Hajj to Mecca, and one of the biggest moments of this terrorist festival are the opening day speeches given by stinky jihadi scumbags. The following is my early favorite for Wretched Moslem Quote of the Year.
"The Muslim world has to get rid of the constant state of learning from others, and to rely on its own resources, aiming at scientific creativity."
Need I say more?


Alito hearings to begin today

The Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Alito begin today. The Dems are already threatening to filibuster. It should be very interesting to see what happens. MZ wants to know what you think. Will he be confirmed, yes or no?


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Israeli police raid Zionist leader

The Israeli police have raided the Zionist group led by Ben Yaacov, whom I just posted about here on Friday, which were planning to petition the Israeli government to allow Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria to secede from Israel before the Israeli government had an opportunity to expel them in future concessions to the moslems.

The police raid was clearly part of a growing internal war being waged in Israel by secular politicians against religious Zionists.

This from WorldnetDaily:

At the order of the Israeli Defense Forces, a joint taskforce consisting of 200-300 officers from the Israeli Police Authority and Shin Bet security services swooped down on the Kfar Tapuach settlement in northern Samaria and raided the offices of the initiative's leader, northern Samaria resident Yekutel Ben Yaacov. Computers and documents were confiscated and a kennel started by Ben Yaacov several years ago to train dogs to protect area settlements was closed down.

Simultaneously, Jerusalem police and Shin Bet agents raided a Jerusalem Internet café and a nearby apartment owned by Ben Yaacov. Four computers and stacks of documents were confiscated and four café employees were taken in for questioning.

Ben Yaacov was not arrested in the raid.

On Wednesday, Ben Yaacov is set to deliver his Initiative at a conference in Jerusalem's Old City. The plan aims to create the new Jewish authority in any part of Judea and Samaria, even a small settlement, in hopes of eventually ruling the entire territory, Ben Yaacov said.

Ben Yaacov's group, the Jewish Legion, was founded in 2001 to foster self-protection for Judea and Samaria communities plagued by terror attacks. His Judea Initiative is a new movement of the Legion not yet officially made public.

"We have been around for four years. Suddenly, they raid my offices three days before the conference to announce our initiative? The authorities are hysterical. They want to stop this initiative, but now they have succeeded in giving it a lot of publicity, so the conference, which doesn't violate any law, will go on and probably draw even bigger crowds," Ben Yaacov told WND.

Some of the other prominent examples of government hatred against the religious Zionists over the past couple months include:

  • Moshe Feiglin, the religious Zionist member of Likud who came in 3rd place in the party's primaries, essentially was forced to resign as a result of Likud leader Benyamin Netanyahu's efforts to ban him and his religious Zionist wing from the Likud party.
  • The expelled Gaza Jews remain largely homeless and eating in soup kitchens as the government continues to withhold their promised benefits.
  • The few Jews who remain in Hebron, only perhaps 8 families, are about to be expelled by force because, well, because they are observant Jews and the arabs want them out.
  • All three of Israel's top political parties, Likud, Labor and Kadima, have already announced their willingness to implement future expulsions of Jews from Judea & Samaria.
  • Religious Jewish military units have been told that since the Gaza expulsion they will no longer be permitted to serve together, as the concessionists view them as a threat to implementing future expulsions.
The rift that is now in Israel between the yarmulke Jew and the secular Jew has grown much deeper since Sharon abandoned the Settler movement. Hopefully, this brutal and unprovoked raid will blow up in their faces and make the movement's popularity grow.


Jewish population explodes in Judea and Samaria

The number of Jews living in Judea and Samaria beyond the pre-1967 borders has leaped to over 253,000 according to the latest official government survey. The previous population survey of Judea and Samaria, which was taken just prior to Sharon's ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria, listed the Jewish population of Judea & Samaria at just over 240,000.

This 4.8 percent jump in Jewish numbers represents the largest 4 month increase of the total Jewish population of the "West Bank" since the 6 Day War.

In fact, by all accounts the population of Jews is actually over 278, 000 because the Israeli government is not counting the Jews living in what they call "illegal outposts". Based on real numbers, therefore, the total Jewish population of the Land beyond the pre-1967 borders is rapidly catching the terrorist moslem population, which is still just under 1 million and holding.

Another factor in the population boom is that the Jews who live in Judea and Samaria are on the whole much more religious than their secular counterparts inside Green Line Israel, and therefore are reproducing at much higher numbers per capita.

