Friday, July 29, 2005

Talk Host Ousted For Criticizing Islam

In a cowardly act of d'himmitude, Washington talk show host Michael Graham was suspended indefinitely, and without pay, just hours after his column criticizing islam appeared on the Jewish World Review website. WMAL in Washington, D.C., where Graham does the mid-morning drive talk show, removed Graham after being pressured by CAIR, an islamic lobbying organization founded by terrorists.

Prophetically, Graham predicted in the column it could possibly cost him his job with the radio station. Said Graham in his article, "I take no pleasure in saying it. It pains me to think it. I could very well lose my job in talk radio over admitting it. But it is the plain truth: Islam is a terror organization."

How sad that talk show hosts on Air America every day refer to America and the Religious Right as terrorist organizations, that Dick Durbin on the Senate floor calls American troops in Gitmo "Nazis", that Oliver Stone can be hired to direct a movie about 9/11 despite having said, "This Darth-Vadian Empire of the United States must pay for its many sins in the future. I think America has to bleed. I think the corpses have to pile up. I think American boys have to die again. Let the mothers weep and mourn."

It is reprehensible that in the name of "free speech" Michael Moore can produce a film of slanderous lies about America and the president during a time of war and be center stage at the Democratic National Convention next to Jimmy Carter, yet a conservative talk show host who criticizes the ENEMY we face is immediately forced out of his job. Disgusting.

In case you couldn't tell, I am ready to blow my stack about this one. Can you imagine a talk radio host getting fired in 1944 for badmouthing the Nazis because a Nazi sympathizer group was offended? Are you kidding me? This guy deserves a medal for calling the spade a spade, yet, instead, the Totalitiarian Left hands him a pink slip in an effort to appease moslem terrorists.

We live in a real scary time where criticizing the enemy is forbidden but badmouthing America is encouraged. I write this today with my teeth clenched in anger. This cannot be allowed to stand. Therefore, I implore you to do your part by clicking here to send a letter supporting Graham getting reinstated at WMAL.



On WorldNews.Net the story has been updated. Click here to read the Washington Post report saying Graham will probably be reinstated once things settle down. Graham, to his abundant credit, also had this to say in the Post interview about his statement that "islam is a terrorist organization":

"I honestly don't know what Disney is investigating me for, unless it's for doing a compelling talk show that gets people's attention," he said. "I thought that was my job. If fighting for free speech and for the truth in the war on terrorism means getting fired by some corporate suits at ABC Disney who can't stand up for free speech -- so be it. But I will not recant."

You are a man of great courage, Mr. Graham. I solute you.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

NJ to Ortho Jews: Stay Out

Hmm... In a small town in New Jersey a local synogogue wants to expand its facilities to house a high school for Orthodox boys. The locals in the town are outraged and have a petition calling for the Mayor, Neil Marko, who is a trusty at the synogogue, to resign. The locals have made a loud and clear statement: We don't like Orthodox Jews and we want them out!

Such bigotry and anti-Semitism must have all the Jews of the community up in arms, right? I mean, to be this hostile towards Jews is despicable, isn't it? Well, not so fast.

Many of those in the drive to ban the Jews and force out the mayor are Jews.

What? You're kidding me, right MZ?

Nope, the local assimilated Jews hate their religious brethren, hate the Mayor for being among them, and want them to be banned. Sick? Yes. Surprising? Well...


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We're All Settlers

As the Expulsion of the Jews from Gaza draws nearer, I continue to be frustrated and disillusioned that close to 10,000 Jews are slated to be forcibly evicted from their homes, all their property, including synagogues and cemeteries, to be blown up and bulldozed, yet, somehow, a very large percentage of the Jewish population displays an utter lack of concern for their plight. Worse still, the popular opinion that the Settlers have it coming to them and that this pogrom is somehow long overdo.

