Friday, September 30, 2005

Hamas Scores Election Gains

As New Judenrein moslems continue shelling nearby Jewish towns with Kassam rockets, over in Judea and Samaria the terrorist group Hamas made major political gains in the today's elections. It is believed they won over half of the seats they ran for, though Fatah, the party of Abbas' PA, still won the most seats since Hamas didn't enter candidates in 22 villages.

Overall, Fatah squeaked out only 54% of the vote, which is understood to be a major victory for the Jew killers of Hamas over the Jew killers of Fatah. Both organizations refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist and pledge to destroy the Jewish State and replace it with an islamic theocracy.

Sharon, who has said he will not recognize a democratically elected Hamas, will now be placed in a very uncomfortable position with the "death to the Jews" advocates he likes (Fatah) losing political power to the "death to the Jews" advocates (Hamas) he rejects.

Shabbat Shalom!


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Roberts Confirmed

The vote was 78-22.

Democrats who voted no were:

Daniel Akaka, Hawaii
Evan Bayh, Ind.
Joseph Biden Del.
Barbara Boxer, Calif.
Maria Cantwell, Wash.
Hillary Clinton, N.Y.
Jon Corzine, N.J.
Richard Durbin, Ill.
Dianne Feinstein, Calif.
Tom Harkin, Iowa
Daniel Inouye,
Edward Kennedy, Mass.
John Kerry, Mass.
Frank Lautenberg, N.J.
Barbara Mikulski, Md.
Barack Obama, Ill
Jack Reed, R.I.
Harry Reid, Nev.
Paul Sarbanes, Md.
Charles Schumer, N.Y.
Debbie Stabenow, Mich.
Mark Dayton, MN

The question that begs answer is why did anyone vote against him? There was nary a sole who evaluated this man who came away with a single reason why he would not be qualified for the job of Supreme Court Justice. In fact, by all acounts he is considered to be one of the most qualified candidates who has ever been nominated to the bench.

So why the no votes from the hard Left? Well, it can be best explained by George Will's recent column, Hubris and Heartstrings. In this he reveals the embarrassingly weak reasons the leftwing Senators who opposed his nomination voted against him. Particularly singled out was California Senator, Dianne "Tender Utopian" Feinstein.

Says Will,

Feinstein, like many Democrats, has interesting ideas about what Supreme Court justices do, or should do. In her statement explaining to fellow members of the Judiciary Committee why she opposes confirmation of Roberts, she began with a cascade of encomiums, describing Roberts as "an extraordinary person" with "many stellar qualities," including "a brilliant legal mind," "a love and abiding respect for the law" and "a sense of its scope and complexity as well." Her next word was "but."

The "but" it turns out is that Roberts didn't impress her emotionally. He didn't "do it" for her. He was to detatched and not sufficiently compassionate sounding for her tastes. He didn't act like a "champion of the people" or express "the importance of reaching out" that she was looking for.

Say what? I'm sorry, but a US Senator is openly using this as criteria for a Supreme Court Justice? She should be impeached. And what does this say to about the feminist movement that she espouses to be a leader of? I thought feminists wanted to be treated as men are treated, not give in to stereotypically emotional female whimpering. This was an embarrassment, or at least it should be, to any Democrat trying to say they stand for things of substance.

Or, does substance really not "do it" for the touchy-feely Dems?


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Happy Anniversary Intifada!

The primitive beasts of islam are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the second intifada today. Isn't that exciting! My, how time flies when Jews are being killed. And how are they going to celebrate, you ask? Why, by launching a 3rd intifada, of course!

Yes, it's true. The moslems masquerading as "Palestinian" saw the last intifada was such a resounding success - The Jews were expelled from Gaza and parts of the West Bank with further land concessions in the works, nearly 1100 Jews were killed and almost 7500 wounded by allah loving martyrs, jihadi prisoners were released from Israeli jails by the thousands, and, most notably, Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, the one time arch enemy of islamic terror, surrendered to jihad and became a good little dhimmi.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the West is sending them hundreds of millions of dollars as a reward for a job well done.

So, with that kind of success, how can they not call for another sequel? Now that they have a full launching pad in Gaza to rocket Israeli population centers, and open borders with Egypt to help arm the West Bank and Gaza jihadis to the teeth, the future has never looked rosier for the bloodthirsty Jew killers.

Arafat sure must be smiling in the grave right now.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Appeasement's Fruits

What do you get when you give in to the demands of murderers and criminals?

A. Peace and tranquility

B. Appreciation and acts of kindness

C. More murder and crime

Correct answer: C. More murder and crime

Ariel Sharon apparently got this question wrong, as since he has expelled the Jews from Gaza things haven't exactly gone rosy for the Jews in The Land.

Let's see, we've had the synagogues burned to the ground in Gaza, 3 rockets launched from Jordan into Elat, over 35 rockets launched from Gaza into Sderot, the Jews who were deported from Gush Katif left homeless and without compensation, multiple arab stabbings of Jews in Jerusalem, the greenhouses of Gaza looted and vandalized by the primitive moslems, massive military rallies by Hamas and the PA vowing to destroy Israel and make Jerusalem their capital, massive arms smuggled into Gaza from the now open Philadelphi border with Egypt, and, now, an Israeli kidnapped from Jerusalem and executed on video by Hamas.

Some deal, huh?


