Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Summation of Ismail Ax connection to islam

The media has completely shut down reporting of connections with Seung Cho Hui, the Va Tech killer, and Ismail Ax. The silence is deafening, so I while ad a summary of ties between the jiller and Islam for your personal consumption.

Hat Tip: Free Republic

1. Cho’s father lived in Saudi Arabia as a young, single man. His sister works for a State Department contractor which oversees billions of dollars of aid for Iraq. Previously, she worked in Bangkok.

2. Both of Cho’s plays are about sexual abuse. Bangkok is a city famous for its sex trade, which caters especially to Muslim businessmen.

3. Cho’s rampage was on Holocaust Remembrance day. Although probably a happenstance, one of the professors he killed was a Jewish holocaust survivor.

4. Cho used the pseudonym Ismael Ax. Ismael (or, Ismail) is the son of Abraham who became the ancestor of all Arabs, as opposed to Israel who became ancestor of all Jews. Although there are many Western references to this person, and many literary characters named “Ishmael,” that spelling is Hebraic. “Ismael” or “Ismail” is uniquely Arabic. Ismaili is also a branch of Shiite Islam.

5. In each play, Cho’s characters rant about the horrible decadence of American life. Targets include McDonalds, the Roman Catholic church, Michael Jackson and the NFL.

6. Cho is from Fairfax County, Virginia. This is also the home of 1 in 8 Virginians, but it is also the home of Yong Ki Kwon, a 29-year-old graduate of Virginia Tech, who, like Cho, is also from South Korea. Kwon was convicted of terrorism, one of the so-called “paintball Jihadis,” who practiced massacres with paintball guns.

Draw your own conclusions, but for me the answer is clear: he was inpired by islam, pure and simple.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I've moved!

They recovered my info, but keep in mind that I've moved to www.madzionist.blogspot.com

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Road to 2nd Temple discovered

One of the main roads to the ancient moslem rose garden that the scheming Jews falsely claim as the Beis Hamikdash, or Holy Temple, was unearthed today by a group of lying Hebrew pigs and monkeys. The discovery came in East Jerusalem, and is undoubtedly going to be used as propaganda to steal more land from Palestine by the Jew-Nazi bastards which control the world's money and governments.

Christian rightwingers are likely to make Jesus connections with this road, as well. Those miserable infidels are trying to help the Jews persecute innocent Palestinians, so it is critical to point out that this road was nothing more than a pile of rocks leading to the beautiful rose garden that eventually became the magnificent Al Ahqsa shrine of the Golden Dome.

It is also going to be said that the Jews were using this road to their imaginary Temple at least a century BCE, but we know that can't be so.

HEY! Who let this vermin in to type a post on my website! Hold on a second (POW, WHAM, SMASH, BOOM)...OK, MZ's back. I just expelled mohammed-the-rotten-moslem-pile-of-towel-head-dung. He is now east of the Jordan River where he, and the rest of the scum, belong.

Check out the article here.

Colorado school bans U.S. Flag

We have now reached a point in America where political correctness rules all. It seems a high school in Colorado is banning the American flag for what they are calling "misguided patriotism".

Said Skyline High School principal Tom Stumpf, "When it involves the American flag and its abuse in vilifying other people, we simply will not tolerate it. They were using the symbol derisively as misguided patriotism."

It seems everyone was not on board with this asinine, anti-America policy. There was a large student protest just off school property where American flags were being waved and angry voices were loudly making themselves heard.

"People are taking it to a whole other level," said Laura Avitia. "I don't think they know why we were protesting."

The principal should be fired on the spot. This is a disgrace.


Friday, March 31, 2006

Fourth casualty from moslem bombing

The islamic lice that plagues Israel has now claimed a fourth victim.
(IsraelNN.com) Authorities are reporting the fourth victim in the Kedumim suicide bombing attack is a 16-year-old male. Authorities estimate the bomb used in the attack contained ten kilograms of explosives.
16 year old kid. How brutal. Time to call the exterminator.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Moslem kills three Jews in suicide attack

The lowlife, vermin, scumbag, piles of toxic moslem dung have struck again.
An Arab terrorist from Fatah's Al-Aksa Brigade dressed as a Jewish hitchhiker and blew himself up inside the car of those who picked him up near Kedumim, in Samaria - murdering three Jews.