Liberal Jewish organizations in particular are falling over themselves with excitement that Sharon is planning to evict the Jews and hand over Gaza to the moslems. It's a phenomenon that seems impossible to me: Jewish groups, who raise money to combat anti-Semitism, sitting back and applauding while Jewish homes are about to be razed, entire communities destroyed, and a thriving, vibrant Jewish population is ethically cleansed. I keep thinking this is all a bad dream, because it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Let's be candid, the real question is why do so many Jews hate the Settlers? What is it that makes so many of our brethren look down upon these Jews with deep revulsion and scorn? It's not uncommon to hear liberal Jews equating the Settlers with moslem terrorists. I frequently read leftists like Thomas Friedman and Richard Cohen blaming the Settlers for provoking moslem terror and anti-Semitism. They say the Settlers are the main reason we don't have peace with the "Palestinians", that the Settlers are inflaming the "arab street", and that the Settlers are jeopardizing the lives of "normal" Jews throughout the world by making the moslems hate us.

I think what's going on here is a serious case of amnesia. Our liberal friends have forgotten that we, as Jews, always have been and always will be Settlers. Right from the beginning of our biblical history, about 4,000 years ago, Abraham and Sarah traveled at God's behest to settle in The Land then known as Canaan. His lineage was promised The Land, and to this day we've been struggling to settle it.

Think about how you got to where you are today. Your parents, or maybe your grandparents, or maybe your great grandparents, traveled from some hostile land to settle in America. Yes, "settle". We were not a people who arrived with ease and comfort, nor have we ever known ease and comfort, except to a degree now because of the success and courage our forefathers showed settling in a place where Jews were the overwhelming minority.

Is it any different for our brethren in Gaza? Are they not showing courage and conviction settling a Land far more significant to us Jews than Hollywood or Boca Raton? We've forgotten what the struggle was like. We've forgotten that the cosmopolitan life we can enjoy in Tel Aviv and the observant life we can enjoy in Jerusalem came with a price. These places didn't just get handed to us on a platter. We weren't arriving with a welcome wagon and free lollypops. It was a struggle. An uphill climb against hostile, evil forces that wanted to kill us. We got what we have now on the backs of courageous "settlers" who blazed the trails, fought the fight, endured the hardship, but made it work because they dared to believe.

We've grown fat, lazy and arrogant in our success. The Settlers of today, who show the courage to live as Jews in the Holy Land despite constant harassment and terrorism from moslems, deserve not our scorn but our appreciation, respect, and gratitude. To support their brutal eviction by fellow Jews who want to take the path of least resistance is a treacherous and loathsome way to think. It wasn't so long ago, my friends, that you were the settler who was being attacked. It wasn't so long ago that your father and mother stood strong in the face of evil and lived as Jews against all odds.

So, here we are in our luxury cars and comfortable homes living the good life. While sipping on our lemonade poolside, however, may I suggest stopping for a moment and reflecting upon what it took for us to get here and, just maybe, reconsider sabotaging the next generation of settlers in Gush Katif, who are only trying to etch out their dreams and future successes just like our pioneering settlers did not so long ago.

All of us, no matter where we are or how long we've been there, are settlers.


Monday, July 25, 2005

Dead Grandparents, Martyrs and Yada-Yada-Yada

Dov and Rachel Kol are dead today, murdered by moslems on their way back to Jerusalem from Gush Katif, though unless you really looked hard, it's likely you never knew about it from the mainstream media's complete disregard for the story.

Oddly enough, when a fuse went off killing nobody in Britain the media gave us 24 hour coverage and updates, yet, when these Jewish grandparents were ambushed and murdered on their drive back home from visiting the family, the news media barely mentioned it at all. Just Jews, right? They were probably provoking the subjugated moslems, anyway. Simply another retaliatory measure in the morally equivalent conflict between arabs and Jews, so why bother mentioning it, right? Who cares!

I care. A lot of us care. Why don't more people care? Well, if Sharon is willing to demolish the lives of the Jews in Gaza why should the rest of the world get upset if these "radical settlers" suffer losses, eh? I mean, if Israel isn't interested in them, well, no reason the rest of the free world should give a damn, either, I suppose.

The Sharon response?