Monday, September 26, 2005

Sharon Vanquishes Bibi, Uzi

This from Ynet News:

Likud Central Committee members reject initiative to bring primary elections forward by 104 vote margin; Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's camp celebrates victory over arch-rivals MKs Benjamin Netanyahu, Uzi Landau.

Well, Sharon reigns supreme once again. As the Madzionist has been telling you all along, the Likud Party CANNOT be trusted. They are simply not a nationalist party, rather, they are merely interested in keeping their jobs. They stand for nothing.

Netanyahu asked the Likud committee, "Are we Likud or are we Meretz (the furthest left party)!" The answer: "Meretz, as long as we get to keep our cushy jobs!"

May this leftist capitulation by Likud serve to strengthen the National Union in the next elections. Down with Likud!


A note from MZ

The Madzionist apologizes for being away since last Thursday. Unfortunately, the past week has been very difficult for MZ, as Mother MZ had a cardiac event, from a Dr.'s prescription error following knee replacement surgery, and nearly died. Thank God, she's OK now.

However, that wasn't all that would happen over the weekend. After flying up to his old hometown of Buffalo to be with the recovering Momma Zionist, the lovely Mrs. Zionist was nearly killed on Friday by a "No Habla Anglais" driving an 18 wheeler, who ran a red light and smashed into Mrs. MZ's SUV with frightening force. Again, thank God, she is going to be OK, but certainly she is beat up, traumatized, and sicking a ruthless lawyer on the bastard who did this to her. Her vehicle is totaled and she can't turn her head, but it's a miracle she's alive and we're all very, very thankful.

Also, thank God, the MZ's Baby girl - the "Teeny Zionist" - was not in the vehicle with mom at the time of the accident.

So, you see my friends, it has been a tough time for the Madman, and I hope all of you who read this will send prayers for Mrs. and Momma Zionist, wishing them a speedy recovery and good health.

Of course, MZ's beloved Buffalo Bills had to go and get stomped again this week just to add insult to injury. Ugghh. Anyway, thank God Mrs. Z, Baby Z, and Momma Z are all alive and in one piece.

I truly feel like the most blessed man in the world right now.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Americans Now Blame Nagin

Despite what you may see and read from leftwing media, the American public now overwhelmingly blames Mayor Nagin, not President Bush, for the tragic response failures in New Orleans. You would think from watching liberal anchormen like Brian Williams blasting Bush every night on the evening news, or reading the arch-liberal New York Times' Bush-bashing ritual every day, that the country would be ready to hang the President from the highest tree left standing in New Orleans.


Though we are bombarded constantly by the MSM with accusations that Bush is everything from a black-hating bigot who wanted the "negroes" to suffer, to being a detatched incompetent telling the poor people of New Orleans to "eat cake", the polls, in fact, now show these allegations to be patently untrue in the eyes of most Americans. According to an AOL poll of over 600,000 people, 67% said President Bush did a BETTER JOB of handling the crisis than Mayor Nagin. In addition, 65% rank the performance of the Mayor POOR, while only 10% feel he did an excellent job. This is quite a statement.

Perhaps it's time for this bumbling ass of a mayor to stop blaming everyone but himself for what happened in New Orleans. The inexcusable behavior of the city's corrupt police force in the wake of the flood that led to violent chaos, and his profanity laced attacks against the President to send buses to New Orleans - when all along Nagin failed to utilize the fleets of buses sitting at his disposal that could have evacuated the people - certainly have not helped the crybaby, excuse maker's case.

Let's hope Houston has a better mayor than this chump when Rita comes calling.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Call For Sharon's Resignation

There is a sensational column today in the Jewish World Review by Jerusalem Post deputy managing editor, Caroline B. Glick. She outlines exactly how preposterous Sharon's political attacks on his Likud competitors have become lately, castigates his hypocritical strategy of banning Hamas from elections while endorsing Fatah, which has the same charter demand to liquidate Israel as Hamas, and rips Sharon's cowardly appeasement strategy of expelling the Jews from Gaza and giving it to the arabs, which, she points out very astutely, has only served to compromise Israel's security and political integrity.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

In New York over the weekend the premier said that Israel would not facilitate the elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council in Judea and Samaria next January if Hamas participates in the poll — although he plans to do nothing in the face of Hamas's ascendancy in Gaza. Sharon argued that to be considered a legitimate political party Hamas would first have to disarm and amend its charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel.

This new plan makes sense on the face of it. After all, Hamas is a deadly terrorist organization and, as a US State Department spokesman noted, there is a "fundamental contradiction of groups wanting to keep one foot in the political process and one foot in the camp of terror."

The problem is that this fundamental contradiction describes not only Hamas but every Palestinian political party. Fatah is both the largest terrorist group and the ruling party in the Palestinian Authority. Indeed there are no Palestinian political parties of note that are not terrorist organizations. So why the sudden interest in Hamas?

If anyone had any hope that Sharon would stop appeasing Israel's enemies in the wake of the implementation of his withdrawal and expulsion plan from Gaza, his speech last Thursday at the UN, like his obscene attacks on his political opponents, show clearly that Sharon has no intention of stopping his appeasement bandwagon. If reelected he will make "painful concessions" in Judea and Samaria — meaning further land giveaways to Palestinian terrorists — just as he just did in Gaza.

I recommend you read it all.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another Anti-Israel Report from the UK

Britain seems to be a daily source of Jew-hatred these days.

