Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bibi is Running

To nobody's surprise, Benjamin Netanyahu is officially running for the top Likud spot against Yassir Sharon. There is one big problem with this announcement, however: Bibi is a phony.

Having been PM once already, Zionists remember how Netanyahu gave away Hevron to the Palestinians despite running as an uncompromising Likud nationalist. He also coddled Arafat with public handshakes and allowed the despicable Oslo process to continue under his watch.

As Sharon's finance minister, he five times voted in favor of the Gaza expulsion, only to resign at the last minutes before the withdrawal began in an act so transparently political he was mocked by both Left and Right.

Of course, Sharon is even more duplicitous and corrupt than Netanyahu. Therefore, when running side by side, Bibi easily crushes the seditious Sharon in a voting decision most consider as choosing between the lesser of the two evils.

Uzi Landau, a powerful anti-expulsion Likud MK, is a serious threat to both Sharon and Bibi because of his popularity within the nationalist wing of the party. It is a reasonable deduction that if Landau scuttles Bibi he will win the Likud nomination.

Sharon will likely become a third party candidate comprising mostly of Likud doves and Labor centrists.

However, Landau's resources are much smaller than either Sharon or Netanyahu, so his will be an uphill slog to the top. The same could be said for Moshe Feiglin of the Religious Zionist wing of Likud, who is also hoping to gain the Likud nomination. His chances are the slimmest, however, as his base is not as powerful of a force in the Likud Party.

For what it's worth, I don't trust Likud at all anymore. Beginning with Menachem Begin's Sinai concession to Egypt, Bibi's concession of Hevron, and Sharon's Gaza capitulation, Likud's track record of hollow promises and islamic appeasement is horrendous.

Labor, of course, is no better than the PA, so they are not an option at all.

I submit that a unified National Zionist party under the leadership of Benny Elon is the only trustworthy option left for Zionists who are sick of Israel being given away inch by inch, Jew by Jew, until nothing is left.

Unfortunately, the Likud machine is so monstrous that the odds of an alternative Nationalist party breaking through is rather slim, though not impossible anymore. If ever it might happen, these elections would be the right time for a breakthrough.


Sheikh Ali: "Kill the Jews"

I think this should help clear up any confusion you still may have about the wisdom of Israeli concessions of Land for Peace to the moslems. On August 19, Palestinian Clerics Association Deputy Director Sheikh Muhammad Ali was interviewed by Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV. The statement below is one of many in the interview that clearly show Sharon's idea of expelling the Jews to create an Arab state is utterly suicidal.

Hat Tip: FrontPage Mag

Sheikh Muhammad Ali:
"The Prophet Muhammad foretold in a hadith that 'Judgment Day would come only when the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims would kill the Jews, and the stone and tree would say: 'Oh, Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew' – of course he was referring to the occupying Zionist Jew – 'there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him', except for the Gharqad tree.'"

"Allah willing, we will enter [Palestine] as conquerors and liberators, not through negotiations, but through Jihad and resistance, because the hadith goes: 'And the Muslims would kill the Jews' – there is killing involved."

Click here to read the entire interview.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Yassir Sharon: "We withdrew from an area that is not a part of Israel"

Well, it didn't take Yassir Sharon long to get back on the Expulsion kick. A week after ripping out the Gazan Jews to create the Islamic State of Gaza, Sharon is anxious to taste some deported Jewish blood again.

Not the least bit concerned that he has torn a thriving Jewish community of 9,000 out of it's biblical Homeland, Sharon has callously added insult to injury saying, "We withdrew from an area that is not a part of Israel."

I'm sure Zionist Jews everywhere appreciate Sharon's words, which are essentially indistinguishable from those of his long lost friend, Yassir Arafat. What's next, is he going to say the Temple Mount never existed and was really but a rose garden, like Arafat did, and expel the Jews from Jerusalem?

Actually, this may not be so far fetched. Here's what Sharon had to say about the future of Jews in Judea/Samaria: "Not all of the West Bank settlements will remain. The final map will be presented at the last phase of the negotiations."

Let's compare Sharon's words to Arafat's back in 1993 during the Oslo fiasco: "Our first goal is the liberation of all occupied territories and the establishment of a Palestinian State whose capital is Jerusalem. The agreement we arrived at is not a complete solution and the forerunner to a final settlement, which must be based on complete withdrawal from all occupied Palestinian lands, especially holy Jerusalem."

Hmmm...eerily similar.

Arafat then went on to say in 1996, "We Palestinians will take over everything including all of Jerusalem. We plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a Palestinian state."

Yassir Sharon is sounding more and more like his old buddy every day. By selling out the Land piece by piece, Jew by Jew, he is following Arafat's plan to perfection.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Stabbings, bombings, and optimism

The news from Israel has been very bad lately: the Jewish Expulsion from Gaza, the multiple stabbings of Jews at the hands of terrorist moslems, and, most recently, the suicide bombing in Beer Sheva, which at last count had injured 50, with the two men who bravely stymied the vile moslem from blowing up many more civilians still listed in critical condition as of this writing.

However, I do actually have some good news. No, I didn't save a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Gieco. I'm referring to the announcement by National Union Chairman, Benny Elon, that the right wing Zionist parties will form a unified party in the coming national elections, comprised of National Union, NRP (National Religious Party) and likely some hardliners from Likud. This is very good news for the Zionist camp if it comes to pass.

Elon has made serious inroads with many Zionists around the world who are fed up with appeasement plans like the "Road Map", and insufferable concessions of "Land for Peace" like Sharon's Gaza Expulsion, with his own peace plan called "The Right Road for Peace". This plan calls for the entire Land of Israel west of the Jordan to be annexed into the State of Israel, while the "Palestinians" trespassing on Judea, Samaria and Gaza are returned back to Jordan where they belong.

I know this is a puny light at the end of this miserably long and dark tunnel, but it is always nice to see something that is cause for optimism. If the Zionist camp can really form a real unified front in the next elections, than Sharon and company could have some real problems implementing future appeasements. The likely date for new elections is by the end of the year, as Sharon's leftwing coalition is unlikely to hold up much longer now that the Jews have been deported from Gaza.

In other good news, Sharon's son, Omri, has been indicted on illegal fundraising charges. That scandal should prove very damaging for Sharon's hopes to continue as Prime Minister, God willing.

So, the more those wretched moslems use terrorism, and the more trouble Sharon gets into, the stronger the Zionist Right will become. I see very little chance that the moslems will suddenly become peace lovers, and just as little chance that Sharon's nose will stay clean of scandal, so the time may indeed be right for a real rightwing leadership to emerge in Israel... at long last.

