Friday, March 31, 2006

Fourth casualty from moslem bombing

The islamic lice that plagues Israel has now claimed a fourth victim.
( Authorities are reporting the fourth victim in the Kedumim suicide bombing attack is a 16-year-old male. Authorities estimate the bomb used in the attack contained ten kilograms of explosives.
16 year old kid. How brutal. Time to call the exterminator.


Another Infidel said...

As Ali Sina would say, how much stupidity is enough? When will the Israeli Jews stop voting for death and start voting for life?

Rightwingmac said...

A couple MOABs would stop all this crap.
Any other country would have gone into all out war against the Arab seige long ago.
As always, the left has managed to isolate and place the Jews on the edge of extermination.

I pray they realize it.

Anonymous said...

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