"Israel will not countenance this terrorism," he told the Cabinet. "I made clear to the secretary of state that our response will be of a different kind, using very tough new measures."

Hear this, moslem terrorists! We really mean business this time! Now, I've got you on double secret probation!! Just one more murder in the name of Allah and we'll retreat entirely back to the 1948 partition! You no good, bad, bad guys, you!


Here's the moslem response in Gaza:

"Voice of Palestine radio and Palestinian state television applauded Sunday morning the murder of two Israeli civilians in Gaza Saturday," reports PA media expert Dr. Michael Widlanski. "Calling it an act of 'resistance' [muqawwima] and 'holy martyrdom' [istish-haad], [the broadcasts hinted] that the murderers were carrying out their civic duty."

Boy, I bet this plan to flea Gaza, with the IDF beating up and herding out Jews at gunpoint, really has the jihadists and shahids on the ropes. Gotta think they'll plan to surrender once that last synagogue has been blown up and the final home has been demolished.


In other news, over the last several days we've seen an IDF officer, rabbi and an entire IDF company all declaring their refusal to participate in the Expulsion Plan. In addition, several other individual soldiers, most notably American born corporal, Avi Bieber, who declared, "I didn't come to Israel to beat up Jews."

These actions, coupled with the enormous protest in the Gaza town of K'far Maimon, and the powerful Likud MK, Moshe Faiglin, declaring IDF troops could and should refuse orders to attack and evacuate fellow Jews in the heinous Expulsion Plan, show strong problems lie ahead in Sharon's pulling off this un-Godly act of self mutilation against Jews and the Land of Israel.


Friday, July 22, 2005

Rice, Sharon Meet

Ariel Sharon met with Condy Rice today in Israel, and over a long brunch discussed the upcoming pogrom against the Jews in Gaza. Rice was again praising Sharon's odious plan to evict the Jews and bulldoze their homes, synagogues and cemeteries, telling Sharon it is going to really jump start the peace process. PA leader, Mahmoud Abbas, was also praised by Rice for all of his promises to be a really good guy if the Jews continue retreating and expelling fellow Jews
out of their homes and into DP camps.

In other related news, the IDF re-affirmed the plans to blow up the synagogues and exhume the bodies from the cemeteries in Gaza after the Jews have been herded out at gunpoint. Surely every soldier dreamed as a child of being able to someday round up and expel fellow Jews from their homes and destroy the synagogues and cemeteries as part of a "good will gesture" to jihadist moslems. Stomachs have got to be turning at the thought of this mission.

As we've seen, the plan to ethnically cleanse the Jews from Gaza/Northern Samaria is growing increasingly unpopular within the military, and yesterday former IDF Intelligence chief, Yaacov Amidror said flatly, "There is no military advantage to leaving Gaza. You lose control on the ground, the ability to conduct intelligence operations and to stage ground efforts into Gaza City and Khan Yunis. You let Hamas and Islamic Jihad have a safe haven to launch terrorist actions from and in which to grow their terror apparatus."

This repudiation of the expulsion plan is one of the harshest to date, and further reveals how flimsy and unsubstantiated the left's assertion is that the retreat somehow helps Israeli security. The plot thickens...


Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Hit Again

London was hit by more subway terror today, though the bombs that exploded -- 3 on subways, one on a bus -- were only detonators and not full explosives. As of this writing, the wire services still hold that only one person has been hurt in the attacks. The responsible party hasn't yet stepped forward, but my guess is that it's not a Jewish, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu act of terror, but, oh, I don't know, maybe islamic?

Should it indeed prove to be the act of moslems I think Britain will jump to make a strong statement of multi-cultural outreach to the islamic community asking them (nicely, of course) to do everything they can to root out the tiny minority of bad apples in their midst. The "religion of peace" line will once again be dusted off and thrown about liberally to make sure all people know that the English are not islamophobic, and stern demands for greater education, community awareness and cooperation will be issued.

