Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Why expel the moslems?

OK, reason number 72,899 of why the moslems must to be forcibly expelled from Eretz Israel:
(Worldnet Daily) - The mother of a woman arrested in a suicide-bombing attempt told a Palestinian TV interviewer she was upset by her daughter's capture, but only because it meant the 21-year-old wouldn't be able to kill Israelis targeted for attack, including children.
Reason #72,900:
(Ynet News) - Top Islamist cleric Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi has delivered a speech on Qatari television calling on Muslims to murder Jews in "in the name of Islam." The speech has been translated by the Arabic translation service MEMRI .

On February 25, Qaradawi told viewers: "Everything will be on our side and against Jews on (Judgment Day); at that time, even the stones and the trees will speak, with or without words, and say: 'Oh servant of Allah, oh Muslim, there's a Jew behind me, come and kill him. They will point to the Jews."

Emphasizing the Islamic nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and attempting to denigrate the role of Arab nationalism, Qaradawi said: "When the Muslims, the Arabs, and the Palestinians enter a war, they do it to worship Allah. They enter it as Muslims. The hadith says: 'Oh Muslim.' It says 'oh Muslim,' not 'oh Palestinian, Jordanian, Syrian, or Arab nationalist.' No, it says: 'Oh Muslim.' When we enter (a war) under the banner of Islam, and under the banner of serving Allah, we will be victorious."
Reason #72,901:
(Israel National News) - An Arab terrorist tried to murder a group of people waiting for buses and rides at the main Gush Etzion Junction. The terrorist wounded two before he was shot. The terrorist ran over to the bus stop and began stabbing whoever he could catch. He was shot by security personnel and armed bystanders who arrived at the scene.

A 17-year-old girl was stabbed by the Arab man, as well as a 25-year-old Jewish man from the B'nei Menashe community, which immigrated to Israel from northern India. Both were rushed, together with the terrorist, to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital.
And yet, the leftwing Israeli government of Ehud Olmert is busy doing this instead. Warning! It might make you sick to watch what is at that link, as the scenes are very disturbing and graphic.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Israel's Supreme Court bans establishment of Jewish communities

Want to know why Israel must be completely dismantled and rebuilt as a true JEWISH democracy, rather than continue as the disfunctional leftwing totalitarian state it has become today? Read below about how the self-loathing Supreme Court has ruled that the government is not allowed to fund or build Jewish settlements anywhere in Israel because it doesn't equally include the MOSLEMS.

Arutz Sheva reports:

Israel’s Supreme Court struck a blow to government plans to develop the Negev and Galilee, ruling on Monday that the state may not define Jewish towns as “priority areas” any more than Arab ones.

The court heard a petition brought by the Adalah Arab-rights advocacy group. Adala claimed a double standard in a state plan to finance educational institutions in areas given the status of “national priority” by the government – most of which were Jewish towns.

According to the court, 500 Jewish communities have received such status, while only four Arab ones have. “This gave rise to suspicions that the distinctions were based on race and nationality,” Chief Justice Aharon Barak said.The Supreme Court declared that all definitions of “national priority areas” made by the government would be annulled. "The government's decisions were flawed, clearly discriminated against Arabs and damaged equal rights," said Barak.

The court decision also opened the door for future petitions by Arab municipalities demanding equal assistance from the government in the Galilee and Negev, where Israel has planned to invest in Jewish settlement to balance out the Arab demographic rule in those areas. "All government plans will be checked for equality between the various sectors," read the verdict.
No way Israel can continue to exist much longer if these leftists aren't removed. Between the politicians bulldozing the Jews and expelling them from their homes, and the Supreme Court doing their best to create a bi-national state, Israel is on the verge of total implosion.


Liberal Jews defend Hamas

I see my liberal, self-loathing Jewish brethren are at it again.

According to a report from Worldnet Daily, leftwing American Jews are opposing legislation by the US congress to cut off financing for Hamas unless they recognize Israel. It seems they want to give the terrorists the funding as a "good will gesture" that acts like the "carrot" from America to encourage the moslem vermin to be nicer.

Said M.J. Rosenberg, director of policy for the Israel Policy Forum, a prominent leftist think tank, "We oppose the legislation. The U.S. should be extending carrots to Hamas, and not just slapping them with sticks. We should be trying to encourage Hamas to recognize Israel, not shutting them out completely."

Another repugnant organization of liberal Jews, Americans for Peace Now, had this to say:

"This new call for the PA to recognize the existence of Israel is not agreeable. It's something the U.S. has never applied before in negotiations with the Palestinians or with regard to Jordanian treaties. The clause is clearly drafted with Hamas in mind. It makes no sense. What if Fatah [which recognizes Israel] comes back to power?"

Peace Now, both in Israel and America, is one of the leading anti-Zionist groups of Jews who are naturally going to oppose any legislation forcing anybody to recognize Israel since they themselves don't necessarily recognize Israel's right to exist. They, and other Jew-hating Jewish groups like them, still feel the Jews were aggressors from the beginning who drove out the indigenous moslems, forcing them into refugee camps and causing the terrorist violence with policies of apartheid.

It is a fact that the worst enemy of the Jews is the the self-loathing Jews who renounce their religion and heritage. They become the most dangerous anti-Semites, and, because of their Jewish background, give legitimacy to genocidal islamic causes by acting as their useful idiots.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Moslems blame Zionists for the Iraq mosque bombings

We all knew this was coming.

(Israel National News) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, Islamic leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini and Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah all blamed Israel for the bombing of a Shi'ite mosque in Iraq last week.

Though the mosque attacks have been attributed to Al-Qaeda, Moslem leader have blamed Israel and the United States. "These heinous acts are committed by a group of Zionists and occupiers that have failed. They have failed in the face of Islam's logic and justice," Ahmadinejad said in a speech broadcast live on Iranian state-controlled TV.

"But be sure, you will not be saved from the wrath and power of the justice-seeking nations by resorting to such acts." He was answered by cries of "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" from the crowd.Khameini urged Shi'ite Muslims not to take revenge on Sunnis but instead to focus their anger upon the West.

"There are definitely some plots to force Shi'ites to attack the mosques and other properties respected by the Sunnis," he said. "Any measure to contribute to that direction is helping the enemies of Islam and is forbidden by Sharia [Islamic law]."

The Islamic leader declared a week of mourning in Iran due to the bombing.

I tell the Americans, the Zionists and the criminals who committed yesterday's crime in Samarra that all your aims will fail," Hizbullah terror chief Hassan Nasrallah said at a rally of Lebanese Shi'ites south of Beirut Friday. "I tell them that the Muslim nation will not be torn apart - it will not fall for the tricks of the occupier."

In Pakistan, an Islamic leader blamed the attacks on India, in addition to the U.S. and Israel. Maulana Hafiz Hussain Ahmad, the head of a Pakistani Islamic group, said he was "praying fervently for another Hitler who should affect another and more powerful Holocaust against the nefarious, plotting and scheming Jews."

