Thursday, March 30, 2006

Moslem kills three Jews in suicide attack

The lowlife, vermin, scumbag, piles of toxic moslem dung have struck again.
An Arab terrorist from Fatah's Al-Aksa Brigade dressed as a Jewish hitchhiker and blew himself up inside the car of those who picked him up near Kedumim, in Samaria - murdering three Jews.

The attack took place at 10 PM near the gas station and hitchhiking station adjacent to the town of Kedumim.

The terror group released a statement saying the bomber was a 24-year-old from Hevron.

Shortly following the explosion, police believed the blast was a terrorist bomb that detonated prematurely, killing the bomber inside. The vehicle was engulfed in flames so preliminary reports took over an hour to begin to reflect the reality.

It now appears that the bomber dressed as a Jew, wearing a kippa (yarmulke) and hassidic garb and was given a ride by the unsuspecting occupants of the Israeli vehicle. He then blew himself up inside, killing three passengers. The number of dead remains unclear but it appears to be two at this time.

Security authorities are still emphasizing that details of the attack are not yet clear.
Time to expel some Jews, eh Ehud? If a real Jewish State existed there would be no vermin left in Eretz Israel to do shit like this.


Big Right said...

Israel needs to obliterated the lowlife Islamites. Give them 24 hours to evacuate, then carpet bomb every Arab building in the West Bank.

kahaneloyalist said...

MZ, I dont now if you heard but Rav Mordechai Eliyahu HGadol HaDor has paskened that the "palestininas" have the status of Amalek with all that entails, and Rav Batzri shlita the Talmud Muvhak of Rav Karduri has said to fight the Arabs is a Milchemet Mitzvah. What does this mean? We are Chayiv to wage war without mercy against the Palestinians.

Mad Zionist said...

Unfortunately, Olmert and his fellow concessionists have paskened that it's the Settlers who are Amalek and must be eradicated from Judea, and the secular leftwing majority agrees. Dark days lie ahead.

Another Infidel said...

And the majority Jews of Israel have paskened that Zionism and Israel are Amalek and have elected Olmert and his minions to power (while spitting on Benny ELon) to lead them to the slaughter. So the good guys seem to have lost, as usual ...

Michael said...

Wow. What a horribly bigoted blog. If someone said shit like this about the Jews, masses wailing of "anti-semetism" would be heard from New York to Hong Kong. This is exactly why there won't be peace in the Middle East anytime soon. It is painfully obvious that there is as large a population of Jewish extremists as there are Islamic extremists. If the thought of senseless killing didn't appall me, I would suggest arming the Palestians gun for gun as the Israelies and letting y'all wipe each other off the face of the planet. The loss of two peoples with no interest in peace couldn't be that bad.