With the recent UK indictment of an Israeli General on behalf of Jihadis and self-loathing Jews, and the attempt to eliminate Holocaust Memorial Day and replace it with Genocide Day honoring "Palestinian" suffering under Israeli occupation (yes, advanced by moslems and self-loathing Jews), and MP George Galloway ranting on a daily basis how all the suffering in the world - yes, even Hurricane Katrina - is because of the evil Jewish State, and, of course, the arabist London mayor, Kenneth Livingstone, who was also only too willing to join Galloway and other islamist anti-Semites in blaming the London subway bombings on "neocons" and wicked Israel.

Now, we have the resurrection of the heinous plan for British Universities to enact a total academic boycott of Israel, led by the virulently anti-Semitic British Committee for Universities of Palestine (BRICUP). They are trying to completely ban Israeli universities from having any interaction with British universities, including banning all travel to Israel and attending conferences with Israeli academics.

BRICUP is led by Mrs. Hillary and Steven Rose, a pair of self-loathing Jews who do not recognize Israel's right to exist.

The Association of University Teachers (AUT) had briefly approved the divestment from Israel back in May until an emergency meeting overturned the decision after it was contested by the Jewish Society for being based on anti-Semitic lies and hostility towards Jews.

The anti-Israel daily news rag, The Guardian, had this to report today:

The British Committee for Universities of Palestine (Bricup), the pro-boycott organisation, is relaunching its campaign with a campus tour of public meetings involving speakers from Palestinian universities. The aim is to put the boycott back on the agenda by presenting the reality of living under the occupation, says Hilary Rose, one of the architects of the academic boycott and a founder of Bricup.

"The boycott is moving on, extremely well judged by the amount of support coming into us and the willingness of universities to set up meetings to discuss it," she says. Meetings so far scheduled for this term include Birmingham, York, University of East London and Sussex.

"If you were in occupied France, you were never asked why you don't love the Nazis. And what about South Africa?" she says. Is Rose comfortable making such a comparison? "I would see the right of people to fight against an illegal oppression as a fundamental right and I say that as a pacifist," she says.

Ever notice that pacifists are always so compassionate towards the terrorists but despise Israel? Perhaps "pacifist" is simply a code name for "Jew hater", with the worst of the lot always seeming to be the self-loathing Jews.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Amnesty Int: Hand over the Jew

The quest by the moslem world to round up Jewish political and military leaders with the help of anti-Semitic European courts has manifested now with Amnesty International demanding Israel be forced to hand over General Almog to the UK's court and be tried as a war criminal. He was indicted last week by a leftist judge, in a lawsuit by moslem jihadis, with a self-loathing Jewish lawyer representing them.

"Amnesty International deplored the failure of the United Kingdom authorities to arrest Israeli army General Doron Almog when he arrived at London's Heathrow airport, describing this as a clear violation of the UK's obligations under both national and international law. A warrant for the general's arrest for alleged war crimes had been issued by an English court the previous day. The organisation is now calling on the UK authorities to urge Interpol to circulate the arrest warrant and on other states party to the Geneva Conventions to cooperate with the UK in carrying out the arrest and handing over General Almog to the UK's court."
I figure sometime soon they'll be demanding the arrest of any Jew who has been found to have contributed money or support to the State of Israel under charges of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. I can see it now:
Coming to a courthouse near you, on the Left side of town, the new smash hit reality TV series, "Show Trial of the Jews!" from the Progressive Broadcasting Company. Get your tickets fast as there's a limited supply of Jews available for prosecution. SPECIAL! This week only, all children under 12 admitted FREE when naming a classmate of theirs who looks like a Zionist!


Friday, September 16, 2005

Round up the Jews!

Soon we may have kangaroo courts hanging Jews for the crime of being Jewish in "Palestinian" territory. Sounds far fetched, you say? Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Already the moslems secured a warrant for the arrest in Britain of retired IDF Commander, Daron Almog, forcing him to flee back to Israel upon landing at the British airport.

Now, Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) Director Raji Sourani is looking to do the same to the Jews that they refer to as "Settlers".

Says Sourani:

The settlements are a war crime, and the settlers are criminals of war. This is not a Palestinian definition; this is what international law states," he said.

"The settlements were set up on confiscated lands; the natural resources of these lands were exploited and Palestinian homes were destroyed. We must remain loyal to the pain and tortures our nation has suffered from and we will track down each and every settler war criminal."

On Thursday it was reported that the PCHR plans to file indictments against senior Jerusalem Municipality officials under the claim they had committed war crimes when the authorized the destruction of Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem.

In the aftermath of the creation of New Judenrein, the moslems have found a new, effective trick to get at the Jews: using the legal systems of leftist countries and international organizations that have anti-Israel sentiments to indict Israelis for "crimes" against the "Palestinians". The useful idiots on the left are only too willing to enable the arab destruction of the Jewish State, and with the leftist lawyers and judges eagerly doing their part, it may prove to be a real problem for Jews everywhere.

Zionists being rounded up in raids and arrested for "conspiring to commit crimes on behalf of Israel"? Don't laugh, it could very well happen...even in America.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sharon adresses the UN

Yassir Sharon addressed the UN today for the first time since creating the state of New Judenrein for the moslems. His speech apparantly delighted liberals and arabists but failed to impress Jewish nationalists. What a surprise!