Thus, based on a realistic appraisal of the Arab and Jewish population, Jews now make up about 30% of the population of Judea & Samaria and growing. Based on these trends, Jews will overtake the moslem population and become the majority outside the Green Line within the next 40 years.

What this also means is that despite Sharon's Inquisition, and all the other efforts by politicians to stop Jewish expansion in Judea and Samaria, the Jews are nonetheless doing their part to make all of the Land Jewish.

May I live long enough to see the day when the Jewish population realizes this reality, and the Arab minority is finally swept away from the Land of Israel once and for all.


Must Register To Comment

Sorry, but MZ has had it with the trolls who have unfortunately become more numerous and vile as the this website has grown.


Friday, January 06, 2006

"Fudgepack Mountain" leads potential gay sweep of film awards

I may never go to the movies again. First Broadway went and became an exclusively homosexual theme-show, and now Hollywood has predictably plummeted to the same same-sex depths, themselves.

Granted, we all know that the entertainment industry is almost entirely gay so we shouldn't be the least bit surprised by this, but, still, it is so sad to see the official end of our opportunity as conservatives to have a single safe avenue for mainstream entertainment outside of sports.

Here's a rundown of the SAG award nominations:

LOS ANGELES - This could be the year gay-themed films dominate Hollywood's awards season. The cowboys-in-love drama "Brokeback Mountain," a potential Academy Award front-runner, led nominees Thursday for film prizes from actors and directors unions, includingHeath Ledger, Michelle Williams, and Jake Gyllenhaal and Ang Lee.

Along with Ledger and Gyllenhaal, playing old sheepherding buddies who conceal a homosexual affair from their families, the Screen Actors Guild nominated Philip Seymour Hoffman for his role as gay author Truman Capote in "Capote" and Felicity Huffman for her gender-bending turn as a man preparing for sex-change surgery in "Transamerica."

Ang Lee, who directed "Brokeback Mountain," and Bennett Miller, who made "Capote," earned nominations for best filmmaker from the Directors Guild of America.

"Brokeback Mountain" and "Capote" also were nominated for best overall cast performance, along with "Good Night, and Good Luck," "Crash" and "Hustle & Flow", the story of a pimp and drug dealer forging a career as a rap singer.

Let's see, I can choose a liberal movie that sympathizes with moslem terrorists (Munich), or a liberal movie that sympathizes with homosexual cowboys (Fudgepack Mountain), or a liberal movie that sympathizes with transgenders (Transamerica), or a liberal movie that sympathizes with a gay writer (Capote), or I can see a movie that sympathizes with a drug dealing pimp rapper (Hustle and Flow).

Decisions, decisions...


Florida Supreme Court bans school vouchers

The left can't win at the ballot box so they rule by judicial dictatorship instead. Liberal judges in Florida just legislated away the popular, voter approved school voucher program, leaving thousands of high achieving minority students stuck at the dismal high schools they are at without the chance to move on to better schools.

Read this.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Jan. 6) - The Florida Supreme Court struck down a statewide voucher system Thursday that allowed children to attend private schools at taxpayer expense - a program Gov. Jeb Bush considered one of his proudest achievements. It was the nation's first statewide voucher program.

In a 5-2 ruling, the high court said the program undermines the public schools and violates the Florida Constitution's requirement of a uniform system of free public education.

Bottom line: the left wants the poor kept poor.


Judge gives rehab to brutal, repeat child rapist

Judge Edward Cashman from Vermont is a lowlife piece of shit.

Claiming he no longer believes in punishment, a Vermont judge issued a 60-day sentence to a man who confessed to repeatedly raping a girl over a four-year period, beginning when she was 7 years old.

"The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn't solve anything. It just corrodes your soul," Cashman told a packed Burlington courtroom made up mostly of people related to the victim.

Cashman said he wants to make sure Hulett gets sex-offender treatment.

Cashman, therefore, issued a 60-day sentence and ordered Hulett to complete sex-treatment when he gets out or face a possible life sentence.

The judge said that when he began 25 years ago, he handed down tough sentences but now believes "it accomplishes nothing of value."

"It doesn't make anything better; it costs us a lot of money; we create a lot of expectation, and we feed on anger," Cashman explained to the people in the court, WCAX reported.