Tony Blair will again re-affirm that the Brits will not be provoked into changing the way they act or live, while MP George Galloway and London mayor Ken Livingstone will insist the attacks were somehow the work of "evil Zionists", and call for a full British boycott of Israel.

CAIR will undoubtedly issue a statement rejecting all terrorist attacks against innocent civilians, while Palestinians will shoot rifles into the air with joy for this glorious attack against the "enemies of Mohammed."

How many more of these islamic crimes against humanity will it take for the leaders of the world to do as Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has done: Say that any more terrorist attacks on our soil by moslems should result in the retaliatory nuking of mecca?

Well, we can only hope for baby steps, so how about Blair, Bush, or any other leader coming out with a finger being pointed straight at islam itself for the brutal murders of innocent civilians. Not a "bad apple" speech, not a "99% of the moslems are good folk" lecture, but a real condemnation of islam itself.

I know...I know... it'll never happen -- which is why these deadly attacks will continue indefinitely until the real enemy (islam) is identified and dealt with accordingly.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Expulsion Plot Thickens

The expulsion plot to make all of Gaza forcibly Judenrein is under greater and greater stress as the August pogrom date Sharon has set grows closer. As of this writing, a massive anti-expulsion protest of over 40,000 at the border town of Kfar Maimon is inching steadily towards the fortified gates leading to Gush Katif. These gates are guarded by an unprecedented 20,000 police and soldiers who are forced to stay awake on guard duty 24/7, as a single lapse would allow the protesters to pass through the gates to Gush Katif.

The protest is entirely pacifist in nature, with only singing, dancing and attempts to verbally persuade the police and soldiers to lay down their weapons and join the march to Gush Katif. The march is being led by many prominent political and religious dignitaries, most notably Harav Shapira, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel.

By tying up so many police and soldiers, the anti-expulsion marchers reportedly may be successfully jeopardizing the expulsion plan from taking place. Bus loads of supporters are coming to join the march every hour, and those who can't get through are reorganizing in Sderot to launch a return march to join the protest in Kfar Maimon.

As I type, another march of several hundred Gush Katif residents are also arriving to join the supporters with the intention of all marching back together triumphantly, and peacefully, to Gush Katif.

The magnitude of this event has driven noted moslem sympathizer, Shimon Peres into a virtual rage, exclaiming, "The whole nation should condemn the ways of the settlers, who themselves have ironically been awarded IDF protection for years. They should have retreated to their homes."

Peres also added bitterly, "Israel's security forces have never before seen the provocation of recent days, which is taking place while Qassam rockets and mortars are still falling. It is an insult to tie up 20,000 security personnel while this is happening."

Meanwhile, the list of opponents to Sharon's sinister expulsion plot continues to grow. Prominent LEFTIST, Danny Rubenstein, the longtime columnist for Ha'aretz news, has declared retreating from Gaza a reward to terror and a threat to Israeli security. When even the Left starts to turn on the heinous expulsion it really shows the plan is in some serious trouble.

So, what to make of all this? Sounds like the insipid plot to rid Gaza of the Jews may actually rally to bring a greater Jewish presence to Gaza than ever before. The quest to join the Jews of Gaza will either bring the Zionist Right and Left together with a national fervor, or it will become an ugly civil war that tears the Jewish State in two. Time will tell, but I feel even more optimistic today that the massive resistance to the expulsion will prevail in the end.

God willing, the turmoil from this nightmare will give birth to a whole and uncompromised Eretz Israel.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Supreme Nominee Roberts

President Bush will nominate John G. Roberts for the Supreme Court. How does it play out? Will the Leftists be pissed off, or will the right feel betrayed? The early line according to the talking heads is that he'll be a good pick from the Right and a fillibuster likely to happen from the Left.

How does the Madman feel? Anything that pisses off the Left is probably a good thing, so, until I hear a reason to believe otherwise, I'm standing behind my fellow ex-Buffalonian to be a solid choice.