Hey, Madzionists are allowed to dream, too, you know.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Arab Stabs Jew at Checkpoint

Yet another terrorist stabbing took place today as an Arab stabbed a Jewish border policeman in Hebron near the Tomb of the Patriarchs. He was rushed to Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem. His status is not known at this time, but he is said to be wounded "moderately", whatever that means.

This is the third Jew stabbed by moslems since the Gaza Deportation last week. Wednesday, 2 Yeshiva students were stabbed in Jerusalem. 21 year old, Shmuel Matt, was killed in that terrorist attack.

In addition to the wave of stabbings, rockets were launched yesterday into the town of Sderot and another to the north in the Gallilee. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Also today, Sheik Raad Salah, the leader of the Israeli Islamic Movement, has indicated that the Israeli Moslems are prepared to revolt. Said the Sheik, "In 1948, 1,200 mosques were destroyed. We will never forget this number." He then added, "Anyone who thinks they can get us to leave our land had better prepare a million coffins for Palestinians in this country. We are not weak and we will not be pursued. We are people with a homeland and a future here in Jaffa, in Umm el-Fahm, and everywhere else."

The Sheik then hinted strongly at possible Israeli Arab martyrdom plans threatening, "We were born in this land, and we will die in this land. From here we will meet Allah."

Despite Sharon's "good will gesture" of demolishing the Jewish Gazan communities, and deporting the Jews away by force, islamic terrorism continues unabated.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Malaise of the Jewish People

Is the Gaza expulsion emblematic of the fading will of the Jewish people? Have the "eternal people" grown weary of the burden of being Jews and succumbed to the lure of assimilation and gradual extinction by defection?

That's what columnist, Israel Harel, of Israel's normally liberal daily newspaper, "Ha'aretz" , thinks, and he makes a very compelling argument.

In his column, Harel wrote this regarding the lack of Jewish "long road" resolve for Zionism and Judaism:

"But even the greatest believers cannot ignore the clear signs that, in the general national sense, there is no coverage any more for this belief, this hope. The eternal people, which mobilized its full force - more than four divisions - to carry out the uprooting of Gush Katif, a major symbol of the long road, is very much afraid of a long road."

It is clear that the plan to "withdraw" from Gaza was, in a deeper sense, really an escalation of the battle to disengage Israel from Zionism and observant Judaism. Israel is a reflection of the current "Jewish State of Mind", i.e., the desire to expel the "Jewish" from the "Jewish State" as much as possible. The Gaza Expulsion wasn't so much a pragmatic disengagement as it was a rejection - a rejection of Zionism and religious Jewry.

Says Harel,

"About two months ago, researchers of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute met with the prime minister and members of Knesset and presented them with a study that shows that in the coming decade the population of the Jewish people will decrease by another half a million people.

The eternal people, it turns out, is sick and tired of the long road and prefers assimilation or zero population growth. And because of the fear of the long road, the nation accepts, even initiates, a bastard plan that is moving it backward in almost every way - territorially, demographically and spiritually."

I strongly recommend reading the rest of this insightful column, as Harel does a fantastic job of elucidating the tremendous internal crisis facing the Jewish people both within Israel and beyond.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jews Stabbed in Jerusalem

Ynet News reports that two Jewish men were stabbed in Jerusalem today by an Arab. One is dead, the other in serious condition. Both had multiple abdominal stab wounds. The attacker apparently has fled into the moslem quarter. Perhaps it's time to unilaterally withdraw from Jerusalem, eh Arik?

Land for peace = Death for Jews.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

MZ Answers Mail

"MZ, how can we keep ALL of the land and NOT become a minority in our own land? The only way to do that is to ethnically cleanse them - and you know full well that that's impossible? The religious Zionists have no answer to this question, just rhetoric."

Excellent question, Patriot. The premise of your question is that Jews must only be in control of the land in which they are the majority population. Well, using that rationale, in Gush Katif Jews were vitually 100% of the population, and yet were still expelled by force! Why?

Well, the Arabs basic reason for wanting to kick out the Jews is that they claim this is THEIR land. THEY claim it as their own, and any Jewish presence is considered trespassing. I know in Israel there are towns which are mostly arab alongside towns which are mostly Jewish. This has been accepted by the Jewish State as a co-habitation without discrimination.

Yet, Jews still must be expelled from Gush Katif? By what logic? None, aside from the fact that they have the nerve to be Jewish. If we begin expelling Jews for being Jewish we are also saying that moslems need to be expelled for being islamic. In your response you claim it is not possible to expel the moslems. By whose measure?

Certainly, if Jews are to be expelled from communities which are within the boundaries of Eretz Israel - as well as the borders won by Israel in battle - than surely Arabs need to be reciprically expelled at a minimum.

Religious Zionists understand that in the case of a single nation at war over the right to govern, we will either be defeated and concede it to the Arabs, or else we will be victorious and expel the moslems to make the Jewish State whole - as well as wholly Jewish.

I suggest you read Benny Elon's Plan for Peace. You will learn a lot about why it is justice for all parties to expel the moslems from Eretz Yisroel and back to their native, moslem land. There really is no other way.


Friday, August 19, 2005

How does this cartoon grab you? It appeared thanks to Bob Englehart in the Hartford Courant. Sharon gives away Gaza to the moslems as a "goodwill gesture", and this is what we get in return. "Land for anti-Semitism", eh Ariel?

Let Bob know how you feel at benglehart@courant.com


Hat tip to: Israpundit

Condy Rice: "It cannot be Gaza only."

This report from the New York Times is foreboding to say the least.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 17 - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday offered sympathy for the Israeli settlers who are being removed from their homes in Gaza but also made it clear that she expected Israel and the Palestinians to take further steps in short order toward the creation of a Palestinian state.

"Everyone empathizes with what the Israelis are facing," Ms. Rice said in an interview. But she added, "It cannot be Gaza only."
The last Gaza Jews haven't even been deported yet and already Ms. Rice is pressuring Israel to make more land concessions? This is not good. Now that Jews and the Land of Israel have been made expendable by Sharon, no capitulation demands will be considered off limits. Where will this insanity end? I sure hope the "Israel Clearance Sale" is stopped before everything is gone.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ode to Gaza

I cannot begin to express my sorrow. That Jews could do this to Jews in the Land of Israel...how can this be? Perhaps we do not deserve to posses the Land yet. Maybe we are not ready to claim our inheritance and are doomed to be scattered among the nations for another millenium. I don’t know.