Oh, please, tell me again that liberal story about how islam is really, really a "Religion of Peace"! Come on, just one more time. I especially love that part about how there's some "tiny minority of extremists" who are always trying to hijack this "great religion" by using terrorism.

Oh, wait, better still, tell me again that amazing story where Israel gives away land to the moslems, and releases terrorists from jail, because "good will gestures" make them like Jews better and helps the "peaceful moslem majority" to fight the terrible "cycle of violence". That one really cracks me up.

Uh, people... excuse me, people! Yes, you! Pay attention! Islam is a terrorist organization and the time has come to outlaw the koran as a manual for crime that insites murder and the violent overthrow of the government.


Oh, and don't give terrorist moslem vermin control of the major ports of entry to the United States. Might be a bit of a blunder, don't ya think? Maybe? Perhaps?


Temple Mount cleric calls for worldwide Sharia Law

The Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest of holy sites - which remains under moslem control as ordered by Israel's liberal Supreme Court - is now the site from which moslems are publicly calling for the establishment of a worldwide caliphate.

As reported in Arutz Sheva, Sheikh Ismail Nawahda preached on the Temple Mount this week that the moslems will take over the world using multiple small cells of international terrorist groups that western armies will never be able to stop. Eventually, all mankind will be living under Sharia Law and ruled by the central islamic leader known as the caliph.

Now, that Israel permits moslems to give such a speech on the Temple Mount, while banning Jews just because they are Jewish, is truly remarkable, but, then again, it is exactly what happens when leftists are allowed to run the government and the Supreme Court.

In other disturbing news, Likud's Silvan Shalom, who is second in command to Bibi Netanyahu on Likud's election list, is ready to form a political coalition with Labor. Said Shalom over the weekend in Ynet News, "We have served in a government with the Labor Party, and there is no reason we cannot do it again. Whoever thinks that these elections are sealed is mistaken."

Why anyone still calls the concessionist Likud Party "rightwing" or "nationalist" is beyond me. They are basically indistinguishable from Labor and Kadima, so if they merge with either of the two other parties to form a coalition what difference does it make? Corrupt Leftist vs. Corrupt Leftist vs. Corrupt Leftist are the only options the 3 major political parties have to offer Israeli voters.

Thankfully, on the NO CAPITULATION political front, Hazit Party leader Baruch Merzel was campaigning Sunday to ALL Jews who have had it with idiotic concessions and "good will gestures" to the moslem vermin. Yet, he is doing so in a way that is true outreach rather than caving in to leftwing pressure like we see from all the other so-called rightwing parties.

Merzel was on the campaign trail speaking with students about how his Party is not an advocate of theocracy, as the liberal media falsely reports, but is an all inclusive nationalist party trying to make Israel a true Jewish State. Said Merzel, "Religion is something internal. You may not wear a kippa and I may wear one, but it has nothing to do with whether you are a good Jew or a bad Jew. We have people with and without kippot on our list. We share the belief that we need a Jewish state and that religion cannot and should not be forced. Half of our support comes from Jews who are not outwardly religious."

Hmmm, and this from a man whom the leftwing media has branded as a dangerous radical zealot, huh? The secular concessionists would sooner pass a kidney stone than allow kippa Jews to be part of their party, as evidenced by Likud's efforts to expel kippa-wearing Moshe Feiglin's Jewish Leadership faction from their Party, yet here is Merzel reaching out to those Jews who are not as observant.

The more I see from the Hazit Party and Baruch Merzel the more I like them. Hopefully, a lot of other voters in Israel feel the same way.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hazit has it right

The MZ, as my loyal readers know, has been a huge Benny Elon fan and supporter for some time now. However, another political party has risen from the Land of Israel that has caught my attention, thanks in part to regular reader and commentator, Kahaneloyalist, who pointed out to me the Hazit party, or Jewish National Front, led by Baruch Merzel.

While Rabbi Elon still deserves much respect for his work on the Right Road to Peace plan, which advocates transferring the vile, disgusting moslem terrorist vermin from the Land of Israel and permanently annexing all of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Golan, the plan is now going to waste.

Yes, Elon has recently backed away from his transfer plan and made a deal with concessionist pig Zev Orlev of the NRP (National Religious Party) to merge parties for the coming elections. Apparently, the move to merge was not a done from strength to shift Orlev to the right, as MZ originally believed, but instead inched the National Union (NU) to the left to accommodate the pathetic Orlev.

So, while the NU are still nationalist allies - I have no doubt that the members are hardcore lovers of Zion who will fight expulsions - the party of Merzel is uncompromisingly ready to take the fight for Eretz Israel to a higher level. A level that rejects foolish pragmatism, rejects compromise, rejects ministerial ambition, and seeks to flat out change Israel in a revolutionary way that allows true democracy from the standpoint of being first and foremost a JEWISH STATE.

Said Merzel, as reported by Arutz Sheva News, "Rabbi Benny Elon was obligated to take transfer [of moslem scum] out of the platform. If not, he would not have been allowed to run with [miserable opportunist] Zevulun Orlev. He agreed, and you have to ask 'why?"

This is a very important question. The answer is he wants to expand his number of seats, but at what cost? If he refuses to include expelling the moslems from his platform he has lost a huge part of what made him great, and renders the NU somewhat impotent.

Merzel went on to say, "They sat a whole year with Sharon until he got everything ready to destroy Gush Katif. Then they left, but it was too late. We need leadership that sees a few inches ahead and doesn't have to get a ministerial seat at any price. They are promising us they will sit with Olmert, if Olmert will take them, for a price. I am telling people I will not join up with any party that is willing to give up one inch of the Land of Israel."

Now, THAT is a platform to respect. There must be complete and total rejection of Olmert and the other concessionists who seek to bulldoze Jewish civilians. In no way can a true opposition to further expulsions and beatings remotely consider working within the Olmert led government.

Now, that said, I do not believe Elon would accept an appointment to a concessionist cabinet, but the fact is nobody is more adamant against it than Merzel, so you have to respect his convictions above those of all others.

"It is considered something weird in Israel today not to compromise," said Merzel, "but we compromised for fifty years and it brought us Hamas in Gaza, Judea and Samaria - and a candidate to the Knesset who wants to bring Hamas to Umm El Fahm and the Galilee as well."

Merzel also ripped the secular anti-Semites who sit on the Supreme Court. These kippah Jew-haters have never met a leftist or a moslem they didn't like, but will forbid religious Jews from anything and everything that might come before the court. In short, they are a giant problem.

"We want to change the entire system in Israel which is corrupt and has failed to defend the rights of Israel's citizens," Marzel said. "We want to revamp the corrupt [Supreme] Court that approved the expulsion of Jews from their land. If they are not replaced, then they will destroy every Jewish thing in Israel. People didn't move here from America to have America in Tel Aviv, because they could just go have the real thing in New York."

Finally, Merzel gave a final zinger to the corrupt politicians he seeks to unseat.