I no longer find liberals to be a misguided group of do-gooders. I instead view their ideology as the human manifestation of pure evil, and my burning hatred for the left is now rivaled only by my deep loathing for islam. No wonder these two suicidal ideologies have formed an unholy alliance.


Jews in Judea and Samaria to secede from the State of Israel?

I've heard a bit about this movement for awhile now, and, while it seems impossibly remote that it could actually happen, I personally believe it is an excellent idea. It would allow for a secular Jewish State to exist side-by-side with a religious Jewish State. No more religious tension amoung Jews in the Land! Meanwhile, the moslems can just go to...

Here's a few excerpts from the report.

JERUSALEM – A new movement is set to be presented next week by residents of Judea and Samaria calling for Jews there to secede from Israel and create their own autonomous Jewish entity in part to head off the possibility of further unilateral Israeli withdrawals from the area, WND has learned.

The Judea Initiative, led by northern Samaria resident Yekutel Ben Yaacov, is seeking to gather signatures from Judea and Samaria's nearly 200,000 Jews for a manifesto declaring the creation of a sovereign Jewish authority that would govern itself independently according to Jewish law and would provide its own security.

"We can't sit around and wait until Israel sends the bulldozers to take down Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria before attempting to counter the next Israeli withdrawal. We are acting now so we can retain our rightful biblical heritage," Ben Yaacov told WND.

Like I said, we'll see if this initiative goes anywhere. I have serious doubts about it becoming a reality anytime soon, but who knows?


Pat Robertson comments on Sharon

What do you all think of these words from Pat Robertson?

“He was dividing God's land and I would say woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the EU, the United Nations, or the United States of America," Robertson said on his television program, “The 700 Club," Broadcast from his Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach. “God says 'this land belongs to me. You better leave it alone.’”

Robertson said that he had personally prayed about a year ago with Sharon, whom he called “a very tender-hearted man and a good friend." He said he was sad to see Sharon in this condition.

Look, I am not one to celebrate the demise of a man who for most of his life did so much good for the Jewish people and the State of Israel. That said, these comments from Robertson seem very reasonable, respectful and biblically accurate despite what the leftwing media is saying. At least that's how I see it. I'd like to hear your thoughts.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Doctors: Sharon's return to office impossible

Though he's still alive as of this writing, Mr. Sharon's tenure as the State of Israel's Prime Minister is now finished. Sharon's doctors confirmed this news in an announcement a few minutes ago, saying that his return to office will be "impossible".

Sharon, who last night suffered a massive stroke and severe brain hemorrhaging, is still unconscious and paralyzed on the right side of his body as of this writing. He will remain completely completely sedated for another 24-48 hours, though his heart is beating independently.

Ehud Olmert, Sharon's closest political ally and second in command, has taken the oath of office in Sharon's absence. What will become of the Kadima Party which Sharon formed last month remains uncertain.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Update: Sharon in surgical coma

9:00am, 1/5/2005

According to Arutz Sheva News, Sharon is in a surgically induced coma to maintain low cranial pressure. The situation remains very grave.




Ynet is now reporting that Sharon is out of surgery. No other details have been released other than he is still alive.




Reports are not good for Sharon. This from YnetNews.

Dramatic announcement: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is suffering from a massive brain hemorrhage and is undergoing major surgery, Hadassah Ein Kerem Deputy Director Shmuel Shapira announced Wednesday night.

Senior health officials said Sharon's condition was life-threatening.

I'll keep you posted throughout the night.


Vote for Momma terrorist

I never show full articles in my posts here at Madzionist Blogoff but I made an exception for this from WorldNetDaily..

In an insightful television interview, a Palestinian legislative candidate told why her Islamic faith required her to sacrifice three of her sons to terrorist operations and why she believes there are no prohibitions against killing civilians until the Jews are completely banished from Israel.

Mariam Farhat's interview, which aired Dec. 21 on Egypt's Dream2 TV, can be seen here, with a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute. , which described her in the caption as the "mother of three Palestinian martyrs." She was giving a speech during a celebration in Damascus, Syria, of the 18th anniversary of the foundation of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Farhat is one of around 66 candidates for Hamas in the group's first campaign for parliament. Last week, the terrorist group swept local elections in West Bank cities.

Reuters said her family's "militant record" makes her popular with many Palestinians, but the European Union and the U.S. House of Representatives have both threatened to curb aid to the Palestinian Authority if Hamas wins.

Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the creation of a single Islamic state.