The galut grows more stifling every time I see a Jew being torn crying from his home or synagogue by the police, who are deporting them away because they are Jews - and only because they are Jews. Oh, such a horrific sight.

What is the purpose for such a thing? Jews have committed no crimes in Gaza, have not been making trouble or harming anybody. They have prospered against all odds in fact. They converted a “cursed desert” into rich citrus farmland. Have made beautiful suburbs and wonderful communities with their own sweat and love of the Land.

Is it all about the money? Are 9,000 Jews being deported into DP camps because Sharon wants to save some sheckles? If so, this is no reason. Jews are a dollar figure to him? The Land of Israel is nothing but a commodity to be bought and sold according to the market values? A terrible thought, but the Sharon Casino plan stinks of opportunism at the expense of Jewish lives.

Security? Please. Every credible military analyst concurs that this only weakens Israel’s ability to patrol the Gaza strip and prevent it from becoming a terrorist launching pad and islamic weapons dump.

Has there ever been a time in history when a nation was victorious in war, reclaims the land that is its rightful ancestral home, and then later expels its own citizens which had come to settle it and returns the land to the enemy as a “good will gesture”? This is madness.

I feel each Jewish soul as it gets ripped out of their home and off of their Land. They earned the right to be there. They were success stories, who paid the price under fire to make it work because they wanted to live as Jews in the Land of Israel.

Now, though, we see that the Land is not sacred to Sharon’s Israel, that Jews can be thrown out like disposable cameras or contact lenses. With each Jew being evicted, with each grave being unearthed, with every home that is razed, I feel the Jewish collective soul being crushed piece by piece.

I know we do not often understand why God works in His ways, but my deepest prayers are that these people being expelled will not have settled the Land in vain, and we will somehow see them return to Gaza soon and in their lifetimes.


Destruction of Homes to Begin Tonight

YNet News reports: Ministry of Defense officials said Thursday they would begin destroying homes in the former settlement of Kerem Atzmona this evening.

And the beat goes on. I wonder if Sharon is chanting "Alahu Ahkbar" while the Jewish homes are being demolished.


Expulsion begins at N'vei Dekalim Synagogue

Arutz Sheva News is reporting the beginning of the violent uprooting of Gaza's N'vei Dekalim synagogue. Inside are over 1000 people holed up in desperation, many of them teeneagers. They have rations and are putting up very strong resistance to the police and IDF forces who are attempting to tear them out by force. There are many pleas from the local residents inside begging the soldiers to refuse expulsion orders, and screams of "Yehudi lo Megaresh Yehudi!" meaning, "A Jew does not expel a Jew!"

Many Jews facing deportation are tearing their clothing as a symbol of mourning for the death of Jewish life in Gaza.

Of course, the military will prevail in the end, but at what cost and to what purpose? The most disturbing idea is that it is now illegal for a Jew to be in Gaza. ILLEGAL FOR A JEW TO STEP FOOT IN HIS LAND!!

Click here to read this report.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Madzionist: An Expulsion Essay

It's happening as I type. Jews throughout Gaza are one by one being forcibly pulled from their homes while they are crying and screaming with grief, anger and despair. "Why is this happening?" I keep asking myself. What could possibly be the reason to take 9,000 innocent people from their homes by force, round them up, and deport them into tent cities against their will?

The answer is the saddest answer. They have harmed nobody, they have attacked nobody, they have thrived economically, and they have committed no crimes, except one: They are Jews, and for that the world cannot forgive.

It's incredible really. Has a government ever rounded up its own citizens from a territory they won in war, and rightfully claim as their own ancestral homeland, and maliciously expelled them to please their sworn enemy? I can think of no other time in history. This is a precedent unheard of since the dawn of man, and one which will cast Jews worldwide into a more expendable, tenuous position.

'Too Expensive'

So, why again were they expelled? Sharon says it's too expensive to keep them.

Too expensive? The cost of expelling them is in the billions and will be many more times that when the relocation costs of the 9,000 or so who have been deported is factored in.

Too expensive? The 9,000 you have rounded up and deported were miracle workers, converting the "cursed land" the Arabs considered it to be, and making it into an agricultural paradise. Israel's economy will lose 20% of it's citrus exports by giving it back to the moslems.

Too expensive to keep the Jews in Gaza? How so? There's 9,000 new government dependent people on your hands who's professions are now gone for good. That'll be a pretty penny, no?

Besides, since when does a country expel their people and give away their land because they want to save money?

'Miltary Advantages'

So, if expelling Jews for money is really a sham, how about another reason? Sharon says it will be better strategically to cleanse Gaza of the Jews.

Better militarily is what sense, I wonder? The Jewish presence in Gaza had given the IDF a reason to establish a permanent military base there. In addition, Israel has been able to control the Philadelphi border with Egypt to prevent the weapons smuggling through tunnels into the terrorists hands.

Also, the Jewish communities there were very successful at avoiding problems with the moslem attackers. Very rarely did any of their rockets get through and hurt anybody, and they never successfully penetrated the settlements with suicide bombers.

Without a Jewish presence in Gaza what will be there to stop it from becoming a weapons dump for the arab world to attack Israel by? The consensus militarily assessment has been this move jeopardizes Israeli security and makes Green Line Israel more vulnerable to islamic attacks.

Finally, the moslems now have complete control of the Gaza coastline, which gives them a sea port from which to reinforce their military and launch naval attacks.

Besides, since when does a country retreat and deport their own citizens as a sign of military strength?

'Good Will Gesture'

So, it's not to save money and it's not to improve security. What the hell could it be, then? Sharon says it is a good will gesture to the Palestinians and allows them to have a land of their own. This, he says, will be incentive for arabs to become proud of their autonomous territory and stop terrorism.

Good will gesture? How many "good will gestures" do Jews need to give to the arabs (while receiving nothing but terrorism in return) before waking up to the fact that the moslems will only be satisfied when Israel is destroyed? Did giving away the Temple Mount bring Israel peace? Did Oslo? Will anything but giving away the whole lot appease these monsters?

Sharon is apparently under the spell of a leftist witch doctor. He somehow thinks that Israel will be better off with a full terrorist state, that exists solely for the destruction of Israel, being created on the Israeli southern border 35 miles from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem? Madness.

Besides, the moslems are already having massive "victory over Israel" parades in response to this retreat! They are wearing shirts and hats saying "today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem". Is this the sign of appreciation of a "good will gesture?"