"We are running with no budget no help from the government and no salaried workers. We won't get our letter for the party for another two weeks, so we can't even tell people which letter to place in the ballot box yet. Democracy in Israel is not exactly ideal, but we have no choice but to do our best. We want to lead this country. It is time for someone to be the prime minister who believes in the Holy One Blessed Be He."

You have got to love this guy, and he gets my support and respect for having the courage to say what needs to be said in a country that regularly imprisons rightwing dissent.


George W. Bush is dead wrong

After reviewing all of the news and information about the upcoming transfer of America's security for the 5 major US ports of entry to a company owned by the United Arab Emerates, a full-blown terrorist moslem nation, I have concluded that George W. Bush is dead wrong and is placing our country's national security in serious jeopardy.

Both Republicans and Democrats alike have, for one of the very few times in recent memory, come together in outrage over this irresponsible decision by Bush. I honestly wish I could give the benefit of the doubt to W, but this time there is absolutely no justification for his actions. I am not sure if he is motivated by cronyism, bad advisors, corruption, or just terrible judgment, but, whatever the reason, it is a move that would likely get whole lot of American civilians killed and I will not stand by him for one minute if this goes into effect.

Let me put it bluntly: If Bush goes through with this, and allows the plan for the UAE terrorists to oversee our border security, then there should be a full Senate investigation into Bush's actions and impeachment hearings brought forward for his role in deliberately putting the people of America at risk for a major terrorist attack.

My support for W ends the minute he stops making America's security priority number one.

Either GWB withdraws this deal with the devil RIGHT NOW or he should be thrown out of office and imprisoned for high treason. No compromises, no excuses, period.


Hamas video nukes Israel

The moslems for whom the leftwing Israeli government has violently persecuted Jews has put out a lovely video expose on their website. The depiction in the video clip of Israel being nuked and burning to a crisp ought to be enough to convince Olmert and the liberal Israeli courts to club a few more Jewish children to prove to the arabs that Israel really, really wants to be loved by terrorists.

This from Worldnet:

The new Palestinian majority party Hamas has placed on its website a graphic depicting Israel's symbol, the Star of David, enveloped in a nuclear blast.

The Macromedia Flash Player animation can be seen here at the top of the homepage of the Az A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, points out the Israel-based Palestinian Media Watch.
I hope to see the anti-Semites of the Abomination State of Israel be taken down so that a real Jewish State can arise from its Hellenized ashes. The visions of the atrocities against the Jews of Gush Katif and Amona are still fresh, raw and unforgiven. Olmert and the Israeli liberal government are the reason Hamas is now in control of Judea and Gaza, and I do not, cannot, and will not forgive them for hurting the brave Yesha Jews who love Zion.

Hamas, Kadima, what the hell's the difference? The same video could be placed on the Israeli government website, only instead of a Magen David they'd use a Safer Torah instead.



Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Benny Elon has throat cancer

The leader of the National Union and the Moledet Party has been diagnosed with throat cancer and will undergo 20 minute radiation treatments on a daily basis until it is destroyed.

Elon is the heir to the late Rehavim Zeevi, who founded and headed the Moledet Party until he was assassinated by terrorist moslems (sorry about the redundancy). Elon has authored the brilliant "Right Road to Peace" plan, which calls for the moslems to be transferred out of Judea, Samaria and all the territories of Eretz Israel.

Elon will continue campaigning through his treatments, and still fully intends to head the National Union. The National Union recently merged with the NRP to form an anti-expulsion rightwing bloc for the next elections, though some on the right (including the Madzionist) have been concerned that joining with the more concession friendly NRP could water down the resistance and hurt the people of Yesha (the Settlers).

Elon is eventually hoping to become the Justice Minister of Israel. He would be a very good one, indeed.

For those of you who would like to say a Mi Shebarach (blessing of health) for Mr. Elon at shul, his hebrew name is Binyamin bas Rus (Ruth).


Monday, February 20, 2006

Jew beaten to death in France

A Jew is abducted, tortured and murdered in France. Hmmm...So, who thinks it could maybe, possibly, perhaps, somehow be, oh, I don't know, the work of moslems? Oh, wait a minute, it could have been liberals, too. I forget sometimes that they want to exterminate the Jews almost as badly as the moslems do.

Check this out from Ynet:

The French police arrested 13 people on suspicion of kidnapping, torturing and murdering Ilan Halimi, a 23-year-old Parisian Jew.

Halimi was found on Monday tied to a tree, naked and wounded, with burns covering all parts of his body. He died on the way to the hospital.

Police officials said that the abduction and murder were apparently not motivated by anti-Semitism, but added that they have not yet discovered what led the group to commit the acts.

The affair, which stunned France's Jewish community, began about a month ago, when a good-looking young woman entered a cellular phone store in Paris, where Halimi worked, and began talking to him.

The two exchanged telephone numbers, and after speaking on the phone a number of times, set a meeting in a suburb south of Paris. Halimi left for the meeting on January 20, and has been missing ever since.

My, how quickly the French manage to rule out anti-Semitism, huh? Actually, I'm inclined to think it could be the work of Ehud Olmert. The only problem is it wasn't a child clinging to his mother's ankle that was beaten beyond recognition, so it is missing that classic Olmert flair.



This just in from Ynet:

New developments in shocking murder: Anti-Semitism may have played a role in the torture and murder of a young Jewish man who was kidnapped and held for ransom, French authorities said Monday.

A shock! Jew-hating may be involved in the murder of a Jew in the anti-Semitic capital of Europe? Whoa...


Friday, February 17, 2006

Olmert orders extermination of Jewish community in Hebron

This from Worldnet Daily:

JERUSALEM – Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has directed Israeli forces to evacuate within days a small Jewish enclave alongside the biblical city of Hebron in the West Bank and to use all force necessary during the evictions, security officials told WorldNetDaily.

The order follows Olmert's announcement this week his administration will seek to withdraw from most of the West Bank, which borders major Israeli cities and the country's international airport. Olmert's directions fueled speculation by critics the Israeli official is carrying out isolated evictions of settlers as a tactic to win leftist votes ahead of next month's elections.

"Olmert knows he will not have the right wing votes. He already has the center. Now he has to flex his muscles against the settlers before the elections to show leftists and extreme leftists he can carry out the Kadima platform of an Israeli withdrawal," charged Israeli nationalist lawmaker Benny Elon

Jews have lived in nearby Hebron – home to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, believed to be the resting place of biblical patriarchs and matriarchs – almost continuously for over 2,500 years. It is considered the oldest Jewish community in the world.

Olmert will seek to do what no other enemy has been able to do since the time of King David: exterminate the Jewish presence in Hebron. Congratulations, you miserable anti-Semite.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hamas to drink dead Jew blood

Here's who the Israeli government wants to hand over Judea to.

Arutz Sheva reports:

The terrorists, preparing for their role as suicide attackers, were shown brandishing their guns and threatening Jews. “Jihad is the only way to liberate Palestine – all of Palestine – from the impurity of the Jews,” one announced.

“We will chase you everywhere!” he threatened.

“We are a nation that drinks blood, and we know that there is no blood better than the blood of Jews. We will not leave you alone until we have quenched our thirst with your blood, and our children’s thirst with your blood. We will not leave until you leave the Muslim countries.