This from Israel National News:

Political commentators hailed the speech as signifying Sharon's choice to appeal to the left-wing in Israel instead of appealing to the Likud Central Committee with promises to preserve settlement blocs and the like.

"Ariel Sharon told the United Nations that the Land of Israel is dear to him - but apparantly not as dear as keeping his family members out of prison," said MK Tzvi Hendel (National Union), evicted from his home in Ganei Tal as part of the Gaza withdrawal. "The entire Gaza withdrawal was aimed at having the criminal files of Sharon and his sons closed."

"Sharon has revealed himself to be a complete leftist and he is not embarrassed of it," MK Rabbi Benny Elon (National Union) said in response to the speech. "He intends to create an independent state in Judea and Samaria, with Jerusalem as its capital."


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Israel to become Bi-National?

Unfortunately, some lessons are learned too late. The lesson for the many well intended lefties that believed retreating from Gaza as a "good will gesture" would create peace with the moslems has already collapsed under burning synagogues, Kassam rockets, Philadelphi weapons smuggling from Egypt, and calls for jihad to continue "until the flag of islam waves over Jerusalem" with the complete destruction of the Jewish State.
Now we see the beginning of world pressure upon Israel to capitulate further by agreeing to create a bi-National state with "Palestine".
Today in London, which has rapidly become the new, trendy hotbed for islamic anti-Semitism, Arab League Chairman, Amro Musa, has called for Israel to either retreat behind the '67 borders and tear down the security fence or the Arab League will demand the creation of a bi-national state in place of Israel.
Said Musa:
“If Israel agrees to give the Palestinians a state, ends settlements, and gives up on the security fence which paralyzes the West Bank, we will support the two-state solution. If, however, Israel continues with its current policy, without applying the road map and international decisions, and stops with the Gaza withdrawal, our second option will be a state in which Palestinians and Israelis will have equal rights, despite objections by the Israeli government.”
The last IDF soldier has been out of Gaza for less than 48 hours and Israel is already under pressure to further capitulate to increasing moslem demands. It is time for Israel to end the appeasent madness by bringing in a Prime Minister who understands that islam cannot be placated, it must be defeated and expelled.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Quotes From New Judenrein

Thanks to Yassir Sharon's epic capitulation of Gaza, the moslems now posses the land which will from now on be referred to here as New Judenrein. Marking this occasion yesterday, New Judenrein leaders spoke to rabid throngs of primitive moslems - who, as we all know, are strategically pretending to be part of a mythical nation known as "Palestine".

Here's some juicy, snuggable quotes from Hamas bigwig, Al Zahar, from YNet News:

“We will win in Jerusalem and in Palestine, the whole of Palestine,” al-Zahar said as the crowds cheered. During the event, participants yelled out “Allahu akbar” (God is great) and chanted in support of Izz al-Din al-Qassam, Hamas’ military wing, calling on the group to continue the liberation operation and refuse to disarm.

“We know our people is expecting us to continue the liberation journey, until the flag of Islam is raised over Jerusalem,”

“This is the weapon we used to crush the heads of the Zionist enemies. This weapon is at the service of the people and homeland…we won’t use it against anyone, but it must be in our hands because Jerusalem awaits us,” he said.

“The Zionist enemy knows no other languages aside from the language of fire directed on him by the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades,” he said. “We’ll continue to develop our arms industry.”

Nice, huh? And let us not omit these delightful zingers from "huggy bear" PA leader, Mahmoud Abbas:

“I thank all our people and everyone who assisted us, including Israeli peace forces, allied countries, Arab countries…I thank the martyrs, headed by the greatest martyr, Yasser Arafat,” Abbas said.

"The withdrawal of the occupation army and the settlers from the Gaza Strip doesn't mean in any way that occupation has come to an end," Abbas said. "Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem!”

How lovable can you get, huh? Ahhh...the smell of peace is in the air.


British Court: "Arrest that Jew General"

Is there anything more dangerous than the self-loathing Jew?

This from YnetNews:

“I would advise Doron Almog to hire a good lawyer, since in accordance with our client’s wish we are planning on making the warrant against him international,” said Daniel Machover, the British lawyer [self-loathing Jew] who presented a British court with an arrest warrant against Major General Doron Almog.

Last Sunday, Almog was on his way to Britain when he received a phone call from the Israeli embassy in London, and was told that a Muslim organization brought a warrant against him for his arrest, which was approved by a British court.

Daniel Machover acting on behalf of Palestinian group "demands to know" how Israel's ambassador became aware of arrest and returned to Israel; Israel based far left group Yesh Gvul said it also initiated legal proceedings in UK court against Chief of Staff Halutz and former chief of staff Yaalon

After landing in London, Almog immediately returned to Israel.

Machover, a former Israeli, denied any links between the warrant and his personal political views.

“It’s important for me to emphasize that the office in which I work operates for human rights. I represent the client, in this specific case this is a Palestinian organization representing Palestinian civil rights. If a Jewish civilian turned to us about a breach of his rights here in Britain, I would gladly represent him, but I find it hard to believe there would be a reason too,” said Machover.
Despite his denial of being motivated by a political stance, Daniel Machover been active in a number of anti-Israel initiatives in Britain. In May 2005, Machover signed a letter in support of an academic boycott against Israeli universities, as adopted by Britain’s Association of University Teachers. The letter called on European governments to pass sanctions on Israeli universities.