So, if we are losing money, weakening our security and emboldening our enemy, what is the thinking? Why are we expelling Jews? To what purpose is this horrific act being implemented?

'International Opinion'

I don't believe Sharon is doing this because he's a self-loathing anti-Semite, though it is the only reason that seems to make any sense at this point. I believe Sharon has tasted power, lived amongst celebrity world leaders, and wants to make THEM happy. Europe has been beating the drum for Israel to flea from all territories won in the 1967 war, as has the UN and, to a large degree, the U.S.A. To them, Sharon has capitulated.

I have no doubt in my mind that if not for international pressure Sharon would never have done such a thing. He has clearly made the decision that Jews are more expendable than the opinion of Bush, Blaire and Chirac, so he has committed himself to trying to win them over by giving away Gaza as a "good will gesture" to the GREAT 8.

Yet, will the Euros, the UN, or even the USA ever think Israel has done enough? Will the Gaza expulsion change the Euro anti-Semites view of the Jewish State? Will America say that was enough concessions, Ariel, now you can annex the rest and seal off the borders? Of course not. Sharon will now have set the precedence of deporting 9,000 Jews from Gaza, why not keep deporting until all of the West Bank is Judenrein and Jerusalem is divided?

And what then? Will Israel be safer from terrorism? Will the Palestinians be a peaceful neighbor satisfied with their lot? Will the Euros be won over and side with Israel over the arabs? Will America be willing to remove all further demands from Israel? Hardly.

Oh, while we're at it, anyone ever heard of a little "good will gesture" known as "Right of Return?" Look out Yehudim, it's soon coming to a concession demand near you, and when it comes it may make the entire land Judenrein, which of course, still wouldn't be enough to please those who don't give a damn about the Jewish State.

This is indeed a sad day.

- MZ

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Arab World Delights at Expulsion

Watching the moslems dance on the abandoned homes, shops and cemeteries of deported Jews while chanting "Allahu Ahkbar" is certainly not a recipe for peace. What leftwing Kool-Aid did Sharon drink, anyway? This article from the UK Times makes Madzionists sick to their stomachs.

THE Jewish settlement and watchtower went up in flames as the delighted crowd looked on. It was only a cardboard effigy, but it was a portent of long-awaited destruction soon to befall the hated originals.

Similar scenes of delight took place across Gaza yesterday, and they were all mingled with a “pinch-me” confounding of long-ingrained mistrust that Ariel Sharon’s deed would match Ariel
Sharon’s word.

By way of television screens, internet websites and bulletin boards, the Arab world reacted with ill-disguised glee as Israeli soldiers confronted perhaps the most hated people in the Middle East — Israel’s Jewish settlers.

“Yes, but will he really do it?” has for months been the first question on the lips of sceptical Arabs from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates. Raised on a ceaseless official diet of Israel vilification — and Sharon demonisation in particular — the universal Arab suspicion has been that disengagement would be another Zionist conspiracy, a ploy or a subterfuge never to materialise.

But as al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya and Palestinian television filled their screens with olive-uniformed Israeli soldiers presenting eviction notices to the reviled mustawtinin [settlers], convoys of yellow minibuses flowed on to the streets of the nearest Gaza town, Khan Younis, with horns honking and Palestinian flags flying.

In homes, families gathered in front of television sets and switched from one channel to another. Mothers laid out new clothes for children to wear and prepared special mambo cookies usually served on Eid festivals.

Hamas, the extremist group, was foremost in the charge to claim victory as mosques opened for special midnight prayers. “May God bless those who touch weapons,” Younis al-Astal, the Hamas leader, said as he castigated the Palestinian Authority for negotiating with the Israeli Government. “The blood of martyrs has led to liberation,” a Hamas banner read. Hamas internet supporters were also in full swing.

One of the group’s websites carried bizarre yellow Islamist “smileys” giving the thumbs up and praying to Allah. On the Palestinian Dialogue Forum, Bilal 2 — a “Hamasnik activist” — called on the Palestinian Authority to erect on the site of the demolished settlements a plaque to each militant who died attacking them.

Determined to wrest the triumph from the men of violence, Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, emphasised his message, that Gaza must be the start, not the end.

He said: “The Israeli withdrawal is an important and historic step that shouldn’t only happen in Gaza but also the West Bank and the rest of the land reaching to the 1949 borders.”

Al-Jazeera carried non-stop coverage of Israeli settlers weeping and waiting for the inevitable. Meanwhile, al- Arabiya took a human-interest approach, ushering Palestinian children into a minibus and driving them through checkpoints that no longer exist, asking: “How do you feel now you will be able to sleep with no more shelling?”

A Palestinian satellite channel found a vantage point from which to film the action, and its commentator, possibly the most excited person in Khan Younis, went so far as to praise the Israeli soldiers for their professionalism. Another Palestinian television channel took congratulatory telephone calls from all over the Arab world.

Sounds like the arabs are really appreciating this good will gesture and are ready to make peace, no? How can this be happening, my friends. Wait a minute. Maybe I'm just dreaming that Sharon became a leftist weakling who capitulated to islamic terror, and when I wake up it'll just turn out to have been a crazy nightmare. Somebody pinch me already... PLEASE!


Settler Diary: Look Me in the Eyes

Gaza resident, Renana Marmelstein, calls on soldiers to ‘look her in the eyes’ - if they can , in this diary entry erev deportation.



Warning to soldiers: Trauma will Remain

They stood frozen after the briefing at the gate. Some of them were armed with dark sunglasses.

They tried to hide their feelings, their Jewish hearts and souls, screaming out to the heavens. They gathered together, not looking right or left, heads bowed.
Yes, these were the soldiers assigned to distribute the deportation notices to my family and me.

Whose the victim?

For a moment I forgot who exactly was the victim here, and I felt a bit of pity for them. Poor things, it must be terrible for them. This will stay will them, pursue them, for the rest of their lives.

I walked amongst the soldiers, even demanded, to take off the glasses and look me in the eyes.

But they wouldn’t do it.

“You are about to deport me from my home, my childhood and my teenage years,” I said. “If you are whole with this decision, look me in the eyes.”

Sometimes I could see moist eyes behind the glasses; a tear stained the cheek of one officer.

Hired guns

So what’s left for you? What have you become now that you’ve traded in your moral and ethical compass for army fatigues?

Essentially, you have become hired guns. These soldiers are driven by nothing more the chance to move up the IDF ladder, which basically amounts to money.