“We will destroy you, blow you up, take revenge against you,” said the second. He vowed to “purify the land” from a Jewish presence, calling Jews “pigs that have defiled our country… This operation is revenge against the sons of monkeys and pigs.”

I still can't get over how the so-called "Jewish State" is expelling Jews to appease these moslem pigs. Just pathetic.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Like shooting fish in a barrel

The time has come to stop with the apologies and excuses for offending the terrorists and just start wiping out the rioting Arab streets. Whenever they form a wild street mob just lock, load, and waste them all like insects, plain and simple.

These cartoons can actually serve the helpful purpose of flushing out the moslem terrorist scum so we can just shoot them like fish in a barrel. Hell, we could make it into an Olympic sport.

MSNBC Reports:
PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Gunfire and rioting erupted Wednesday as tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Pakistan’s third straight day of violent protests over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons. Three people were killed, including an 8-year-old boy.

The European Union condemned both the cartoons, firstprinted in a Danish newspaper in September, and what it called “systematic incitement to violence” against European diplomatic missions by some unidentified governments.

At least 19 people have died in demonstrations and violence this month related to the drawings, according to an Associated Press count. Eleven have died in Afghanistan, five in Pakistan and one each in Kenya, Lebanon and Somalia.

More than 70,000 people flooded the streets of Peshawar, said Saeed Wazir, a senior police officer. The huge crowd went on a rampage, torching businesses and fighting police who struck back with tear gas and batons. A bus terminal operated by South Korea’s Sammi Corp. was torched, police said.

Protesters also burned a KFC restaurant, three movie theaters and the offices of the main mobile phone company. A Norwegian mobile phone company’s offices were also ransacked. Gunfire was heard near the burning KFC, as police tried to clear people from a main street, witnesses said.

Wouldn't that be great to wipe out 70,000 terrorists in one fell swoop? The idiot moslems make such juicy, open targets I get excited just thinking about it.


United Arab Party Calls For Caliphate

So, those who wish to expel the Arabs from Israel are considered radical extremists, Moshe Feiglin was basically forced out of Likud for protesting expulsions, and those who adhere to Kahane's Kach Party principles to make Israel into a Torah State are BANNED from forming a political Party, yet the moslem trash are allowed to openly form a Death to Israel Party and run for Knesset?

Get a load of this:
The rule on earth, or at least the rule on Arab and Muslim land should be led by the Caliph (Muslim leader and Muhammad's heir), chairman of the United Arab List –Ta'al party Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsur told reporters.

The two Arab factions UAL and Ta'al, the latter headed by Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi, have recently decided to join forces and merge ahead of the elections. At a press conference to mark the launching of the new list's election campaign, Tibi and Sarsur presented their candidates for the Knesset and spoke of the party's platform and ideological principles.

The Arab leader also slammed the Israeli and American stance regarding the Palestinian Authority elections' outcome, and their refusal to recognize a Hamas-led government.

He lauded the Palestinian people for their "democracy fest," and said: "we are certain that Hamas will lead the Palestinian people to progress and achievements. The Palestinians elected Hamas so that it lead them to accomplishments, not catastrophes. We believe Olmert's approach is to lead the region into a dark tunnel."

Referring to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Israel, Sarsur stressed that the party's objectives are to "preserve the Arab existence in the country and protect our holy places."

"The party's goal is also to struggle to preserve the religious and national identity of the Arab minority in Israel, in the face of Israelization and Zionization trends, as well as to fight for collective and individual rights and against the racist discrimination we are subjected to," he said.

The new united party will also target Arab immigration, and will work to strengthen the relation between Israeli-Arabs, the Palestinians in the territory, and the Arab world, Sarsur stated. According to Sarsur, despite its participation in democratic elections, the party will not concede its Muslim principles:
"we believe in Islam, we believe in the rule of the Caliphate and we do not support a separation between state and religion."
Ok, and tell me again why they are permitted to run for office? Why they are not expelled from Israel? Why the Elementary School kids in Shomron are being raided when this group is allowed to actively campaign for Israel's destruction? Why Jewish civilians are beaten and bulldozed while these terrorists who seek to exterminate the Jews are given free reign?

Answer: Liberalism.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Israeli forces raid Shomron Elementary

The Israeli special unit police are working overtime to protect Israel from...Jewish elementary school children?

The fact that Kassam rockets are raining down on Jews every day from the terrorist moslems, or that the Palestinian Jihad is being fortified with weapons from the open borders with Egypt and Syria as I type, is apparently of no interest or concern to the Israeli military. After all, they've got those 6 year old Jewish kids to push around.

No, I'm not kidding.

Some 20 special-unit Yassam policemen and another 10 regular policemen descended upon an elementary school in Itamar, in the Shomron, on Sunday. They threatened children by loudspeaker, caused children to cry, entered a classroom and took pictures, and kept students closed up in their classrooms for a half-hour - because of a rock allegedly thrown at a police jeep earlier in the day.

The principal of the school, Rabbi Nitzan Yamin, described to Arutz-7 the chain of events: "A police jeep drove down a road here in Itamar, which has elementary school classes on one side and a yeshiva high school on the other. I asked what they were doing, and they said that someone with a black shirt had thrown a rock at them. We agreed that I would go and check and return in a few minutes. They didn't wait for me, however; they left - and came back ten minutes later with four jeeps and another van, with a total of about 20 Yassamniks and 10 other policemen.

"They started running up and down and into the classrooms and in between the rooms and into the school yard, scaring all the children and yelling at them. They also went into the 7th grade and took pictures of the children. There were kids 6 and 7 years old, crying and scared. Some kids started to run away, and the police yelled over a megaphone that they would break their heads. None of them were wearing name tags...

"They came here to scare the children, and they succeeded. I told all the children to return to their classes, and told the children to lock their doors. I told the police I would make sure that everyone stayed in their rooms - but the police remained there for a full half-hour to make sure that no one left. Then they finally left themselves."

What more can I say? The Israeli forces have chosen who they must fight, and it's the 2nd grade of Shomron Elementary.


More on Sheetrit: The Education Minister from Hell

As I reported to you Sunday in my posting, Education Minister: "Amona Jews are evil" , the education minister of Israel is a hardcore Jew hater who tastlessly blasted the poor school children who were sad that they experienced the beatings administered by the military police in Amona just days before.

Now, greater details of the story are beginning to emerge, and it is just horrible to think that Israel has a good-for-nothing bastard who yells at traumatized kids heading its ministry of education.

This from Arutz Sheva:
Beit El Education Department Chairman Menachem Lev was present for part of the meeting, and confirmed this description. "He simply lost it," Lev said. "It was very bad. He interrupted them, yelled a lot, and mocked them again and again."

The girls were there as part of a series of visits arranged for Beit El students in the wake of the violence many of them experienced in Amona. It will be recalled that the police and army forces used extreme violence against protesting teenagers in Amona on Feb. 1, injuring over 200 of them and sending dozens to the hospital. The youths had come to Amona to protest the demolition of nine private homes deemed illegal by the Supreme Court.