Here's a little checklist for what Roberts should be:

  • Against affirmative action
  • Against partial birth abortion and pro parental notice
  • Pro death penalty
  • Opposed to gay marriage
  • Opposed to citing international law for domestic law
  • Strict constitutional conservative
  • Pro God in the pledge
  • anti criminal/terrorist rights
  • anti multi-culturalism
  • Pro patriot act

There, that's a few for starters. Now, I'm itching for a fight with the leftist progressive arabist Democrats, so if all goes well we are going to nuke Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the pro criminal, UN loving rabble once and for all.


I'm Back (but with fewer braincells)

Well, the Madman hath returned from a long weekend. Let me update you on the important events of the trip.

  1. Reunion! It was exactly what you'd expect when you get a bunch of old drinking buddies getting together for a 20th high shool reunion. The highlight, undoubtedly, was my all-star forsome at the golf outing, winning the prestigious "Drunkest Forsome Award", after pounding so many cold ones we were essentially driving beer carts. It was great fun being with my buddies, and the drunker I got the better I played. Starting out with a 51 on the front nine, the guzzling Madman came home strong with a totally blasted 43 on the back. Gotta love beer! Then, of course, it was on to the reunion beer tent. Oy vay.
  2. The Wedding! After surviving the reunion (barely), the wife and I headed out to her friend's wedding. This was an interesting match of French Morrocan Jews with Ashkenaz. Lots of dancing, and, yes, drinking, and unusual Morrocan customs to boot. A great time was had by all.

Now, I am back...licking my wounds from all the drinking, traveling, and excitement. I think I could sleep for about 48 hours straight. Tomorrow, I begin my political ranting, but for today I just need to heal my tired brain and body.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tom Friedman: Anti-Semite

Let me make this perfectly clear: I have never liked Thomas Friedman. His twisted slant on the news to fit his fundamentalist liberalism is so insufferable that I long ago deposited him into MZ's official list of "Irrelevent Leftist Op-ed Blowhards" (ILOB).

That said, he has now crossed over into a new, more sinister category. "Uncle Tom" Friedman is now an official member of the "Self-Loathing Anti-Semite Jew Club" (SLASJC), which includes such odious anti-Semites as Noam Chomsky, Bruce Warshal and Micheal Lerner. Friedman finally made it onto this despicable band of enemies to the Jewish people with his latest column, The Revolt of Israel's Center -- truly one of the most repugnant articles of trash I've had the displeasure to read in quite some time.

Why such harsh judgment of Uncle Tom? Well, let me give you a sense of what I'm talking about.

"What is playing out in Israel today is a huge drama in which this resurgent Israeli center, having awakened to just what a danger the extremist settlers pose for Israel's future, is finally confronting them. And the settlers, like long-indulged children who are finally being spanked, are becoming unhinged. " -Uncle Tom

Ok, let's start by defining the "center" as really being anything left of center in Uncle Tom speak. That said, we also must clarify that "extremist" means anything not left of center. With this new understanding of UT terminology, let's restate this to read properly.

"What is playing out in Israel today is a huge drama in which the resurgent Israeli Nationalists, having awakened to just what a danger the leftists pose for Israel's future, is finally confronting them. And the left, like long-indulged children who are finally being spanked, are becoming unhinged." -MZ's version

There, that makes more sense, doesn't it? This is kind of fun... let's try it again.

"This is a dangerous time because the settlers, who do not really respect the authority of the Israeli state, will try anything." -Uncle Tom

No, no, no, Tommy boy. I think you mean...

"This is a dangerous time because the leftists, who do not really respect the authority of the Israeli state, will try anything." -MZ's version

Yes, that's much better. You see, Sharon lost a referendum on the expulsion within his own Likud party by a landslide, however, he instead of honoring his own party's wishes as promised, he decided to dump his coalition and add the RADICAL LEFTIST labor party to push through his plan. Try anything, you say, Uncle Tom? Yes, Sharon and the left will indeed try anything to impose their will DESPITE the wishes of the Israeli people.

Let's keep going, shall we?