Is this really the best Israel has to offer? Is this really our army?

And yes, it is also my army. My brother serves in it, as do my father and oldest brother as reserves.

When my grandpa was hurt, they told him he was from Golani – the same brigade now planning to throw us out of our home.

Bad dreams

I can’t believe it. I must be dreaming.

At the end of the day they gave in. They left, went back to their base, probably for officers and psychologists to try and rebuild the mental wall we managed to penetrate, or in some cases, to destroy completely.

All this, in order that they will be able to come back tomorrow for the most cursed operation in Israeli history and to keep Ariel Sharon on his nice, comfy chair at the top.

The same Ariel Sharon who bought his position with foreign currency and made a laughingstock of our democracy.

Ongoing trauma.

Tomorrow, you soldiers will be left with the trauma of meeting up with us, a trauma that will pursue you all the days of your lives.

In the future, your feet will not have the audacity to set foot in Yad Vashem, the national Holocaust museum. In the awful photos on the wall there you will see my eyes, and the eyes of other children of Gush Katif.

You will suffer from this forever. It would be better to sit in jail for a month or longer and to come out with a clear conscience than to participate in this disastrous mission.

‘I’ve always feared this day’

This past Shabbat, supposedly our last here, was particularly moving.

When we got to the synagogue for Friday night prayers, we discovered to our surprise that the electricity had cut out and we couldn’t conduct services.

So we went outside and prayed on the grass – prayers that went straight to God’s merciful throne, with no barriers on the way.

Just to think about things – what, we’ll never be here again? We won’t meet up with our friends after services? The synagogue our parents built with their own two hands will be destroyed and handed over to the Arabs?

August 15 is here. I didn’t believe this program would make it this far, would still be hanging over our heads.

I’ve lived in fear of this date, of the knock on the door, of the soldiers, of the eviction notice.

Thank God, the soldiers didn’t come in to Ganei Tal.

'Life as normal'

The rest of the day was pretty normal. At night was the semi-final of the Gush Katif basketball tournament (we came in third), and afterwards we had a community barbeque.

If an outsider were to have watched, he would not have thought we were one day before being forcibly expelled from our homes.I don’t know what will happen when I wake up tomorrow. I can only pray it will be okay.

Jews In Tears

As the IDF and police forces close in on the final hours before the deportation of the Jews from Gaza, the atmosphere is growing tense and emotional for everyone. There are reports surfacing now that as many as 50% of the Israeli deportation forces will refuse once the official call to expel the Jews is ordered. The report below is an indication of just how terrible it feels for Jews to deport Jews by force.


Soldiers in tears amid
Jew-vs.-Jew violence
Israeli security forces clash
with resistant Gaza residents

Posted: August 16, 2005
9:29 a.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein

NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza – Marking the official start of long-expected Jew-vs.-Jew clashes inside Gaza's Jewish towns, violence broke out here this afternoon between security forces and residents who tried to block army moving trucks from entering the area ahead of tonight's final evacuation deadline.

During exchanges with weeping residents, soldiers and some police officers broke down into tears and were quickly escorted from the scene, highlighting concerns among Israel's top military brass of mass army defections during the implementation of the withdrawal.

With only hours remaining until the end of a two-day allotment for residents of Gaza's Gush Katif slate of Jewish communities to leave on their own accord, Israeli Defense Forces and Border Police units moved into Neve Dekalim today after residents refused to allow moving containers into the town. Dekalim is the largest Jewish community in Gaza. Army moving trucks have been patrolling Katif towns the past two days for any residents who wants to move out.

Police and soldiers formed several human chains and attempted to slowly advance against hundreds of residents blocking the Dekalim entrance. A standoff between security forces and the residents ensued, with both sides refusing to budge.

It was the first time Israeli evacuation forces had entered any Katif town.

Reacting to the large military buildup inside their community, residents of all ages cried and pleaded with the forces to not expel them.

"Please, please, don't take my home away from me," one woman cried.

"How can you do this to us? This is where we live. Don't listen to your orders," pleaded a teenage boy.

A father and his children huddled together and wept for several minutes when thy saw the troop buildup. Several residents, crying, threw themselves onto soldiers.

The confrontations prompted several soldiers, both men and women, to break down into tears. Some of the crying soldiers took a break for several minutes, while others were escorted away entirely.

Some members of the media openly were wiping tears from their eyes, including an Israeli television correspondent who was broadcasting live.

Riot police were dispatched to the scene and were directed to push back the lines of residents to clear the way for the moving trucks to get inside. Violent protests quickly erupted, with officers and residents pushing each other.

More than 50 protesters were subdued violently and arrested. Some residents and at least one police officer were lightly-to-moderately injured in the clashes.

A few activists lit tires on fire and placed a large, burning garbage bin in the middle of the road. Children and teenagers threw eggs at security forces.

A water cannon was brought in and fired torrents of water at the Katif protesters, pushing them several meters away from the entrance.

Finally, settlement leaders on loudspeakers called for residents to retreat.

"We will win this battle, but we need to do so peacefully" announced one leader.

The leader told protesters there would be a community meeting later in the day to decide how to respond to tonight's deadline.

According to an Israeli decree, at midnight tonight any Jew still remaining in Gaza will be considered an illegal occupant and will be removed forcibly. Police are expected to begin the actual evacuation of some communities early tomorrow morning. About 17 to 20 officers per Katif home will be used to physically drag occupants onto waiting buses and out of the area.

Police have been training for several months to deal with the possibility of residents refusing to leave. A police withdrawal exercise reportedly was halted last week when officers from Israel's border patrol unit used excessive force against mock settlers participating in the drill.

Residents here have been passing along rumors today as to which towns would be evacuated first. Some say they heard evacuation forces would start with the most isolated settlements, while others are convinced forces will embark on a shock-and-awe campaign by beginning with Dekalim, where there is likely to be the largest number of resistors.

Meanwhile, senior IDF leaders have been expressing concern that a significant percentage of soldiers might refuse orders the next few days. There have been reports of several hundred soldiers being disciplined the past few months for refusing to take part in withdrawal-related operations. Eleven soldiers yesterday were sentenced to jail to for refusing. Thirty-thousand officers recently signed a petition stating they would not participate in the evacuation, and an entire unit, the elite Golani Brigades, said they would refuse if asked to take part.

Police units make up the bulk of forces that will actually be removing residents from their homes, but the overall evacuation operation relies mostly on IDF soldiers.