Menachem Lev said that schools in Beit El had undertaken an initiative to help the pupils deal with the trauma they experienced, both individually and as a community, in Amona. "This past Thursday," he said, "they expressed their feelings in drawings and writing. We then arranged for them to visit some public figures and present them with the results."

"But Sheetrit - from the first minute, he just lost it. He started to ask them if they study together with boys, and why not, and how do they manage without boys, and 'how do you know it's better without boys if you never tried it?' He gave them a whole grilling on this topic, putting them in a very awkward situation."

"In addition," Lev said, "he was full of sarcasm, saying things like, 'Sure, sure, the police hit you,' and the like. There were about 12 girls there, and they were very upset by the whole thing, but afterwards they decided on their own to write down a protocol of the meeting, of everything that happened."

Titling their composition, "An Undesirable Meeting with Meir Sheetrit," the girls wrote that when they told Sheetrit that they had never studied with boys, "he made fun of us, saying that 'with boys it's a different feeling,' and that 'you don't know because you never experienced it.' All this took about ten minutes of our meeting...

"The minister tried to understand why our parents let us go to Amona, and said that he would never have let his daughter go. 'What kind of education did you get? I don't agree with this, Amona is illegal... and therefore they should have left quietly.' Then he asked, 'Is there something above the law?' and we said, 'The Torah.' He was totally stunned at what he heard and said, 'What? You learn that the Torah is above the law?!'"

The girls wrote that they read him a letter, which concluded, "G-d will punish the wicked," and when Sheetrit heard this, "he interrupted with fury and said very forcefully, 'Who exactly are you referring to? Those who lived in the illegal Amona are the evil ones, which means that you are the evil ones."

The totalitarian left which employs people like Sheetrit to bully those who don't accept secular liberalism must be disengaged from by the Jews of Judea. Judea must be made independent of this kind of government once and for all. The time has come to separate, not Israel from "Palestine" but leftwing Israel from Jewish Judea.

That time is NOW.


Al Gore bashes America in Saudi Arabia

At what point does somebody cross the line from being an outspoken critic of the US government and become guilty of sedition? Oh, I'd say right about HERE:
Former Vice President Al Gore told a mainly Saudi audience on Sunday that the U.S. government committed "terrible abuses" against Arabs after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and that most Americans did not support such treatment.

Gore said Arabs had been "indiscriminately rounded up" and held in "unforgivable" conditions. The former vice president said the Bush administration was playing into al-Qaida's hands by routinely blocking Saudi visa applications.

"The thoughtless way in which visas are now handled, that is a mistake," Gore said during the Jiddah Economic Forum. "The worst thing we can possibly do is to cut off the channels of friendship and mutual understanding between Saudi Arabia and the United States."

Gore told the largely Saudi audience, many of them educated at U.S. universities, that Arabs in the United States had been "indiscriminately rounded up, often on minor charges of overstaying a visa or not having a green card in proper order, and held in conditions that were just unforgivable."

"Unfortunately there have been terrible abuses and it's wrong," Gore said. "I do want you to know that it does not represent the desires or wishes or feelings of the majority of the citizens of my country."

Al Gore is loudly and publicly condemning our government to the Saudis, the country from which ALL the 911 suicide bombers came from, and the country whose Wahabi based religious fanaticism is the prime mover of the Al Qaida terrorist movement, yet he is not being brought up on criminal charges in America?

I'm sorry, but if this isn't the definition of treason what is? Benedict Arnold was banned from the U.S. for saying much, much less. Gore's charges are the ramblings of a quisling lunatic like Cindy Sheehan. More visas for Saudis? We are abusing poor innocent moslems? Is he serious?

Gore needs to be told he will no longer be permitted to return to this country, and if he does he will be arrested on the spot and tried for high treason.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Olmert wants a consitution to protect the rights of...ARABS??

The fact that the leftwing scum in charge of Israel are bad for the Jews and Judaism is not a new revelation by any means. With seemingly every passing day these liberals just can't stop from trying everything in their power to continue distancing Israel from being a Jewish State.

The latest abomination comes from our favorite low-life Jew-hating coward, Ehud Olmert, the bloodthirsty anti-Semite who ordered the beatings of the civilians of Amona, who wants a constitution that will give extra special favor to the terrorist moslem filth.

Said Olmert to Ynet News, “The constitution will ensure the protection of human rights and the establishment of clear regulations for government, and of course the introduction of a fair system that will protect the rights of the Arab minority.”

Come on. Millions of genocidal moslems, both from within Israel and without, are trying to destroy the Jewish State and replace it with an Islamic theocracy but Israel needs to afford them "special constitutional protections"?

This is madness.


Any questions?


Education Minister: "Amona Jews are evil"

As I've been saying all along, the current government of Israel is anti-Semitic. It is devoted to persecuting Jewish civilians who are doing NOTHING except for being Jewish and living in Judea. How is this an evil offense? Is it evil for an Englishman to live in England? An Italian to live in Italy? Ridiculous.

(IsraelNN.com) Education and Transportation Minister Meir Shitrit (Kadima, formerly of Likud), told students on a visit to a school in Bet El yesterday that the residents of Amona and their supporters were evil.

Shitrit responded to a girl who read him a letter relating to the events at Amona. The girl asserted that “G-d punishes evil doers.”

Shitrit interrupted the girl and exclaimed angrily, “whom exactly are you referring to by the word ‘evil’?”

“Who settled illegally in Amona? Who’s evil?” continued Shitrit. “In other words, you’re the evil one,” Israel’s Education Minister proclaimed to the young girl.
Is that the education minister of Israel talking or is it the education minister of Hamas? I look at the Israeli government, I look at Hamas, and I cannot tell one from the other anymore.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Abomination of the day: Israel legalizes gay adoption

Now, let me get this straight. The "Jewish State" of Israel will officially recognize and offer entitlements to gay/lesbian/transgender lovers who want to adopt children, but will not permit anyone who's Jewish to live in Judea?


Ynet News - The Family Affairs Court has handed adoption decrees to a Lesbian couple, Tal and Avital Yaros-Hakak, an act that represents State recognition of the couple as mothers to their three joint children.

The ruling came at the end of a long legal battle, decided at the High Court last year. The Yaros-Hakak couple has lived together for 16 years, and during their time together gave birth to three children through the help of anonymous sperm donations.

Harel (15), the couple's oldest son, said after the decision, "Avital is my mother, just like Tal. We are a family and the decision won't change something in my day to day life, but from the perspective of the State it's very significant. This recognition is needed for all of the government ministries. Until today, we weren't thought of as a family from the point of view of the State."

So, it is forbidden by the state for a Jew to go to the Temple Mount with a yarmulke, or to visit Joseph's tomb in Hebron, but, hey, let's officially authorize homosexuals to raise the Children of Israel.