The attack took place at 10 PM near the gas station and hitchhiking station adjacent to the town of Kedumim.

The terror group released a statement saying the bomber was a 24-year-old from Hevron.

Shortly following the explosion, police believed the blast was a terrorist bomb that detonated prematurely, killing the bomber inside. The vehicle was engulfed in flames so preliminary reports took over an hour to begin to reflect the reality.

It now appears that the bomber dressed as a Jew, wearing a kippa (yarmulke) and hassidic garb and was given a ride by the unsuspecting occupants of the Israeli vehicle. He then blew himself up inside, killing three passengers. The number of dead remains unclear but it appears to be two at this time.

Security authorities are still emphasizing that details of the attack are not yet clear.
Time to expel some Jews, eh Ehud? If a real Jewish State existed there would be no vermin left in Eretz Israel to do shit like this.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Quote of the day

Benny Elon, the dissappointed leader of the NU/NRP faction, the only party in Knesset opposed to expelling Jews and giving away their land to the vermin, had this to say explaining the Kadima concessionists elected to run the new Israeli government.

"I don't see it (the Kadima government) lasting long. Therefore, we must continue our outreach among the people, so that they comprehend the disaster that began with the Oslo Accords and is continuing with the establishment of a Palestinian state. Only then will the understanding be reached that we need to eliminate the Palestinian entity, which is like a cancer in our midst, from the region."
It's music to my ears.


Final Election Results

With 99.7% of the vote counted, here are the final projected election results by party.

"Expel the Jews from Judea" coalition

Kadima --------------------------------> 28
Labor ----------------------------->20
Shas ------------------------>13
Yisroel Beitenu ------------>12
Total: 111

"Don't Expel the Jews From Judea" coalition

NU/NRP --------------->9
Total: 9

It's all over but the beatings and bulldozings now. Land of Israel Zionism has been crushed.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Likud drops to 5th place

Wow! Likud, which had controlled Knesset for most of the past ten years, is now a small minority party. Coming in first with what appears to be only 28 seats is Kadima, followed by Labor with 20, then Shas with 13, Yisroel Beitenu with 12 and, finally, Likud with a mere 11 seats. Shortly behind is NU/NRP with 9 and the Old Farts Party with 8.

It's remarkable to see how devastated once mighty Likud has become. The end of that party may be near, as the fall is ideological. There is no clear difference between Likud, Labor and Kadima, so you knew they were likely to take a fall. We all expected them to plummet to around 15 seats, in fact, but, to crumble all the way down to 11?

Actually, they are getting exactly what they deserve, quite frankly. After trying to ban Moshe Feiglin's Jewish Leadership faction, well, it is the punishment Bibi had coming to him.

Likud should never have gone along with the concessionist platform, so I say screw them I'm glad they collapsed; being a sellout phoney never should be rewarded. The Jews of Judea who are about to be ethnically cleansed will certainly not shed a tear for your plight.

Coalition Q/A

A reader named Lubos asked me an excellent question.

"How can 29 be a majority in 29+22+11+14=76. Is not 29 less than one half of 76?"
-Best, Lubos

Well, here's your answer, Lubos.

In the Knesset there are a total of 120 seats. In order to have a majority, therefore, simple math tells us that 61 seats are required. However, since Israel was formed in 1948 there has never been a single party that's been able to achieve the 61 vote threshold on their own, so this means the government must be formed by coalitions of parties.

Since Kadima took the most seats according to the early exit polls they would be entitled to form a coalition of parties that will add up to at least 61 seats.

Therefore, if you take Kadima's predicted 29 seats, Labor's 22, Meretz's (another leftwing party)6, and the Arab party's 5 you get a 62 seat majority.

In all likelihood, however, the Yisroel Beitenu Party, which scored a surprisingly strong 14 seats, will also join Kadima's coalition, too, and a government of about 76 members would then be formed.

Now, if Likud fires Bibi for leading such a disasterous election for Likud, then the second in command, Silvain Shalom, will probably look to align with Kadima as well, which would then give the coalition a huge 85 seats from which to govern.

Then, the Shas and UTJ Parties, or the Ultra-Orthodox parties if you will, may very well seek to join the Kadima coalition, too. Shas carries about 11 seats while UTJ will have about 6 so that adds roughly 17 more to the government, giving Ohlmert a mandate of a whopping 103 out of 120 total seats.