Fifty-thousand soldiers and police officers tonight will form six rings in and around Gush Katif. The first ring – consisting mostly of police – will remove residents from their homes. The second ring – soldiers and officers – is charged with blocking surrounding roads to prevent anti-withdrawal activists from reaching each community being evacuated.

The third and fourth rings, entirely soldiers, will defend against Palestinian attacks during the evacuation. The fifth ring, mostly IDF soldiers, will attempt to prevent activists from infiltrating the Strip. The sixth ring, consisting of police officers, will control traffic on Israeli roads in the western Negev near the Gaza border, to prevent protesters from reaching Gush Katif.

Any comments, gang?


Friday, August 12, 2005

True Islamic Torture

I don't get brought to tears easily, but this one got to me. The horrifying story of the torture and inhumanity of islam is brought to life in this FrontPage Mag interview with jihad survivor Brigitte Gabriel. You probably haven't heard of her, but once you read her story you'll never forget it. I promise you this: You will never again support a single concession to islam and its followers when you're done, and if you don't already believe the Gaza retreat is a terrible mistake, you will by the time you've finished reading this interview.

Click here to read the riveting true story about the depravity of islam.


Heavy Heart on Tisha B'av

August 15th marks the end of the somber Jewish Holiday known as Tisha B’av, or 9th day of the Jewish month of Av. It is a day of mourning in memory of the many horrible tragedies that have befallen Jews and mankind on this day, such as:

* The Biblical mission of the spies, whose slanderous report on the Land of Israel doomed the entire generation who were brought out of Egypt to die in the desert without entering Eretz Yisroel.

* The destruction of the first (and holiest) Temple, Soloman’s Temple, at the hand of the Babylonians in 586 BCE.

* The destruction of the second Temple at the hand of the Romans in 70 CE.

* The final crushing of Bar Kochbah’s revolt against the Romans in 133 CE.

* The launching of the first Crusade, 1095 CE.

* The expulsion of the Jews from England, 1290 CE

* The expulsion of the Jews from Spain (Spanish Inquisition), 1492 CE

* WW I declared, beginning perhaps the worst period of anti-Semitism in world history, and eventually culminating with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, 1914

* Deportations from Warsaw Ghetto to the Treblinka concentration camp begin, 1942. The start of the “Final Solution”.

Yes, all those events took place on Tisha B’av, or 9th of Av. Sadly, coming up in less than a week, on the very day we’ll be celebrating VJ day, and Tisha B’av’s mourning comes to an end, Ariel Sharon will launch the first ever large scale Jewish pogrom, deporting nearly 10,000 Jews from their homes by force from Gaza and Northern Samaria, demolishing their homes, their towns, their synagogues and their cemeteries.

So, the piece of Land in which David slayed Goliath, and Sampson battled the Phillistines, will become entirely Judenrein for the first time in over 3,000 years. This will be a bitter and tragic day indeed, and a day in which Jews and Gentiles everywhere should say prayers in the hope that somehow, someway, this evil does not come to pass.

Yehudi Lo Megaresh Yehudi!


Thursday, August 11, 2005

300,000 Rally Against Expulsion in Tel Aviv

In perhaps the largest rally in Israel's history, over 300,000 people filled Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to protest Monday's planned Expulsion. Radical leftists at Peace Now, of course, says these are violent Jews looking to cause assassinations and bloodshed. The Peace Now organization, it should be noted, has been under surveillance for over a year now by the IDF for taking airial videos of Jewish settlements and giving them to Palestinian terrorists, who in turn use them to attack Jews. Many, including the Madzionist, consider Peace Now to be a terrorist organization that needs to be shut down by authorities.

I am dreading what is to come on Monday, but I continue to pray that somehow this atrocity will be averted.

Yehudi lo Megaresh Yahudi! - A Jew does not expel another Jew.


US Reporter Killed For Wanting to Marry a Moslem

An American reporter in Iraq who wanted to marry his moslem translator was murdered by Shiites in Basra last week. It seems the followers of the "religion of peace" need to execute anyone who attempts to betroth a moslem.

Two observations I take from this.
  1. Don't marry a moslem
  2. islam is a terrorist organization

Now, why is it that this kind of a story is buried in obscurity? When a wacked out Jew climbs on an arab bus and shoots up some moslems the media jumps on it like it's the story of the century, but when something like this happens it's just accepted as "moslems will be moslems" and ignored.

When society turns a blind eye to murder it perpetuates more murder. Will the lack of attention to this crime make it go away like a parent ignoring the bad behavior of their child? Look, the double standard of apologizing for islamic crimes while putting ourselves under the microscope at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib only encourages the moslems to keep right on killing. With yesterday having been the anniversary of dropping the Atom bomb on Nagasaki, which ended the war and resulted in Japan and its terrorist Emperor to unconditionally surrender, I can't help but shake my head at how far we've fallen in the way we wage war.

Until the islamic religious leaders in the arab world have unconditionally surrendered, or are hanging by ropes in the public square, these miserable atrocities will continue indefinitely.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

250,000 Pray for Settlers at the Kotel

Over a quarter million people who oppose the Gaza Expulsion came to the Kotel to pray for the Jews of Gaza earlier today. Bringing together most of the the leading rabbis of Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Religious Zionism, Jews all came together from throughout Israel to express their tearful wishes and prayers that Sharon's plan fails and the Jews of Gaza and northern Samaria are permitted to remain in their homes.

This is a very big number, and it is a sign that the expulsion Sharon hopes to exact upon the Jews is only serving to bring more Jews in the Land of Israel together, and unite them for this mission to save the Settlers and the right of Jews to live and settle The Land of Israel.

Bibi resigning; soldiers deserting; polls showing a majority now dissaprove of the expulsion; massive rallies on the Gaza border; and now 250,000 Jews uniting in prayer against the plan. It may not stop this twisted capitulation plan from happening, but it sure does make things uncomfortable for Sharon and his leftist allies, doesn't it?


Abbas Makes a Statement

"The withdrawal from Gaza is just the preface for other retreats, on the way to establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital."
-Mahmoud Abbas, 8/9/2005

Any questions? Says it all, doesn't it.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Planned Parenthood Snuff Video

Planed Parenthood of San Francisco (of course) has produced on their website a cartoon video snuff film in which a black, female, pro-abortion "superhero" drowns a Christian man to death in a garbage can she fills with water for teaching abstinence to children.