I guess I may be considered a radical zealot for suggesting there is something very wrong with this picture, but the decadence of the State of Israel is a disgrace to the Land of Israel and to any Jew who cares about being Jewish.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Rabbis have had it with the Israeli government

Well, now that Shabbos is over let's look at the latest from Israel.

First off, Rabbis in Israel are apparently getting really fed up with the Israeli anti-Semitic, leftwing government and its liberal judges who've paved the way for the left to persecute the Settlers. In shuls throughout Israel this Shabbos they distibuted leaflets ripping the concessionists who are abusing Jews just because they are Jewish.

Secondly, the moslems of East Jerusalem had a mini-riot protesting the freaking Danish cartoons. You know, the same EAST JERUSALEM SCUMBAG MOSLEMS who voted for Hamas and consider them to be their true government.

And yet, the Israeli government sees fit to expel and pummel Jewish civilians just because they are Jewish while these animals are permitted to stay and defile The Land?

Here's some of the must read points the Rabbis made in the leaflet:

"A government that acts against the people and its Torah is defined as a 'conspiracy of evil' and should be ignored. Therefore, any law or order that contradict the Torah are annulled and it is a mitzvah (religious commandment) to fight them in every possible way."

"...such government, which lets the blood of Jews who maintain God's torah in their ancestral land, has no right to exist."

"The prime minister, army chief, judges, police chief, Central Command chief, and everyone who took part and brought about destruction, each one must personally and fully pay for all the financial damages caused to the residents."

"He who comes to uproot Torah and mitzvoth from Israel – and in our case a soldier or policeman as well – is not your brother. The statement 'do not raise a hand on a policeman' is true as long as the police officer keeps the mitzvoth of the Torah and maintains justice. This isn't the case when the policeman is a party to a crime and to an act of robbery and destruction."

"Any government representative, anyone who comes to uproot Torah and Mitzvoth from Israel, will meet a fortified wall…a generation has risen that is willing to give its life on behalf of God's Torah and for the sake of the Land of Israel."

"The people of Israel did not surrender to the Greeks and Romans, it did not surrender to the Turks and English. Thus, the people of Israel will not surrender and bow its head in the face of Jewish leaders who are empty of Torah and corrupt…"

Hope Olmert and the rest of the concessionists running for office read this leaflet. The message is one that they need to learn before they try uprooting anymore Jewish civilians from their homes just for being Jewish and living in Eretz Yisroel.


Friday, February 10, 2006

The shrinking "Palestinians"

Ever wonder why the self-loathing Jews are constantly preaching that land concessions to the moslems are necessary if Israel is to preserve a Jewish majority? Because they are liars who are looking to take advantage of the BIG LIE about how the arabs are on the verge of outnumbering the Jews because of their alleged population explosion. An allegation that has been proven absolutely false by highly respected population data analysts - and which the Madzionist himself pointed out in a previous column (see: "Jewish Population Explodes").

One of MZ's favorite bloggers, Solid Surfer, has now written a fascinating article on how the "Palestinians" ironically proved their population numbers are nearly 50% smaller than the PLO has been reporting by virtue of the recent elections that the terrorist organization Hamas won by a landslide.

Read the Solid Surfer's Israel Demographic Non-Crisis.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Unity at last!

This is very good news.

With only hours to go before the deadline, the National Religious Party and National Union announced an election merger, as did the two Ashekanazi hareidi parties.

At 2 AM, representatives of the two leading religious-Zionist parties signed an agreement to run together as one bloc. The two parties are the National Union, comprising three factions, and the National Religious Party. The first four places will be occupied by the leaders of the four factions, in this order: Benny Elon (Moledet and National Union Chairman, pictured on left), Zevulun Orlev (NRP, pictured on right), Tzvi Hendel (Tekumah), and Effie Eitam (Religious Zionist Renewal).In fifth place is Nissan Slomiansky of the NRP.

At a joint press conference today led by the above five, MK Benny Elon said, "We have united in order to lead the right-wing, and in order to lead the country - no less."

MK Orlev said, "This united list is the best answer to the very bad feeling that the religious-Zionist public has about the continuing assault on its values and institutions. The Kadima government represents a dangerous threat to the Jewish identity of this country, as well as to social justice and values."

The newly unified rightwing bloc immediately becomes a formidable political party in the coming Israeli elections. Not enough to win the majority of course, but they will certainly make a strong showing and that is very good news.

It was a bit of a surprise that they got it together, actually, as the fighting between the two parties over leadership made it appear highly unlikely they could strike a deal. Thankfully, they did and now Benny Elon will become a serious force to be reckoned with in the Knesset.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Amona's aftermath: A solution is born

Reflecting back on Ehud Olmert's pogrom against the Amona Jews, it seems clear to me that the relationship between religious Zionists and the secular left is more strained today than ever before.

The chilling brutality with which unarmed Jewish civilians were beaten by the MPs on horseback sent a powerful message to kippah wearing Jews everywhere: The secular Israeli public doesn't want you hanging around the Jewish State anymore.

In fact, reliable surveys in Israel revealed even before the Amona attack that Settler Jews are considered a notch or two below the moslems by the majority of the Israeli public, leaving them in a very precarious position: They are not allowed to live in Judea, Samaria or Gaza, and they are not welcome or wanted in secular cities like Tel Aviv or Haifa. Meanwhile, Jerusalem is practically without vacancies, and very expensive to get in, so they have essentially become Jews without a home in Israel.

Further evidence of this troubling trend is the fact that the majority of the 10,000 Jews who were ethnically cleansed from Gaza have still essentially remained homeless, stuck living in cheap hotels and miserable tent cities.

In addition to this indignity, almost none of the Gush Katif refugees have received the benefits the Israeli government promised, so these once proud and successful Jews have resorted to eating in soup kitchens and wearing clothes donated to them by charity.

So, with the appointed PM clearly basking in the "glory" of crushing the skulls of the hated Settlers, and a secular Israeli public overwhelmingly backing his decision to launch the assault on Amona's Jews - even welcoming the harsh treatment the Jews received as a sign that Settlers will no longer be tolerated by the Israeli government - we are left wondering what happens next with this highly combustible situation? With hundreds of thousands of observant Jews who don't want land given away to the arabs, but are rejected by secular Israeli society and lack substantial Knesset representation, what is to become of them?

The deeper question, though, is not just what will become of the Settlers, or who will win the elections, or how much of Israel will be given away to the moslems, but who's vision of the future Jewish State will prevail? Will it remain one in which both religious and secular Jews, despite their differences, are united by the common goal of protecting a Zionist State from outside attackers as it essentially always was, or is it going to become a post-Zionist State that favors moslems and seeks to eradicate Jewish nationals to establish a Judenrein Islamic State in Judea?

Sadly, those who wish to see Israel become the latter have prevailed in the court of public opinion. Religious Zionists and secular nationals who wish to settle all of the land God gave to the Jews are no longer a desired part of this new Israel that largely rejects them as zealots.

The problem for the liberals, though, is that the religious Zionists are too big to just go away in a giant "poof" following elections or pogroms. They are determined in their mission and will not be quieted so easily as the left would like. As the demonized Settlers and nationals who support them begin to fight back when they are abused what happens next? How can this untenable situation be fixed so that the two sides can avoid a full blown civil war?