A self-loathing Jew lawyer, representing islamic jihadists, gets an arrest warrant from a Jew-hating British court for an Israeli General. Why am I not surprised?

Attention Israel: Stop trying to make the leftists and moslems like you better! They Don't, they won't, and they never will.


Monday, September 12, 2005

And another thing...

What I'd like to know is why everyone in the media isn't reporting how burning synagogues is sure to inflame the anger of world Jewry? I sure remember how we all had to watch the daily MSM reports about how angered the moslem world was when they heard a rumor that a copy of a koran may have been damaged by a guard in the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

In fact, this is what Condi Rice had to say about the alleged koran desecration:

"Disrespect for the holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States," she said.

I guess that mutilation and burning of Torahs and Synagogues doesn't warrant such statements, huh?

I also remember that there were riots in Afghanistan following the report of the potential sullying of that Gitmo koran. Several people were killed. I also remember jihads being called for left and right while the media outrage at America and Bush was spewed around the clock.

Oh, then we have the Holy, Holy, Holy city of Najaf. Remember this one? In A WAR with raging moslem terrorists in Najaf, American troops were condemned throughout the world for scratching the paint of the Imam Ali shrine when the terrorists holed up there were attacking our soldiers with sniper fire.

So, again, I implore, where's the outrage? The world leaders surely are going to make public condemnations of the mobs of "Palestinian" jihadis that have burned all those Jewish holy symbols, right?

The media surely will fixate on this terrible atrocity, right?

Hello! Is there anybody out there?

MZ is not happy about this.

Hamas Celebrates Victory

As we all knew would be the case (well, MOST of us knew), the Gaza Capitulation has not been viewed by the "Palestinians" as the "disengagement of strength" Mr. Sharon pretended it to be. The Gazan jihadis, who for strategic purposes claim to be part of the fictional nation of "Palestine", have been joyously celebrating what they declare to be the first true moslem conquest of the modern Jewish State.

In addition to the wanton burning of synagogues, the Guardian rag sheet is reporting that the primitive moslems have been celebrating with special posters and flags, plus making bold statements about having run the Jews out of town.

Said the Guardian:

The Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has painted Israel's removal of Jewish settlers and the army's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip after 38 years as a bold move for peace, not a retreat under fire. But many Palestinians believe the deaths of nearly 100 soldiers and 48 settlers over the past five years were the most important factor in the decision.

"The Israelis didn't leave this area because of goodwill," the Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar told the Guardian. "It wasn't a gift from Sharon to the Palestinian people. They left because they suffered too much."

They may be primitive, murderous criminals, but even they can figure out the obvious: Sharon evacuated Gaza in defeat.

The article continues:

It is the only conclusion that makes sense to men such as Diyab Hassan Ouda, who for decades watched the Israelis arrive, never leave. He fled to what was then the Egyptian territory of Gaza in 1948 as a 13-year-old refugee after the Israeli army claimed his village for the new Jewish state. Israeli tanks rolled up to his doorstep again during the 1967 six-day war, beginning the occupation. After the soldiers came the Jewish settlers, claiming land in the name of God and defence.

"The Jews usually come and stay, and advance. Now they are the ones to leave," said Mr Ouda. "This is a victory for resistance. It made them leave. It's the first time the resistance has won. Gaza is the beginning of the road to the liberation of Jerusalem."

Now, let's remember that this is the Guardian, so we must weed out the anti-Israel spin they put in the report, but it is absolutely truthful to say the Expulsion has been a real boon for islamic terrorist methodology.

The report concludes chillingly:

Mr Ouda says that in his youth he supported Arafat and the PLO. "I was for Arafat. I was a nationalist. Now I am Hamas because of what Israel has done during the intifada. Hamas led the fight," he said. "Gaza was a beginning. You know how you hunt foxes? You dig them out of their holes. The fox is gone from Gaza to the West Bank. The resistance will dig him out of his hole there."

I sure hope the next Prime Minister of Israel is listening to this from Mr. Ouda rather than the sickening applause Mr. Sharon gets from the anti-Semites of Europe and the UN.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

PA Burning Synagogues

Let me see if I get this straight: Israel expels all the Jews from Gaza in a "good will gesture" to the arabs, who in turn immediately begin burning the synagogues as the IDF retreats. I am supposed to believe that this is who the Jewish State is supposed to trust as a partner of peace? Can you imagine if Jews demolished mosques in Israel that are in the way of priceless excavations, or, better yet, destroyed the Al-Aqsa mosque to clear the way for Jews to posses the Temple Mount?

Oh, how the international community would love that.

Yet, read this from Israel National News:

"( Palestinian Authority (PA) residents have set the synagogue in Navei Dekalim ablaze. Earlier on Monday morning, the synagogue in Morag was set ablaze and the windows in Netzarim's synagogue were smashed and efforts were made to set the building ablaze as well. "

Sharon's decision to make Gaza Judenrein was a deal with the devil, and Jews will pay the price for his moral bankruptcy with innocent civilian blood. It is a critical error to seek the admiration of the international community at the expense of one's own safety, and I believe Sharon will go down as one of the worst villains in Jewish history for enacting this desecration.


Britain Liquidating Holocaust Memorial Day?