Following this disturbing scene, the "superhero" then goes to an abortion clinic where she kills ugly, Christian, pro-life picketers with a gun that shoots exploding condoms. Next, she flies to Africa to talk to an HIV/AIDS doctor about doing more abortions to make sure all the babies that get born are "wanted and loved". After this, our "superhero" announces she's off to see "the schmuck" Jerry Fallwell.

Finally, she goes to Washington where she puts a condom on the Washington Monument, then confronts a pro-life senator who is claiming to be above the law while he boils abortion rights pamphlets in a stew. The "superhero" proceeds to stuff the senator into the boiling pot and pulls him out naked on a platter with an apple in his mouth. The senator than tells her the boiling of his flesh helped him see the light and that he is now a pro-abortion advocate.

What we see here, my friends, is the dark and deadly reality of the totalitarian left in action. That they could create such a tastelessly violent cartoon, murdering anyone who is pro-life or Christian, tells us just how depraved and dangerous the progressive movement really is. You almost get sick watching this trash, as it is apparent right away that "pro-choice" in this video means you are either pro-abortion or you die.

Some "choice", eh?


Monday, August 08, 2005

Bibi's Resignation: What does it mean?

One week before the unconditional surrender of Gaza to the moslems, Binyamin Netanyahu has resigned as Sharon's Finance Minister in protest. At this late stage, though, what is the significance of his quiting the government?

Well, as far as blocking the expulsion from happening, probably very little if anything. Bibi would have made a much bigger impact had he resigned back in May when the final vote was being made to approve the Jewish expulsion, yet he at that time voted in favor of the plan rather than risk being expelled from Sharon's cabinet.

Like he did before with Oslo, Bibi verbally attacked the Expulsion but, ultimately, advanced it anyway for political expedience. Bibi is first and formost a politician, remember, and his ideology blows back and forth with the wind according to the prevailing popular momentum.

When the expulsion was more popular he advanced it. Today, the plan is growing increasingly unpopular, so Bibi jumps on the protest wave and claims his heart was with the nationalist camp all along. He's very much like Bill Clinton in that he redefines himself with triangulation and pragmatism rather than leading by principled ideals.

Therefore, his resignation was far more a reflection of how far the anti-expulsion movement has grown than it is an example of Bibi having some kind of epiphany of personal conviction or conscience. However, that makes it all the more significant to opponents of the expulsion, as Bibi now feels it is stronger for him politically to resign, and since Bibi is truly a barometer of public opinion it's safe to assume the aspiring former Prime Minister believes he'll have a better shot of regaining power opposing the very plan he voted for just 3 months ago.

In terms of stopping the plan, well his resignation can't hurt, and he should be commended for taking this stand against it even if he did have an ulterior motive. Sharon is so entrenched with the Left, though, that even if all the Likud nationalists resign Sharon will still survive with a coalition of Labor, Meretz and the Arabs. If Labor quits after the expulsion, expect the anti-religious Shinnui Party to replace them in the coalition, though the risk for Sharon is if Shinnui doesn't bail him out and they go to early elections.

In that case, Bibi will probably oust Sharon within Likud on the wings of this hat tip to the nationalist camp, and ascend to the Prime Minister's office once again as a result. Meanwhile, over 9,000 Jews will be living in DP camps as the moslems of Judenrein Gaza take target practice at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In addition, the world will be calling on Israel to retreat back entirely to the pre-1967 borders and evict the Jews of Judea and Samaria.

It's kind of like getting kissed by your ex-girlfriend after she's cheated on you: Thanks Bibi, but how could you have done us so wrong before? We won't forget this easily, so you'll need to continue repenting for your previous infadelities before you'll earn our trust again.

But, still, it was a nice gesture, nonetheless, and we are glad you came around late instead of never, Bibi.


Friday, August 05, 2005

ACLU Jeopardizing America

Congress is probing the ACLU for intentionally and maliciously making widespread use of frivolous lawsuits. They should also charge them with Racketeering, as the ACLU is drowning anyone in their path with big money lawsuits that most can't afford to fight.

What's most incredible about the ACLU and the rest of the Left, though, is their bald-faced hypocricy. On the one hand, the "progressives" insist we must use race and gender in determining school admissions, job promotions, hiring practices, etc., under the bigotted sham known as "affirmative action".

Yet, when we need to protect ouselves from crime and disease the Left ironically reverses course.

The ACLU is suing New York City because they say Arab men, who make up 99% of all terrorists, cannot be singled out for racial profiling at subway security because it is "racist".

Black men, who account for an overwhelmingly high percentage of urban crime, cannot be profiled by police patrol because it is considered "racist".

Gay men account for the vast majority of all HIV positives, yet we are not permitted to profile AIDS as a homosexual disease because it is politically incorrect, or "racist".

In other words, we must racially profile anything that advances the cause of liberalism against the better interests of society, but we must never use racial profiling if it advances conservative principles that serve to improve the health, safety and general welfare of the public.

How can these Leftist idiots look themselves in the mirror? They are quislings all.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

“Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem,”

PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia says all we ever needed to know about the moslem view of the Gaza Retreat. Says Qureia:

“They (Israelis) don’t have any other choice,” he said. “The direction we have been moving in over the past few years brings us closer to Jerusalem and the release of sacred Palestinian land.”

Isn't that special. Here's another beauty:

“We are standing before the gates of Jerusalem. The Israelis are leaving and we hope they’ll leave us alone and our land, never to return,” he said. “When they leave our homes and nation, we will know how to build our homeland. We are the builders of this area, let them leave us in peace.”

Of course they are great builders. They're great builders of desert, great builders of Sharia Law, great builders of death...they've got it all!

Folks, the canard that Israel giving away the Land and expelling the Jews will be accepted as a "good will gesture" by the arabs is totally absurd. This is received purely as an act of cowardice in the face of terrorism, and will only increase the instability and danger to Jewish civilians. The expulsion plan is transparently dimwitted, and impossible to defend in the Madzionist's eyes.

Lastly, Qureia offers us his all time favorite mantra: “Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem!”

What do you think, gang?? Are the Palestinians looking to play nice now that Sharon is appeasing them, or what??


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Over 45,000 Set to March on Gush Katif

It's going down now. In Ofakim over 45,000 Jews are about to begin the march to Gush Katif. There are many thousand more still en route who are trying to dodge police road blocks preventing them from joining in the protest.

Just a few minutes ago, Tzviki Bar-Hai, of the Yesha Council announced. "We will not clash with them. We will march until we are stopped, and we will not move until the way is cleared."