The answer lies in Judea.

As we know, liberal Israelis would love nothing better than to remove the loathsome rightwing kippah wearers from their midst. They see the Settlers as being toxic to the future progress of their beloved liberalism, what with their "primitive" religious ways and customs, and would undoubtedly be thrilled to be relieved of the unwanted political influence they bring upon the secular State.

Sure, many Hareidi black hatters would probably remain behind, but they are not the nationalist threat that the left has grown to hate. The key for the Israeli secular public is abolishing the knit kippah rightwingers who they believe are inflaming the arabs with their Land of Israel Zionism.

So, with the differences between the Settlers and the seculars at the boiling point why not find a solution that makes both sides happy? Why not solve the ideological problem once and for all? The answer is so simple it's ridiculous.

Just set the borders of Israel at the pre-1967 "green line", and allow the rightwingers establish their own separate state in Judea. No need to expel them from the "territories", no need to tear down their homes, and no need to continue funding the so-called "Palestinians". Just recognize the Settlers as independent Judea, give them all the aid money that had been earmarked for the moslem terrorists, and then watch as the Jews of Judea run out the terrorist arabs from the Land once and for all.

It's so simple and effective at solving every problem in Israel it's shocking. That it hasn't already been implemented is a tragedy. The only ones who might object are the terrorist arabs (of course) and the EU/UN, because even the liberals of Israel who hate the rightwing Zionists would concede that having them as neighbors beats the hell out of having moslem terrorists in your backyard.

The time has come for action, but the one thing lacking is a strong leader who could set the wheels in motion. Let's hope we get one soon before any more innocent Jews are beaten to a pulp by the Israeli leftwing government, or killed by moslems in a terrorist attack.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Photos from the Rally

Check these pics out.

They say so much about the coming battle between the Zionist right and the enemy concessionist government of Israel.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

100,000 rally against Olmert in Zion Square

Tonight, the Jews who care about the Land of Israel are protesting in huge numbers against Olmert and his despicable Amona pogrom. At Zion Square in Jerusalem the anger reached the boiling point as speakers from knesset who oppose concessions of land to the Arabs, and condemn the sadistic abuse of Jewish civilians by Israeli military police, told the crowd that justice must be and will be served to those responsible.

This from Arutz Sheva:

A rally protesting the political and security policies of Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert brought an estimated 100,000 demonstrators to Jerusalem’s Zion Square Sunday night.

The demonstration, the largest since the government uprooted 25 Jewish communities from Gaza and northern Samaria last August, is taking place under the shadow of last week’s demolition of nine homes in Amona and the brutal police reaction to people who protested the destruction.

Banners reading “Olmert is bad for the Jews” and “Olmert is bringing about civil war” were positioned at the center of Sunday night’s demonstration.

Speaking at the rally, MK Uri Ariel (National Union) said, “Yes it’s correct, Olmert is bad for the Jews…Olmert wants to shed Jewish blood and we won’t let him. We’ll remove him from office” on election day, scheduled for March 28.

Video footage showing mounted police attacking and beating back demonstrators at Amona was shown on giant video screens during the rally. A video showing MK Effie Eitam (National Union) being trampled and mauled by mounted police was repeatedly shown to counter government claims that Eitam violently engaged the police by throwing rocks at them.

These brave Jews represent the future of Israel. Another 25 years from now and, God willing, they will outnumber the leftists and undo the evils perpetrated on the Jewish people by craven secular concessionists like Olmert.


Olmert the Terrible pledges $65M to Hamas

Ehud Olmert, the appointed head of the Jew-hating Vichy government of Israel, has agreed to give the Hamas terrorist organization $65 million dollars just 48 hours after launching a sadistic bloodletting upon the Jewish civilians of Armon.

Olmert also declared he will not permit any inquiries into police brutality in Armon, saying he thinks the brutal tactics used by the troops was completely appropriate despite all the footage and reports from the scene showing prone and passively resisting Jews being beaten into an oblivion. In fact, he is pledging to continue using the harshest possible force upon any Jews living in Judea and Samaria that he's scheduled for ethnic cleansing.

Also in the news today, an arab who thinks like Olmert fatally stabbed a Jewish woman in Jerusalem. The attacker was subdued by a citizen who hit him with a plank after several other people were wounded by the terrorist attacker. The Vichy Israeli government will undoubtedly round up the usual suspects and conclude it was the settlers who in fact inflamed the moslem killer to murder the Jewish woman. In all likelihood, Olmert will give the PLO and Hamas more money and beat up a few Jews wearing kippas and sheidles to prove he's serious about peace.

Lastly, a Jewish family who was badly wounded by a Kassam rocket attack from Judenrein Gaza on Friday is going to suffer the further indignity of knowing the Israeli government is paying the terrorists who launched the rockets Israeli taxpayer money as a concession, or "good will gesture" for peace.

The dhimmis of Vichy Israel will not stop abusing Jews until they are defeated. Let us pray that happens sooner rather than later, as the abuses are piling up by the day.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Time to disengage from Israel

This is not an easy thing to write, but I must say what needs to be said.

I believe it is time for the Jews of Judea and Samaria to unilaterally disengage from the liberal state of Israel. Olmert's decision to destroy the Jews who live there by bloody force was bad enough, but the fact that the general population finds these Jews to be so detestable that the visuals of the military police beating their women and children into submission actually makes him MORE electable proves that the differences between the religious Zionists and the secular leftists is irreconcilable.

The Jews of Judea and Samaria must declare themselves NOT Israeli and face any attempts by Israeli troops to evict them as an act of war. It is time to fight, for civil disobedience can only bring about worse beatings and violence.

I say this with a heavy heart, but as of now the Madzionist officially views the government of the State of Israel as the enemy.

The seeds of revolution are already being sewed. This report from Arutz Sheva reveals just how close things are to civil war:

MK Tzvi Hendel, an expelled resident of Gush Katif now living in Yad Binyamin, said that Acting PM Olmert's political advisor said outright that his job is to get the public to "hate the settlers."

Hendel made the accusation at a National Union Party press conference Thursday night. Specifically, he said that Eyal Arad, Olmert's strategic political advisor, had told a leading Yesha (Judea/Samaria) personality, "The nation hates you [the Jewish public living in Judea and Samaria] as much as it hates the Arabs, and my job is to make sure they hate you even more."

Hendel offered to resign from the Knesset if it turns out Arad did not say that.

MK Benny Elon said, "Based on what I saw there, I can say that the fact that no one was killed is a miracle. There must be a public commission of inquiry, which is the minimum we can do to prevent a civil war. The committee must check what briefing the Central Commander gave the special Yassam police, and what instructions the Central Commander received from above."