What's the natural thing to do after moslems have twice bombed your nation's subway system? Why, abolish Holocaust Memorial Day so as not to offend the moslems, of course! Lord knows the Jews are expendable, I mean Israel just physically expelled their own brethren from Gaza after moslem terrorism, didn't they? Yep, that's what any right minded country needs to do: make nice with the terrorists by showing them you don't care much for Jews, either!

Check this out from Ynet News:

"Advisors appointed by British Prime Minister Tony Blair after the London bombings have proposed to cancel Holocaust Memorial Day, claiming it is offensive to the Muslim community, The Sunday Times reports.

While Blair has yet to respond to the proposal, the idea prompted a harsh response from the Jewish community.

According to the proposal, Holocaust Day would be replaced with Genocide Day, which would recognize the mass murder of Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya and Bosnia as well as people of other faiths, the Times said."

So, you see? Dump the Holocaust Day, which after all is only memorializing the virtual extermination of European Jewry, so instead they may honor the poor "Palestinians", who are being so rudely treated by the Jews who stubbornly refuse to let the moslems kill them.

Yeah...that's the ticket.


France: Expel the Jews from Judea

This from the JTA wire:

"France’s foreign minister described Israel’s “colonization” of the West Bank as illegal. Visiting the Jewish state this week, Philippe Douste-Blazy praised the success of the Gaza withdrawal but said that “other steps must follow.” “The colonization of the West Bank is against international law,” he said, “and any continued colonization called into question the very meaning of the peace process.” Douste-Blazy also urged Israel to “allow the Palestinian Authority to develop credible security forces.”

The French just can't make there hatred for Jews any more obvious, can they?

So, what exactly is it about the Jews who live in Judea that the French hate most?

1). That they are Jews.

2). That they are in fact, well, uhh, Jews.

3). All of the above

Please help the Madzionist out by answering the above question so he can better understand how the good people of France view Jews and Israel.

Merci beacoup,


Friday, September 09, 2005

Jews Blamed For New Orleans

Clearly, liberals will find any reason imaginable to slander the Jewish State. The "progressive" website, Counterpunch, spends an incredible amount of energy drawing absurd connections for everything that has ever gone wrong in the world with big, bad Israel. Not surprisingly, they found the New Orleans tragedy to naturally harken imagery of, you guessed it, the Jewish oppression of the "Palestinians".

Take this:

"The full impact of its "war on terror" mentality that has resulted in a catastrophic depletion of our National Guard and Reserves became evident as looters and armed gangs took control of the streets, as the depleted reserves for relief became a national shame because this administration had cut taxes for the wealthy and services for the poor. Who could view this chaos through the camera's eye and not realize that this administration's priorities for human relief mock the poor and needy in this country while it extols the well to do and politically savvy in Israel? "

And this:

"Strange that Americans have not witnessed the months of Israeli destruction wrought on the citizens of Rafah or the devastation inflicted on the residents of Jenin or even the wanton slaughter of an innocent Evergreen College student who stood tall before the American bulldozer and watched it crush her beneath its blade, and, then, in virtual slow motion, pull back without lifting the blade to sever her body as witnesses stood around in disbelief unable to comprehend such callousness. Where were the cameras during these episodes of Sharon brutality?"

Or this:

"Quite a contrast: U.S. administration support of significant magnitude to citizens of a foreign country, citizens who illegally occupied another people's land, while American citizens languished on rooftops or sweltered in makeshift shelters for days on end with no understanding of where they will go or how they will replace their lost homes. Can anyone doubt that this administration's priorities favor those able to offer it political advantage at the expense of the average citizen stranded at the mercy of Nature's might?"

So, you see it was really the JEWS who are responsible for hurricane Katrina's destruction. The poor people of New Orleans were unnecessarily starved, looted, raped and murdered because George Bush is sending all of our money and resources to the JEWS in Israel. How did I miss that?

Perhaps the JEWS will be found to be using the dead bodies they recover in New Orleans for Passover blood matzos. Better yet, the JEWS wil become "squatters" in New Orleans at the expense of all those poor minority Americans who were displaced, creating a city of New Gaza.

I implore any of you reading this post who still are cast under the spell that being Jewish and being a liberal are somehow compatible, please, please, get help before it's too late. Remember, self-loathing is extremely hazardous to your health.
By the way, the anti-Semitic rantings you read above was from Professor William Cook of the University of La Verne in southern California. If you'd like to let him know your opinion his email is: cookb@ULV.EDU


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Abbas: Eastern and Northern Gaza Still Occupied

Isn't that special. PA chief Mahmoud Abbas now is saying that Israel only partially withdrew from Gaza and demands that the Jews keep conceding more land to the north and to the east if there is to be any chance for a peace process to move forward.

Take this beauty from the Jerusalem Post:

"In an interview published in a major Palestinian daily, Al-Quds, on Saturday, he told the Palestinian public that "the evacuation of the settlers, the settlements and the army from the Strip are steps in the right direction, but it does not mean the end of the occupation. There are lands in eastern and northern Gaza still under occupation.... We need to renegotiate the details and get back to the real border."

No surprise here, gang. It was the same thing when Sharon retreated from southern Lebanon and Hezbollah continued shelling northern Israel saying that land actually belongs to the arabs, too. As we all know (you all do know this, right?), it's only going to be enough when all the Jews are gone and Israel is destroyed. Anything less just means another call to JIHAD.