Now, let's say the Retirement Party, which stunned the forecasters by winning about 8 seats wants to join with Ohlmert, which is very likely. Now you have 111 out of 120 seats going to Ohlmert.

What's left? Well, only National Union/NRP with about 9 seats as a real opposition, which could make for the smallest ever opposition government in Israel's history!

Of course, the NU/NRP happens to be the only party which opposes expelling the Jews from Judea/Samaria (the West Bank) and giving it away to the moslems. Thus, with such paltry Knesset opposition to represent them, the Jews outside the Green Line better get packed soon because, sadly, they are as good as gone.


Exit polls: Kadima wins, Likud finished

Early results from exit polls are indicating Ehud Olmert's Kadima Party will score a dissappointing 29 seats in the next Knesset, but that will still be more than enough to give them a majority and the right to form the next Knesset coalition.

Labor, the polls claim, will finish a strong second with 22 seats under the socialist leadership of Amir Peretz, and likely will become the key partners with Kadima in the next government.

The biggest story is the total destruction of the Likud Party and the corrupt Benyamin Netanyu. The poll reveals only 11 seats for Likud, the lowest number in Party history, and good for only a 4th place finish behind the Russian immigrant Yisroel Beitenu Party (Israel our Home) of Avigdor Lieberman's shocking 14 seats.

By midnight tonight, Netanyahu will likely be forced to resign from the Likud after this crushing defeat.

Keep in mind, however, these are very early polls and are not all that trustworthy, so stay tuned for more accurate updates throughout the evening.

As Israel's polls close, Hamas finalizes coalition

The polls will be closing in Israel soon, and it appears as if the voter turnout will indeed be the lowest in history with approximately 57%. Kadima and Likud are very nervous that this apathy will strengthen parties with more passionate bases, like Labor on the left and National Union on the right. We'll know the results shortly.

Meanwhile, Hamas has been busy politically today, too. They have ratified their official cabinet by a vote of 71-36, which led to great excitement among the terrorist vermin, reports the Jerusalem Post.
To the sounds of Allahu Akbar [God is greatest], the new Hamas cabinet on Tuesday won the confidence of the Palestinian Legislative Council after a two-day session that was held here and in Gaza City through video conference.

The cabinet, headed by Ismail Haniyeh, was ratified by a majority of 71 votes. Thirty-six legislators, all members of Fatah, voted against the cabinet, and another two abstained.

Immediately after the vote, several Hamas legislators began shouting the famous Islamic battle cry of Allahu Akbar, saying this was an historical moment for the Palestinians. Holding high a copy of the Koran, legislator Hamed Bitawi shouted: "The Koran is our constitution, Mohammed is our prophet, jihad [holy war] is our path and dying for the sake of Allah is our biggest wish." His remark drew a thunderous applause from all his Hamas colleagues.

Addressing the council, Haniyeh said he was "moved to tears" by the vote and defended his cabinet's controversial program, saying it was "born straight from the embryo of resistance."
Let's pray a rightwing, anti-vermin, Zionist coalition wins in the Israeli elections today so that these moslem scum can be delivered straight to their virgins ASAP.

Israel Elections Underway

The polls are open and first reports indicate that the turnout rate is at near record lows. The lower the turnout rate the worse it traditionally is for leftwing parties and frontrunners. Only time will tell, so stay tuned for regular MZ election updates throughout the day and night.

A rundown for you of who the parties are:

Ale Yarok - Homosexual, drug legalization party
Green Party - Environmental Peacenik party
Israel Our Home - Russian immigrant party - leans right, favors some land concessions
Kadima - The frontrunner party. Favors massive expulsion of Jews from Judea/Samaria
Labor - Socialist, favors massive expulsions of Jews from Judea/Samaria
Likud - fiscal conservatives, favor massive expulsion of Jews from Judea/Samaria
Meretz - Palestinian rights party, favors all concessions including right-of-return
National Union/NRP - True national zionist party. Opposes all concessions to arabs.
National Jewish Front - Fiercely nationalist. Will not compromise with moslems.
Shas - Sephardic Hareidi
Shinui - Anti-religious party, libertarian economically
United Arab List – Seek the destruction of Israel and creation of an islamic state
United Torah Judaism - Ashkenazi Hareidi