"Two weeks ago, a group of teenage settlers, inspired by a witches' brew of Jewish fascism and messianism, took over an abandoned Arab home next to Gush Katif and scrawled on the side in Hebrew: "Muhammad Is a Pig." -Uncle Tom

Doesn't sound kosher, does it. Let's go with the MZ interpretation instead:

"Two weeks ago, a group of teenage settlers, fed up with the constant terrorist attacks and Islamic anti-Semitism, took over an abandoned Arab home next to Gush Katif and scrawled on the side in Hebrew: "Muhammad Is a Pig." -MZ's version

Ahhh...much better. Certainly the attempt by Lefty Friedman to portray the Settlers as terrorist aggressors and the moslems as harmless victims is enough to make any clear thinker wretch.


"When the Palestinians next door saw it, they began stoning the house. Some settler boys got hold of a Palestinian teenager and started pounding him with rocks, an act the Israeli Army described as an attempted "lynching." The boy was saved by an Israeli soldier and a journalist who dragged him behind a wall." -Uncle Tom

Oy. MZ to the Rescue!

"When the islamic terrorists next door saw it, they began stoning the house. Some settler boys got hold of one of the terrorists and started pounding him with rocks, an act the Israeli Army falsely described as an attempted "lynching." The moslem terrorist was brought to safety by an Israeli soldier and an arabist journalist who dragged him behind a wall." -MZ's version

Tom just can't resist those lovable jihadis, can he.

"Why did they write "Muhammad Is a Pig?" The explanation starts with the reemergence of the Israeli center." -Uncle Tom

Hmmm....Tom thinks the Israeli center has driven the radical Jews wild with talk of peace, causing them to lash out at the cuddly moslems with name calling. Well, that's one way of looking at it, but let's see another, more realistic and believable interperetation.

"Why did they write "Muhammad Is a Pig?" The explanation starts with the fact that in the name of islam Jews are murdered and terrorized by moslems every single day, and the Israeli left only encourages it further with cowardly concessions." -MZ's version

That's muuuuch better.

I could go on and on obviously, but it seems a bit redundant to continue exposing Uncle Tom's aiding and abetting the islamic enemy as he bashes religious Jews for being subhuman. The point is made crystal clear: Tom Friedman is a self-loathing anti-Semite who only tolerates the views of militant secularists and fundamentalist liberals. I call it as I see it, and I see Thomas Friedman as a two-bit bigot.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Natanya Bombing Claims a 4th

Four women; two teenagers, a 31 yr old and a 50 yr old grandmother, are now confirmed casualties of the islamic bombing of the Natanya mall in Israel. Over 40 more are still being treated for wounds.

Moslems around the world are reportedly despondent over the fact that more Jews weren't killed. Meanwhile, in his harshest response to islamic terrorism to date, PA chief Mahmoud Abbas has vowed to do bupkus.

The names and ages of the victims:

Anya Lipshitz , 50
Julia Weltshin, 31
Rachel Ben-Abu, 16
Nofar Horowitz, 16

My heart goes out to the families of these women; they didn't deserve to die like this. How many more stories of this kind must we endure? It's just sickening to me that Jewish lives are left vulnerable to islamic murderers because PC politicians won't expel the moslems but WILL expel Jews. How much is too much?

Stop the unnecessary loss of Jewish life; expel the moslems from Eretz Israel.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Islam Kills 2 in Natanya Bombing

The "religion of peace" is at it again. In Israel today at least two were killed and dozens more wounded at a mall in Natanya just north of Tel Aviv. As usual, it was a moslem killing innocent civilians to please "Allah". This, on the heals of the moslem subway bombing in Britain, only reinforces how absurd it is to think appeasing islam with concessions will accomplish anything besides strengthening the demon beast.

As this despicable act of islam took place, Ariel Sharon was announcing his intention to push through the Knesset a plan to withdraw Israeli troops from the Egypt/Gaza border and let the Egyptian moslems handle preventing the smuggling of weapons from moslems in Egypt to the moslems in Gaza. Naturally the moslems can be trusted to protect Jews from other moslems, as it is only "a few bad apples" spoiling the moslem batch, right? At least that's the viewpoint of Sharon and his Labor allies, who are all unsuccessfully trying to unilaterally withdraw their heads from their asses.