When will all of you who still don't get it learn:

Land for peace = Death for Jews


Arafat's personal MD: "AIDS was found in his blood"

Well, it looks as if Yassir Arafat, the terrorist pedophile who embezzled nearly a billion dollars of foreign aid money, indeed croaked from AIDS as has been widely rumored since his death last November. According to a report from Amos Harel of Haaretz, the French doctors who tended to Arafat at the end of his life found the AIDS virus in his blood at the time of his death.

Excerpts from the article:

"Dr. Ashraf al-Kurdi, Arafat's personal physician who played no part in the late PA chairman's medical care during the final weeks of his life, said that he knows that the French doctors found the AIDS virus in Arafat's blood."

"Prof. Gil Lugassi, president of the Israel Hematologists Association who read the French report, said that the symptoms described could be typical of AIDS."An infection that begins in the digestive system and deteriorates so quickly into the collapse of the clotting system is typical of AIDS," he says. "What is simply unacceptable and seems very perplexing is the absolute disregard for the possibility of AIDS."

What better way to die for one of the most abhorrent men to ever have lived than as a disgraced, AIDS ridden, homosexual pedophile. The moslems sure know how to pick their hero's don't they?


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NY Times Lauds Martyr Apologist Filmmaker

Not surprising to anyone who sees them for the leftist, Israel hating, moslem apologist scumbags that they are, the New York Times, and their insufferable arabist film critic, Alan Riding, predictably gushed over the newly released, suicide bomber-friendly film, "Paradise Now", by Palestinian director, Hany Abu-Assad.
This is one of the mind-numbing excerpts from Riding's interview with Abu-Assad:
"While suicide bombers are often portrayed in the West as brainwashed automatons, Mr. Abu-Assad said his research in Palestine suggested that people acted mostly out of conviction. 'The daily humiliation is so big that people just agree to it,' he said. 'The biggest motivation is the feeling of impotence. You are captured in your own city; you can't do anything about it; you are nothing.'"
Of course! The terrorists are merely fighting for their freedom from brutal Jewish oppression. It's just the natural reaction of a desperate people, good folk like you and me, getting caught up in the noble struggle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, right?
Yeah, right.
You know, I have to wonder why there are no movies being made about innocent Jews being blown up by islamic terrorists in the name of Allah. Always the Jewish civilians are virtually ignored while the islamic criminals are portrayed with great sympathy and compassion.
I also loved this gem:
"By attacking the enemy society," he went on, suicide bombers "go from losing to winning. Religion is just a ceremony. That is the research I did. And I'm not the only one saying it. All the talk about brainwashing and virgins and the other life - it's just ceremony."
Oh sure, the islamic factors are completely irrelevant, right? The koran has nothing to do with this beyond the ceremonial, huh? Well, naturally that makes for a more identifiable character.
Of course, anyone really believing that the moslems are not very interested in islam, or having the Jews thrown into the sea so that an islamic state can be created, probably needs to have a full frontal lobotomy.
Which explains the useful idiots at the European Film Festival, who lavished this abysmal, terrorist-loving movie with awards and accolades, in the same measure they embraced Michael Moore's putrid lie, Fahrenheit 9-11, last year.
Seems as if the NY Times has never seen a movie that praises moslems and hates America or Israel that they didn't like.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Vindication For Skepticism

My friends, never forget how diabolically biased the media really is, or how decrepit liberalism reveals itself to be when confronted with a real crisis. I have been telling you all from the very beginning that you need to have deep reservations about the way the New Orleans tragedy is being reported. So, those of you who fell into the media's trap (and you know who you are!), raise your right hand and repeat after me:

"I will never fall for the media's leftist spin again."

Now, hopefully this will sink in.

What was that? Are you for real? You're seriously asking me what lesson? Oh, brother, I can't believe you're still under their spell. Ok, here you go my gullible, misguided friends. I offer you the truth as it is now finally being reported.

This is from the editor in chief of the Washington Times, Wesley Pruden (Hat Tip: GOP BLOGGERS).

"The vultures of the venomous left are attacking on two fronts, first that the president didn't do what the incompetent mayor of New Orleans and the pouty governor of Louisiana should have done, and didn't, in the early hours after Katrina loosed the deluge on the city that care and good judgment forgot. Ray Nagin, the mayor, ordered a "mandatory" evacuation a day late, but kept the city's 2,000 school buses parked and locked in neat rows when there was still time to take the refugees to higher ground. The bright-yellow buses sit ruined now in four feet of dirty water. Then the governor, Kathleen Blanco, resisted early pleas to declare martial law, and her dithering opened the way for looters, rapists and killers to make New Orleans an unholy hell. Gov. Haley Barbour did not hesitate in neighboring Mississippi, and looters, rapists and killers have not turned the streets of Gulfport and Biloxi into killing fields."

Boy, I bet the feeling that you've been duped is starting to twist in your belly, isn't it? Sucks, don't it? Well, you couldn't help but think those images on TV, as horrible and disturbing as they were, must have a person to nail for allowing it to happen. The media presented it neatly and cleanly as President Bush's fault so why not call for his head, right? It's sooo tempting it must be ok, just this once, to believe what they say is really the way it is, right?

WRONG! Here's more from Mr. Pruden.