MK Aryeh Eldad, whose arm was broken by police at Amona said, "One policeman told me that the order was to 'mow their faces down.' The responsibility for the smashed skulls lies with the Central Commander and on Olmert. The rocks that flew in Amona were the rocks of Gush Katif, and the rocks that will fly next time will be those of Amona. This public understands that Olmert is going against them all the way, and they are responding as one who is pushed against the wall with no ability to react."

MK Eitam, who was released from the hospital over 24 hours after suffering a head wound at Amona, said, "If we don't want to deteriorate to civil war, a public commission of inquiry headed by a Supreme Court judge must immediately be established."

I will no longer say a prayer for the Israeli Defense Forces at synagogue, nor will I pray for the Israeli government. The enemy is the leftist from within, and I can no longer give them the benefit of the doubt. The final staw for MZ was broken by the baton swinging troops in Amona.

When Israel views the yarmulke as a bigger enemy then the moslem terrorist I wash my hands of them. It is time for a separatist State of Judea to establish their independence from the leftist, anti-Semitic state of Israel, and it is my intention to support their efforts every step of the way.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jews beaten to a bloody pulp by IDF

This time it's for keeps. The Jews of Judea and Samaria are under full military attack for being Jewish and must now defend themselves by any means possible if they are to survive against the Olmert led Israeli military.

Earlier today in the Jewish village of Amona, Olmert issued orders for an all out IDF offensive with soldiers on horseback wielding billy clubs to batter any Jews they found in their path. Hundreds were wounded, including National Union Knesset members Effie Eitem, who was hospitalized with bloody head wounds after being trampled by a soldier on horseback, and Dr. Aryeh Eldad, who had his arm broken in the vicious assault.

Arutz Sheva News reports that Moti Yogev, the leader of the Amanah settlement organization, said in a breathless and even crying voice: "The police brutally beat me, and they brought in horses with uncontrolled violence. I begged the police commander to get rid of the horses, and they did so only after they left many people bleeding on the ground. This is the cruel violence of Olmert and Mofaz, and they will not be forgiven."

The purpose of the military attack was to bulldoze the nine new homes that acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert decided was strictly off limits to the religious Jews whom he has outwardly expressed deep contempt for in the past. In fact, Olmert referred to the Jews who wish to live in Judea and Samaria as "Israel's Hamas" after being questioned about the wisdom of ordering this brutal pogrom on defenseless Jewish civilians.

Many analysts have suggested that Olmert is now acting on his hatred for Torah observant Jews to gain political favor from liberal Israeli voters who delight at the site of kippa wearing Jews getting beaten to a bloody pulp by the IDF.

National elections are scheduled for March, and Olmert is favored to handily win the Prime Minister position based largely on rock solid support from the anti-religious voters who approved of Ariel Sharon's ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

See a live english language report of the IDF assault on Amona by clicking here.


Israel demolishes Amona Jews

The liberal government of Israel has spoken. Just days after Hamas was voted into power by the moslems who seek to destroy Israel, the leftwing government of Ehud Olmert has launched a brutal attack on Jewish civilians, razing homes and beating passive dissenters like National Union knesset member Aryeh Eldad (pictured), whose arm was broken after mounted soldiers stormed the crowd swinging batans.

Arutz Sheva reports
Over 100 wounded were evacuated to Jerusalem hospitals, including one policeman and one protestor in serious condition. About five are listed in moderate condition. Close to 300 other protestors were treated in a giant tent set up for the purpose near the site of the destruction.

One injured protestor said, "We were standing in the front line, with no intention of using violence or anything, and all of a sudden the police just rained down on us with horses and clubs... My injury seems to OK; I hardly needed any stitches, and the doctors here [at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital] sent me home for three days of rest. But others were hurt even more than I was."One girl who participated in the protest arrived home with bruises on her face and leg, saying, "I got out safely only by miracle."

Her story: "We were outside the 5th house, with the goal of forming a line to stop the police from climbing into the windows. We had planned in advance, because of modesty and the like, that when the police would tell us to go, we would go right away. But they didn't let us. They just set upon us - all of them: Yasamnikim, Border Guard, soldiers, everyone - and didn't give us a chance. I screamed, 'I'm going by myself!' but they didn't care; I heard them saying, 'Smack them! Get them!' They hit me with a club on my leg, and then they pushed me to the ground and smashed me with clubs twice more - once on my face, right near my eye. Miraculously, he didn't hit me on the skull;
I saw others right near me bleeding from their heads, unconscious - it was just terrible. It was just by miracle that nothing worse happened to me."

"The only reason why all this violence is happening is because Olmert wanted blood - and so he received it. But the truth is, it doesn't matter; we have patience. Because I'm sitting here nursing my three-week-old baby, next to my other children here in the park in Ofrah, and we'll have other children with G-d's help - not like Olmert, whose daughter has left the country - and soon in 20 or 30 years, we will be in charge - and then we will have a country based on fear of G-d, and pleasantness, and mutual respect."

This is only the beginning. Expect the conflict to grow in Israel between the liberal concessionists and the Zionists. The left is desperate now, because if you the math you'll see that this woman is right about the population trends and who will be running Israel 30 years from now. The religious who seek to make all of Israel settled by the Jews are reproducing at 5 times the rate of the seculars. It is only a matter of time before the liberals become the minority and the tables are turned on the concessionists leading this war of abomination against God and the Jews.


Olmert's destruction of Amona's Jews delayed

Israel's war against Judea and Samaria had an eleventh hour reprieve today just as the IDF troops were about to be sent with full force to annihilate the Jews. Unfortunately, the brave residents and their supporters can offer only primitive and passive resistance in the face of Olmert's irresistible military force. The Jews will surely be persecuted without mercy by the liberals in power, and nothing short of a miracle from above can stop the coming onslaught.

Arutz Sheva reports:

During the night, the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria (Yesha) brokered a deal between the construction company which built the nine disputed homes and Attorney General Menachem Mazuz by which authorization would be granted to rebuild the nine homes in a nearby location under condition that the Yesha Council would itself later dismantle the homes. Mazuz presented the offer to Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who rejected it outright, opting to proceed with the demolition of the homes.

IsraelNationalRadio's Tovia Singer, who is offering live coverage from Amona in English, surmised that Olmert is interested in confrontation footage which he believes will help him in the upcoming Israel elections two months away.

Upon hearing Olmert's response, the Yesha Council appealed to the Supreme Court Justice on duty Elyakim Rubenstein who agreed to issue a restraining order halting the demolition until a court panel deliberates the proposal at 8:00am Wednesday.

At 3:00am Wednesday before the restraining order was issued, the State's demolition forces began making their way to Amona, and the many thousands of protestors sleeping at the site were awakened by sirens and told to man positions to passively resist the oncoming forces. The many thousands of anti-demolition protestors who could see the IDF and police approaching began moving into pre-assigned positions to assume various roles designed to impede the arrival of the forces.

At 4:30am, when the loudspeakers at Amona announced that a restraining order had been issued, the thousands of protestors, primarily youth activists, broke out into spontaneous song and dance.
Sad, yes, but the religious Jews who stand firm against all odds sure are inspirational for us all.

(Be strong! Be strong! And may we be strengthened!)