How many times do the good people of the koran have to remind us that they want all non-moslems dead or in servitude before the fools running the western world figure it out? Incredible. Sharon responds to moslem atrocities against Jews by conceding them land, retreating, and evicting nearly 10,000 Jews? Wake the F*CK up you moron! (SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!!!)

Meanwhile, in England today liberal Jewish leaders declared they will pledge to fight "islamophobia" in the wake of 52 people being killed by islam in a London subway. Why exactly these Jews are feeling the need to stop people from blaming moslems for moslem terrorism is beyond me, but I think it may have something to do with the fact that they are SELF LOATHING JEWS. Instead of worrying about "islamophobia", wouldn't it make more sense to simply blame islam for acts of islamic terror and call for the criminalization of this murderous ideology?

Oh, wait, we need to appease them and get to understand better why they hate us, right? Yea that's the ticket. Here's what the MZ says to all these "appeasement first" leftists:


The Madman hath spoken.


Friday, July 08, 2005

"Palestinians" hit jackpot

Ok, let me get this straight. The moslems blow up the subway in London, killing over 50 people, all in the name of islam and allah, so the G-8 decides to immediately announce $3 billion in aid to the friggin "palestinian" moslems, who, in the name of islam try killing the Jews every single day of the year.

Madness? You tell me. Come on, how the hell can the world be so goddamn blind and stupid. I shudder with disgust as leaders of the western world get together for "appease the moslems" conferences, designed to fund the same terrorism they feebly condemn without any credibility.

How about this comparison: "The NAZIS today blew up a busload of kids in Brittain, therefore we are going to condemn these actions in the harshest possible way, and also anounce our pledge of 3 billion dollars to the "Death to the Jews Society."

Sick. Just sick.

How hard is it to say the words "War on Jihad". I know the PC crowd will never say "War on Islam" as it should be, but why not "Jihad"? That shouldn't be too controvercial, should it? I mean, what the hell do we care if we offend the jihadis (i.e. all moslems). The problem is we have a bunch of spineless cowards in charge who don't have the balls to call a spade a spade, so they keep playing the BS game, and then, just to add insult to injury, offer the mother f-ers 3 billion dollars!! Incredible.

The Madzionist has some crazy advice for all these world "leaders":

STOP APPEASING ISLAM. (slap!) IT DOESN'T WORK!! (slap! slap!)


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Islam Attacks London

Well, well, well...

A pack of wild moslems kills at least forty in a series of coordinated subway attacks in London. Surprised? Not at all. I've been saying all along that the enemy is islam, that it knows no borders, no compromise, no value for life, and has three fundamental, worldwide objectives:

  1. Jihad
  2. Dhimmitude
  3. Sharia Law
For those of you still unfamiliar with my steadfast plan to defeat the islamic menace once and for all, allow me summarize it for you as I think you'll agree it's the only solution that can work.

The Madzionist Plan for Peace:

  1. Declare islam a crime against humanity
  2. Outlaw the practice of islam
  3. Shut down or destroy every mosque and shrine
  4. Ban the koran as a terrorist manual
  5. Force all moslems to renounce jihad, dhimmitude and sharia law
  6. Moslems who refuse to renounce face capital punishment
  7. Rewrite islam to forbid jihad, dhimmitude and sharia law
  8. Allow moslems to practice approved version of islam

This plan is not harsh, it's humane. As long as moslems are permitted to continue killing our mothers, fathers and babies under the cover of religious protection our lives and civilization will remain imperiled. Appeasement can never work, containment is an impossible delusion, sanctions are meaningless, and declaring terrorism an enemy without specifically targeting islam is a battle of denial with no end and with no chance for success.

We must insist that islam is responsible when moslems commit acts of terrorism and attack the enemy at its heart. Islam is utterly incompatible with any other society, religion, nationality or civilization. It is a belief system based on murder and enslavement with which no relationship can ever succeed. Therefore, we either destroy them or they destroy us. There is no middle ground, no in-between, and no other possible result.