"The drumbeat of partisan ingratitude continues even after the president flooded the city with National Guardsmen from a dozen states, paratroopers from Fort Bragg and Marines from the Atlantic and the Pacific. The flutter and chatter of the helicopters above the ghostly abandoned city, some of them from as far away as Singapore and averaging 240 missions a day, is eerily reminiscent of the last days of Saigon. Nevertheless, Sen. Mary Landrieu, who seems to think she's cute when she's mad, even threatened on national television to punch out the president -- a felony, by the way, even as a threat. Mayor Nagin, who you might think would be looking for a place to hide, and Gov. Blanco, nursing a bigtime snit, can't find the right word of thanks to a nation pouring out its heart and emptying its pockets. Maybe the senator should consider punching out the governor, only a misdemeanor."

There's probably one or two of you out there who are still stubbornly holding onto your "Blame Bush" sentiments despite this clear debunking. For those of you holding onto your original reaction, be it out of foolish pride or bull headed determination against all reasoning, read the time line of events and see for yourself.

Just one more bit of advice, my friends. In the future notice that President Bush always stands above the partisan fray. He is a pretty quiet man who's slow to blame others, takes the punches, and just keeps moving forward in the direction of doing the right thing. In the end he is almost always vindicated for it.

Always, that is, except for when it comes to Israel and he forgets his way...but I'll save THAT for another time!


The Mayor of Ineptitude

The truth is coming to the surface about the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans. The facts are proving out that the incompetent and tragic results were not the fault of big, bad racist Republicans, or an "uncaring" President Bush as the media would like us to believe.

FrontPage Mag's Ben Johnson elucidates for us the miserable failure of the Mayor in preparing and responding to Katrina, while also debunking many of the common myths the Lefties are spreading about the federal response, and George W. Bush in particular.

Read on...


Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane rage: Get it right.

MZ's getting mad about the rampant Bush-bashing regarding the hurricane disaster.

It seems Bush is to blame for the global warming that caused the hurricane in the first place. He is responsible that the levees broke because he stole the money set aside for its renovation to kill innocent Iraqis, who had no WMD, to please Israel and the neocons. He has all the troops and rescue equipment we need over in Iraq doing Israel's dirty work while African Americans are dying. Bush doesn't care that they are dying, of course, because the blacks don't vote for him anyhow.

Also, Bush knew the storm would hit well in advance but was more interested in playing at his Crawford vacation than bothering to issue preventive military personnel and resources.

Does that about cover our liberal friends agenda?

Now, the next thing to do is send the military home from Iraq and place them in Los Angeles on standby so they can evacuate the population whenever the "Big Earthquake" hits and destroys the city.'s madness. How about being sad for the tragedy that happened and mad at the state government for not having an evacuation strategy, not having a disaster plan for policing the city, and not issuing shoot-to-kill orders until THIS MORNING.

Now, the National Guard has arrived en masse to help the refugees and restore order. I'd like to ask the Bush bashers not to blame the feds for being late on the job when the state, in particular the incompetent Governor Blanco, and the idiot Mayor Nagin, failed miserably to prepare for what was coming, and now have thousands of dead bodies rotting in their streets to show for it.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

RIP New Orleans

Unbelievable imagery. New Orleans has suffered a pounding that no other major city in the modern world has ever experienced. It literally does not exist anymore...a modern day Krakatoa or Pompeii. All that's left are the floating dead bodies, the diseased and flooded streets, abandoned buildings damaged and decayed beyond repair, and the unfortunate people who are still stuck in this hell hoping to be somehow evacuated alive.

What will happen in the next few months and years nobody can predict. A replacement New Orleans may be rebuilt, or a few of the remaining areas may be salvaged, but New Orleans as it had been, as the Big Easy so many new and loved, as a unique American icon unlike any other city, will never again be like it was. It will be missed, it will be remembered, but it will not be.

Very sad.

As a nation we mourn but also we look for solutions. One big question is the consequences to America's economy with this rich, oil producing and refining area being annihilated. Will we suffer gas and oil shortages? Will gas pump prices go up to unheard of levels that could kill the economy?

While it's not likely that we will face huge, long term impacts, we still could suffer from some short term spikes and scares in the price of fuel. To combat this, President Bush has opened the oil reserves to keep things in check until we get a better handle on the situation.

I have a problem, though, with another aspect of this tragedy. Where the hell is the UN? Where the hell are the nation's of the world in our time of need? Don't we jump in and save the day when other country's face disaster and need relief? I am particularly miffed at, (who else?) the Arabs. Wouldn't you think that with all we've done to save the Saudis from Hussein they could maybe give us a break on some oil when our chips are down?

Even worse, why are we not grabbing the oil from Iraq? Hell, we SAVED that country from Hussein, and are battling the terrorists as we speak, and we are essentially keeping those oil fields and refineries in operation with our own sweat and resources, but we can't have any of the oil? I don't buy this. We damn sure DO deserve to take what we need because we EARNED the right to do so.

Those leftist and paleo losers who cry NO WAR FOR OIL need to shut up. We need the oil, we fought to save their ass and ours from a tyrant, and we donated billions of dollars to the "oil for food scam" that we'll never get back, so damn straight that it should be about the oil. Imperialism you say? I say it is pragmatism. We did the right thing, for the right reasons, and deserve compensation for our trouble. This is simple economics and we are not a non-profit country.

By the way, who's the one country in the world that HAS offered us relief aid or assistance?

Israel, of course.

Take what oil we need to fix the economic troubles so that we may concentrate on saving people's lives in that toilet bowl that was once the proud, charming, and wonderful City of New Orleans.