Already there have been a number of defections from the IDF and police, some of whom joined with the protesters after they snuck through the barricades and marched to Gush Katif.

I doubt seriously the troops or the police will back down, but it will be interesting to see how the stand off plays out, and how many more defectors join up with the protesters.


08/03 4:30 pm

The protesters have indeed been blocked at the gates of Ofakim. Unfortunately, the police have attempted to incite the crowd into violence by having several special unit policemen brake into their ranks and provoke the crowd to a reaction. Bentzy Lieberman, head of the Yesha Council, had this to say just minutes ago, “It’s impossible that the police, under the guidance of the Sharon family, continue to bother democratic protests. This is a responsible population and the police are behaving violently.”

Stay tuned...


“The Jewish people, thank God, are extremely creative”

Using back roads, hiding in trucks, and being aided by sympathetic checkpoint soldiers and police, hundreds of anti-Expulsion protesters have successfully joined up with crowds of Gush Katif residents and infiltrated the sealed off community, which is slated for destruction next Thursday, August 15th. This was accomplished despite the deployment of over 30,000 police and IDF soldiers assigned to block all from entering the Gaza strip.

More Jews are sneaking through the cracks all the time to meet up with their embattled brethren, and as of this writing there is a mass march of at least 60,000 more who will attempt making it past the guards and into Gaza later today.

National Union MK, Aryeh Eldad, is publicly urging all protesters to head to the Gaza Jewish communities at once, saying rallies alone will not stop the expulsion from happening. Speaking with Arutz-7 Radio, MK Eldad said: "The communities here are slated for uprooting and expulsion, I see no point in organizing rallies and protests after they have set up checkpoints and fences to prevent entry. It seems to me that we have tried very many rallies, and the time has come for action."

According to the anti-expulsion organization, Women in Green, over 150 activists are already making it into Gush Katif every night.

“The Jewish people, thank G-d, are extremely creative,” said Aryeh Yitzchaki of the Gaza Absorption Authority, which is working to thwart the Expulsion Plan. “Just as they always found their way into the Land of Israel, even when the British had placed a blockade, Jews will continue to find ways into Gush Katif.”

All roads lead to Gaza right now. Stay tuned for more updates...


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Expulsion celebrations, protests and beastiality

Where to begin, where to begin...Hmmm...Let's start with expulsion, shall we? Yes, we shall.

It is reported today that Hamas and Fatah will be having dual victory celebrations after the Gaza Strip has been made completely Judenrein following Sharon's Capitulation to Islamic Terror Plan. The Expulsion is scheduled to commence evacuating the Jews by force on Thursday, August 15th.

Meanwhile, Hamas is planning military style victory parades with many thousands of their signature green flags and headbands, shiny new martial uniforms, and rented jeeps and trucks leading the parade's processional mob. Undoubtedly, we can expect many moslems firing their guns in the air, and, of course, performing those beloved Israeli flag burning rituals to the delightful chants of "Allahu Akbar".

Not to be outdone, the Palestinian Authority has commissioned tens of thousands of national flags as well as mugs, bumper stickers and posters, with the peace loving slogan ''Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem!'' In fact, the PA is spending over $1.7 million (American taxpayer dollars?) to celebrate forcing Israel to expel the Jews and retreat from Gaza. In addition to those flags, mugs, bumper stickers et. al, they've also ordered tens of thousands of Palestinian flags, from small pennants to two-story banners, that are being sewn in small workshops across Gaza. Also for the victory rallies, the government will give away 128,000 pairs of blue jeans along with white T-shirts, either with Palestinian flags or pictures of the late Yasser Arafat.

We can expect the shahid/martyr sign-up sheets to be packed full by the time this glorious mass of islamic refuse finishes with this repugnant "Death to the Jews" march.

Of course, as this disgusting display of islam is being prepared, the Sharon Government continues to censure opponents of his Appeasement Plan. To date, Sharon's government has blocked all internet and telephone service of any in and around Gaza who are potential dissenters, and even attempted to ban non-violent protest marches of any kind. Begrudgingly, the Sharon government has allowed these peaceful dissenters to hold a limited rally today in the town of Sderot, though they intend to have police keep it under 15,000 people.

Despite this attempt by Sharon to forbid or limit free assembly, as of this writing more than 40,000 Jews have arrived to protest, with miles and miles of traffic worth of Jews still to come. They are all intending to march to support their brethren in Gush Katif, with or without Sharon's permission.

The military will most certainly be deployed in full force to prevent this, but the fact that the Israeli government polls reveal only 44% of Israelis now favor the evacuation, and the month of July was the highest rate of terror in 18 months, and the growing number of IDF refusals to implement the expulsion plan are taking a toll, all is not boding well for Sharon at the moment. We'll have to see how this plays out in the next 48 hours.

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated but still important story that you need to know about, a Washington man died while having sex with a horse. Apparently, the farm he was on is openly offering barnyard animal sex to those who find this kind of thing pleasurable. Much to my surprise, the police cannot intervene as a crime was not committed.

Say what? A crime wasn't committed? You heard me correctly. Apparently, only 33 states have laws against bestiality.

What the hell is wrong with this country? 8 year olds being taught oral sex in schools, homosexuals being legally married, women legally having partial birth infanticide, feeding tubes being pulled by lawyers when patients aren't dying, and now THIS??

What's next, inter-species marriage? Cloning between humans and horses to make a trans-species sex creature? Where does the madness end! AHHH!! AHHHH!!! (think Sam Kinnison).

Oy, what a world.



The rally in Sderot is now over 50,000 with many thousand more still in traffic on the way!


Monday, August 01, 2005

Israel Ally New UN Ambassador

Despite the fierce objections of filibustering Democrats, John Bolton was appointed today as the new UN ambassador during the summer recess of congress. While this is bad news for the Democrats, who viewed Bolton as not being "UN friendly" enough, it is great news for both Israel and Zionists everywhere.

In a rare break with the Democratic Party, liberal Jewish organizations like the ADL and B'nai B'rith have supported Bolton's nomination, along with more centrist Jewish groups such as AIPAC and JINSA. In 1991, Bolton led the successful fight to revoke the longstanding UN resolution stating "Zionism is racism", which of course made him a very important friend of Israel and its supporters.

While the Left sees Bolton's disdain for the arabists of the UN as counterproductive, those of us who support Israel, and have no use for islamic apologists, are thrilled that Bush finally has installed Bolton as the next UN ambassador.

Congrats to John Bolton! You deserved it, and your "take no BS" approach is just what the corrupt UN needed.