They have declared war on us, they are attacking us, and they will not stop until we are dead or under their domination. We either do as I say, or we do as they say. I pick my way.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Leftist Church vs. Israel

I am annoyed. The Left just keeps pounding Israel and the Jews from every angle and I'm fed up with it. Liberal apologists keep saying the Right is really, really anti-Semitic: Remember Hitler! How about that Pat Robertson! What about Jerry Falwell!? Yada...yada...yada...

The time has now come for me to simply tell all of you with these words at the tips of your tongues: BULL SHIT!!! YOU ARE FLAT WRONG AND I'M FED UP WITH YOUR OBSTINANCE!!!

Whew...needed that.

The United Church of Christ (UCC), which is really The United Church of Liberalism, decided this week that, as advocates of gay rights, they will now recognize gay/lebian/transgender marriage and, while they're at it, announce a boycott of Israel in support of Palestinian rights for good measure.

Look, the UCC is just a front for the advancement of fundamentalist liberalism, and their boycott of Israel, which also includes a campaign to have the separation wall torn down, is part of the unholy alliance between liberalism and islam, but all the liberal Jews who seem utterly blinded by the Left STILL think the religious right is out to get them and the liberal left is there to help them. I am just blown away by this stupidity, of course, as the Evangelicals generously poor boat loads of money, tourism and political support to Israel, while the "Peacenik Left" GIVES IT TO THE DAMN *PHALESTINS!!!

I defy any of you Lefties reading this board to challenge my assertions. Of course, you can't because I'm right and you're wrong, and that is that. The totalitarian Left is bound and determinined to keep the charade of tolerance going as long as you'll keep buying it. Stop buying it and think for yourselves, you fools!!

The Churches on the left hate us, but you self-loathers like them anyway, while the Churches on the Right are supporting us 100%, yet you despise them. Wake up you morons!! (SLAP!) Get over it!! (SLAP!, SLAP) Get your head out of your ass!!! (SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!)

Take it from the Madman himself: this Leftist dhimmitude you are addicted to is madness.


*Phalestins is the arab mispronunciation of "palestinians".

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New, Shiny Name!

For no apparant reason, I have decided to change the name of this weblog. Well, OK, I do have a reason. The problem with the "Neocon Blogoff" name was that it didn't identify by title with the Madzionist, thus nobody could figure out it was the beloved (or reviled, depending on your view) "Madman" running the site. Hence, the change.

Here is an interview conducted by myself to myself launching the newly named website:

Q. So, what will be different now that you've got the cool new Madzionist Blogoff name?
A. Not a damn thing. Still me pontificating away.

Q. Will the theme be different?
A. No! Just more of me ranting and raving about politics and religion. Aren't you paying atttention?

Q. Sorry, Madman. So, will you be more forgiving of islam now?
A. If anything I intend to be more scathing in my condemnations of islam.

Q. When do we start?
A. Already have.

Q. Can anybody comment on your opinions?
A. Absolutely. In fact, I encourage it even if, God forbid, you disagree with me.

Welcome aboard, my friends!


Out of Jihad Watch

As some of you may know, I have left the message boards of "Jihad Watch" do to irreconcilable differences with the staff on how to best solve the toxic problem of islam. Below is my final letter to "Robert Spencer" - founder and editor of Jihad Watch.


I see now that you and the staff at JW only tolerate one approach to resolving the islamic problem.

My efforts to discuss alternatives to "pragmatism" and "containment" are clearly unwelcome and unwanted at this monolithic web log, therefore I will not further challenge your delicate egos with criticism of the "one view" solution permitted at Jihad Watch.

Thank you for informing me that the suggestion of using overwhelming military force and policing to defeat islam is forbidden at this website, as this will give me the opprtunity to spend more time advancing these principles on my own weblog,

I'm sorry if my dissent was inconvenient for you, and will not make you uncomfortable with any more postings that contradict your prescribed "solutions".

Be well,