In the TV interview, Farhat said she prepared all of her sons "for jihad for the sake of Allah, whether by carrying out an attack, or by any other form of jihad. I prepared myself for this. He who chooses a difficult road must be ready to bear the consequences."

"Some people may consider this a tragedy, but by Allah, it is a blessing," she said.

"Allah be praised," she continued, her son Muhammad's martyrdom was "one of the most successful operations of the first and second intifadas."

Muhammad broke into a military academy, Farhat said, and "Allah be praised, there were many casualties. About 10 soldiers [were killed], but Israeli radio always conceals the [true number of] casualties.

"The operation was very successful, Allah be praised. Ten soldiers were killed and 23 injured."

Umm Nidal Farhat with pictures honoring sons who died while carrying out terrorist attacks.

Responding to a question, Farhat said she was sad about losing her son, but considered it a "blessing, not a tragedy."

"I prepared boxes of halva and chocolates, and handed them out to his friends," she said.

The interviewer then asked: "Excuse me, Umm Nidal, but in the West ... they don't understand how a Palestinian mother can rejoice at her son's funeral, and can say 'Allah Akbar' (Allah is greatest) when she hears that he was martyred. ..."

Farhat replied: "They are completely detached from Islam and its concepts. But we, Allah be praised, are devout Muslims. In these matters, there is a big difference between us and them. They do not understand what Islam is. ..."

Interviewer: "But human beings are all the same. Our Lord created one kind of Man."

Farhat: "Of course, and as a human being, I feel these emotions very deeply. Believe me, when it comes to my sons, I am one of the most compassionate mothers. But this is a sacred duty, which no emotion whatsoever can supersede."

The interviewer then stated that in Gaza and the West Bank, people are divided over terrorist attacks carried out in restaurants and commercial centers and view them differently from attacks on the military.

But Farhat replied: "All the Palestinians share the same view. They are not divided. The only ones who disagree and think otherwise are, of course, the foreigners, who have no sympathy for us or for our cause, and who know nothing about us. They are the ones who think that this man has come to kill innocent people. This is what they think. But we, as Muslims, think differently. We are familiar with the Quranic verse: 'One who attacks you, attack him in like manner.'"

Farhat said anyone who "comes from abroad and lives on the land of Palestine is considered an occupier, even if they are women or old people. They are all occupiers."

The interviewer pressed: "Can't you distinguish between operations against civilians and against soldiers, even from a psychological point of view?"

Farhat replied: "There is no difference. This is Islamic religious law. I don't invent anything. I follow Islamic religious law in this. A Muslim is very careful not to kill an innocent person, because he knows he would be destined to eternal hell. So the issue is not at all simple. We rely on Islamic religious law when we say there is no prohibition on killing these people."

The interviewer then asked, "What does the word 'peace' mean to you?"

Farhat: "The word 'peace' does not mean the kind of peace we are experiencing. This peace is, in fact, surrender and a shameful disgrace. Peace means the liberation of all of Palestine, from the [Jordan] to the [Mediterranean] Sea. When this is accomplished – if they want peace, we will be ready. They may live under the banner of the Islamic state. That is the future of Palestine that we are striving towards."

The conversation concluded, with Farhat declaring herself "proud and honored to be a terrorist for the sake of Allah".

Interviewer: Some say this kind of reasoning is the obstacle to peace, because the Israelis will never agree to be banished. ...

Farhat: Let them refuse. We do not expect them to accept this. These people are occupiers, and we want to banish them from our land.

Interviewer: Umm Nidal, who sits here in front of me, is classified as a terrorist throughout the world. Not just a terrorist, but also as a producer of terrorists. ...

Farhat: They can classify as much as they like. I am proud and honored to be a terrorist for the sake of Allah. 'Prepare for them whatever force and steeds of war you can, in order to strike terror in the hearts of the enemy of Allah and of your own.' I am happy to implement this Quranic verse myself, and to be a terrorist for the sake of Allah.

Interviewer: You have 10 sons.

Farhat: Yes, Allah be praised.

Interviewer: If another is killed ...

Farhat: There are many young men. ...

Interviewer: Will your heart be filled with unbearable sorrow?

Farhat: No, no. Allah be praised, I am preparing myself. I will sacrifice them all. If my duty requires me to sacrifice them all, I will not refuse – even if it costs me a hundred sons.


So, anyone else ready to expel the moslem vermin from the Land of Israel? This should be required reading for leftists.